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British Muslim, "shoe bomber", sentenced to life in prison (02.02.2004)

NewsCnn (www.cnn.com) has published the transcript of the sentencing of the attempted mass murderer "shoe bomber" who tried to kill everyone on a plane in December 2001.

On the December 22, 2001 flight from Paris to Miami, British citizen Richard Reid attempted light a fuse connected to plastic explosives in his shoe. He was subdued and restrained by passengers on that flight and taken into custody. Faced with eight charges, Reid surprised federal prosecutors by pleading guilt to all charges.

During his sentencing hearing on January 30, 200, Reid claimed to be a member of the al-Qaida terrorist network, admitted allegiance to Osama Bin Laden, Islam and Allah, and declared himself an enemy of the United States.

In response, Judge William Young of the U.S. District Court. delivered the following speech:

On counts 1, 5 and 6 the Court sentences you to life in prison in the custody of the United States Attorney General. On counts 2, 3, 4 and 7, the Court sentences you to 20 years in prison on each count, the sentence on each count to run consecutive one with the other. That's 80 years.

On Count 8 the Court sentences you to the mandatory 30 years consecutive to the 80 years just imposed. The Court imposes upon you on each of the eight counts a fine of $250,000 for the aggregate fine of $2 million.

This is the sentence that is provided for by our statutes. It is a fair and a just sentence. It is a righteous sentence. Let me explain this to you.

We are not afraid of any of your terrorist co-conspirators, Mr. Reid. We are Americans. We have been through the fire before. There is all too much war talk here. And I say that to everyone with the utmost respect.

Here in this court where we deal with individuals as individuals, and care for individuals as individuals, as human beings we reach out for justice.

You are not an enemy combatant. You are a terrorist. You are not a soldier in any war. You are a terrorist. To give you that reference, to call you a soldier gives you far too much stature. Whether it is the officers of government who do it or your attorney who does it, or that happens to be your view, you are a terrorist.

And we do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not treat with terrorists. We do not sign documents with terrorists.

We hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice.

Yes, we will hunt down the mass murderers of Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other Muslim terrorists. One by one.

Read the rest below, it's amazing stuff.

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Palestinian homicide bomber murders one Israeli and injures three (04.17.2004)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian homicide bomber from the terrorist group Hamas has murdered one Israeli and wounded three:

Border Police Cpl. Kfir Ohayon, 20, of Eilat was killed and two other border policemen and a civilian security guard were wounded when a Palestinian worker wearing a belt of explosives blew himself up at the Erez industrial zone Saturday afternoon.

The bomber had entered the complex despite undergoing security checks that were recently beefed up following a previous bombing. It was the fourth terrorist attack at the site since the beginning of the year.

Border policeman Arieh Mahati, 20, was seriously wounded and Border Police officer Yogev Tassah and the security guard were lightly wounded in the explosion. Ohayon was flown together with Mahati by helicopter to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, the others were taken to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.

The suicide bomber had worked at Erez for two years and had all the necessary permits. He was identified as Fadi al-Amoudi, 22, of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip and was a member of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades.

While Hamas and Fatah jointly claimed responsibility for the attack, Israeli officers said Hamas had recruited Amoudi, realizing they could take advantage of his workplace to launch an attack.

For more information on Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations, click here. For a list of homicide bombings that have claimed the lives of hundreds of Israeli women and children, click here.

I copy the full article below.

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French Minister of Foreign Affairs says Jews Sharon controls the United States (03.05.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe Dissident Frogman reports that Villepin, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, has declared that the Jews Sharon controls the American government:

Apparently, Oily de Villepin received several "Atlantists" representatives (Atlantists being this small handful of pro American French congressmen - yep, I didn't know they existed either) at the Quay d'Orsay last week to lecture tell them that:

"Sharon has the American administration's Hawks in hand. "

I had to read that twice. And then, two times more.

He said "Sharon" of course. Then why do I feel this unpleasant taste of bile in my mouth?

Is it because we already heard French ministers, Premiers or not, belching about an "international Jewish plot" and the "Jew pulling the strings in the backstage" ?

But then he said "Sharon" of course.

This thug is France's Minister of Foreign Affairs

You then wonder why French synagogues mysteriously go up in flames. I copy the original article (in French) below.

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Life goes on in Israel and Jerusalem (09.01.2002)

NewsJacob R. was yesterday at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair and he took 132 pictures - for those that won't be visiting Jerusalem this week, you can check it out online thanks to Jacob.

One of the many attractions at
the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair

Over the past weeks, the downtown area of Jerusalem has been filled with people enjoying many outdoor shows and fairs. It is wonderful to see the center of Jerusalem returning to a festive atmosphere.

This week's attraction has been the "Khutsot Hayotser" - Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair on the Ben Yehuda Mall from August 25 thru August 31 (excluding the Jewish Shabbat).

Yesterday (August 28) I paid a visit to the fair at 5pm before it started to get crowded. For those of you who will not be visiting the city this week, I have taken 132 pictures of the fair and have placed them on the web. The address of the online picture exhibit is:


It is good to realize sometimes that life does go on in Israel without Palestinian murderers disrupting it. Make sure you check out the pictures, they are great.

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Media starts to understand and support Israel (07.18.2002)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has a good article by Bret Stephens who has witnessed a more pro-Israeli stand in the media.

Suddenly, a wave of charitable coverage of Israel.

WHAT ACCOUNTS FOR this apparent shift in emphasis, if that indeed is what it is? Three factors: First, a public outcry, combined with the threat of boycotts; second, President Bush's speech of June 24; and third, a large dose of editorial guilt.

And at National Public Radio, ombudsman Jeff Dvorkin reports receiving 9,000 emails over three months concerning the station's alleged pro-Palestinian bias. "No one has ever seen pressure like this before," he says.

In doing so, Bush shifted international focus from what Israel was failing to do to get peace - concede land - to what the Palestinian Authority wasn't doing - reform its institutions. Willy-nilly, the news media was forced to play along.

And then: The lynching of two reservists in Ramallah. The Dolphinarium attack. The Sbarro massacre. The Seder massacre. The attack on the Egged 32 bus. Seventy-odd suicide attacks in all. Whispers, growing ever louder, that Palestinian terror was not instrumental in its purposes but actually genocidal in its aims.

I copy the full article below.

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Delusional bastard from New York calls for the death of America and Israel (06.13.2003)

Hate MailPretty much everyday I receive one or more vicious emails full of hate against me, Israel, the Jews, America, etc…

The overwhelming majority of these emails come from two groups:

1) Arab Muslims who support Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Arafat’s Al-Aksa brigades and any other freak Muslim terrorist group whose stated goal is to murder women and children. For a list of homicide bombings these bastards openly support click here.

2) A Western leftist from France, Germany, England or the United States who support the above excuses for human beings and who have simply become the fascists of the 21st century. Their stated goal is also to destroy Israel and they support the Palestinians, regardless of their actions, even if they are terrorists from Hamas or the Islamic Jihad. May this “Flower Power” choke in its own vomit.

In any case, there’s one idiot who has been sending me messages almost daily. His email address is myquds@hotmail.com and here’s a sample taste of his racism and hate:

I say this before you American , Pissreal , Zionist cowards ....Islam will be the victor . You piggish cowards can't hurt Muslims , Muslims will unite and destroy you ---you filthy animals that belong in cages . America and its allies will be put down as the dogs they are ... Prepare to beg in at the feet of your master Allah you Jewish slaves . By the will of all might lord Allah all Jews , Pissrealis, and Americans will be killed , and sent to hell where those filthy whores belong Insha-Allah . Prepare ..prepare to beg like the dogs you American , Pissreal , Non Muslim cowards are..Hide behind you cowardly gay armies , death to USA ,and Isreal . A day will come when you pathetic Non Muslim cowards will be begging on your knees Allah Howa Akbar Muslims will unite and make you dig your own graves and shoot you in front of your own young ..By the will of all might God Allah You Jewish Zionist American Pissreal Non Muslim cowards will be begging like the filthy whores and dogs you pigs are...

I traced back the message to the IP address which is an ISP in New York. This racist Muslim supporter of terrorism is living in New York!

I copy the rest of his delusional nonsense below.

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Israel will remove its troops from some Palestinian areas (10.26.2004)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has reported that Israel's parliament, the "Knesset", has decided to remove the nation's troops and settlements from some Palestinian areas, including the Gaza strip and the northern West Bank:

Israel's Knesset voted Tuesday night to approve Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to unilaterally disengage from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank.

- 67 MKs voted in favor
- 45 MKs voted against
- 7 MKs abstained
(Ed. note: "MK" stands for "Members of Knesset, Israel's parliament)

Under the principles of the plan, Israel is to have no presence in the Gaza Strip or northern West Bank by the end of 2005, except for the Philadelphi route on the Egypt-Gaza border. Sharon does not intend to seek Knesset approval for the cabinet decision on evacuations, according to his advisors.

The plan could still be halted by a public referendum, and the cabinet must also convene to decide whether, where and when to give the order to evacuate settlements. The Likud Party was split in the vote, with 23 voting in favor and 17 against. Twenty-nine of the votes in favor came from left-wing opposition MKs, and one from MK Michael Nudelman of the far-right National Union party. Fourteen Shinui MKs also voted for the plan.

Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian excuse for a leader, has rejected peace with Israel and turned to the deliberate murder of women and children in October 2000 (click here for details). The Palestinians have rejected a state of their own twice, once in 1948 and once in 2000, click here for more details.

The disengagement plan from the mass murdering bastards from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas is not a result of peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but is a unilateral decision made by Israel which is properly executing what it thinks is best.

On the one hand, many Palestinians have made it clear that their only goal is to destroy Israel and murder every Israeli man, women and child; it would make therefore sense to fight the Palestinian mass murderers where it hurts them most: in their cities and towns. On the other hand, deploying Israeli troops in the Palestinian areas costs us lives, money and is a huge effort on reserve soldiers.

Since Israel is a Western Democracy (click here for details), the plan to remove the troops from the Palestinian areas will have to pass a national referendum, where every Israeli, including one million Israeli Arab Muslims, will have the right to vote.

I copy the full article below.

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Apology to the Arab World from Professor from the United States (01.13.2008)


After the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal, Dr. Mike S. Adams, a professor of criminology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, published an apology to the Arab World.  He makes many good points, here are some excerpts:

[...] Dear Arabs,

  • I am truly sorry that Americans decided to take up arms and sacrifice their own youth in the defense of Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo, and the first Gulf War. After we clear up this mess in Iraq, we will refrain from any such activity in the future.
  • I am also sorry that these governments intentionally breed hate for the U.S. in their religious schools while American schools do the exact opposite.
  • I am sorry that the U.N. cheated so many poor people in Iraq out of their “food for oil” money so they could get rich while the tortured, raped, and poverty-stricken citizens of Iraq suffered under Saddam Hussein
  • See additional points below...

Dr. Adams makes many additional good points - see the full list below.

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Cries of "Kill the Jews" overheard in Los Angeles, California (09.21.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Los Angeles Independent (www.laindependent.com) reports that a pack of anti-Semitic bastards kicked and beat up 2 people in Los Angeles, California. These braindead morons did this while screaming "Kill the Jews!":

Two Jewish patrons of Good Bar, a nightspot already under fire for poor security and numerous criminal incidents, were assaulted near the club early Sunday morning by 10 to 15 men in what officials at the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station are calling a hate crime.

Two men of Middle Eastern descent are in custody for allegedly pursuing the two victims coming out of the club and cornering them at the intersection of Doheny Road and Sunset Boulevard before kicking and hitting them, causing bruises, cuts and other minor injuries. [...]

At 1:55 a.m., the two Jewish men, both 25 years old and of Middle Eastern descent, left the 9229 Sunset Blvd. club and were walking to their car when the group of Middle Eastern men pursued them, screaming religious insults and threats.

The two victims tried to flee to their car, but were cornered and beaten before they escaped to a nearby apartment complex, Sierra Towers, where two security guards offered them protection. [...]

John Griffith, a resident of Sierra Towers, says he saw more than 20 men surrounding the two victims and witnessed five kicking and beating the victims, repeatedly chanting "Kill the Jews!"

The hostility and violence against Jews seems not to be omni-present in California. But that is simply because most of us don't have any external signs of being Jewish - if I was a religious Jew and wore a kippa, I am convinced some bleeding-brain leftists and Islamic fanatics would not hesitate in attacking me.

I copy the full article below - don't expect to find it in the Los Angeles Times nor the San Francisco Chronicle.

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The Root cause of Terrorism is Totalitarianism (05.01.2002)

OpinionI just found this article by Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's ex-Prime Minister, on the root cause of Palestinian terrorism and hate - nice going Bibi!

The Root cause of Terrorism is Totalitarianism
by Binyamin Netanyahu

It's not the deprivation of rights; it's totalitarianism.
Do not be fooled by the apologists of terror.

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Boycott gas stations that purchase their oil from Saudi Arabia and Iraq: countries that directly finance Islamic terrorism (01.05.2003)

OpinionHere's a cartoon that properly shows what happens when you use one of the 10-miles-per-gallon SUVs:

Americans and Westerners that use gas
guzzler SUVs directly contribute to the
funding of Islamic terrorists

I recently purchased the Toyota Prius, a hybrid car - the regular engine in combination with the electric motor allows me to get over 50 miles per gallon (for more information on the Toyota Prius click here).

It is extremely important that we do our best to stop financing the corrupt, racist and fascist regimes of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other Arab/Muslim oil barons. The excellent website www.boycott-middle-east-oil.com has many articles that show how Saudi Arabia plays the double game: on the one hand it says it's our "friend", while on the other it deliberately finances Islamic fascists such as Al-Qaeda/Bin Laden, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia completely ignores human, gay and women rights through its implementation of Shaariah (Islamic Law). Here some examples:

Saudis Made $200M Deal with Bin Laden!

Saudia Arabia media attacks United States

Saudi Arabia cuts off hands of two thieves

Saudi Arabia finances Palestinian genocide bombers

There are many other examples. The bottom line is that we can make a difference. We can:

1) Reduce our consumption of oil by using a hybrid car, such as the Toyota Prius.
2) Stop our consumption of oil that comes from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other fascist Islamic regimes.

I quote from www.boycott-middle-east-oil.com:

The power of the American public is stronger than ever. Even if these preferred stations are .04 cents more/gallon, you are only paying an extra dollar per fill-up. Just a small price to pay to hurt the pocket books of the terrorists.

For example:

If only 10,000 Americans (0.00003 % of the U.S. population) buy their oil from our preferred gas station list each week, take a look at the impact:

10,000 X $20/fill-up = $200,000.
$200,000/week X 52 weeks/year = $10,400,000 taken from the terror pipeline!

Imagine now that instead of 10,000 Americans we have 100,000,000 Americans that use hybrid cars and don't buy oil from Saudi Arabia/Iraqi sources. In this case we would not be sending $100,400,000,000 (over 100 BILLION dollars) to the regimes that support Islamic terrorism PER YEAR!

Mind boggling.

I copy below the list of preferred gas stations: those that don't help Saudia Arabia finance Bin Laden and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area I have stopped filling up at Shell, Exxon and Chevron.

I now only fill up at "Union 76". Please take a minute to check the list below and stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia and Iraq: you'll be helping our efforts on the war on Islamic Terrorism.

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Maccabi Haifa, an Israeli team, reaches the European Champions League (08.28.2002)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that the Israeli soccer team Maccabi Haifa has beaten the Austrian team Graz to reach the European Champions League final stages.

Israeli players celebrate after
beating Graz, the Austrian team

The result of Wednesday night's game completed a 5-3 aggregate victory for Haifa. The hot-tempered match of six goals and three sendings off, turned a dream into reality, and will set a new benchmark for Israeli clubs.

Haifa's coach Yitzhak Schum couldn't hide his delight at becoming the first coach to lead an Israeli side to Europe's top-32 clubs competition. [...]

The Haifaites advanced together with 15 clubs through the qualifying rounds. Defending champion Real Madrid is among the 16 clubs that are already in the hat, after being allocated automatic entry on the basis of their performances in their domestic leagues.

The 32 contestants will be drawn into eight groups of four teams. Each group will contain a team from one of the eight top seeds, plus a team from second, third, and fourth-ranked sides.

Israel should normally play against its neighbors Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, but unfortunately the Middle East Islamic countries reject the Jewish State. Therefore Israel is considered part of Europe (for sports purposes) and plays all of its games, including qualifying tournaments for participation in the World Cup, against European teams.

This is the first time an Israeli team has ever reached the European Champions League final stage.

I copy the full article below.

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Arafat and Palestinians refuse peace, wish for destruction of Israel (05.29.2002)

OpinionThe New York Review of Books (www.nybooks.com) just published an interview with Ehud Barak, who was Israel's Prime Minister at the Camp David Peace talks in October 2000 (see the history page for more details).

It is now clear that Palestinians are not interested in peace but have clearly chosen terrorism and the anihilation of the State of Israel as their ultimate goal.

After being offered 95% of the West Bank and Gaza (see maps), half of Jerusalem and an independent state of their own, Arafat and the Palestinians refused and didn't even present a counter offer.

After Deborah Sontag from the NY Times published a revisionist article blaming Israel and the US for the failed Camp David peace talks, here's what President Clinton told Barak:

What the hell is this? Why is she turning the mistakes we [i.e., the US and Israel] made into the essence? The true story of Camp David was that for the first time in the history of the conflict the American president put on the table a proposal, based on UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, very close to the Palestinian demands, and Arafat refused even to accept it as a basis for negotiations, walked out of the room, and deliberately turned to terrorism. That's the real story—all the rest is gossip.

Here are a few more excerpts:

Arafat said "No." Clinton, enraged, banged on the table and said: "You are leading your people and the region to a catastrophe." A formal Palestinian rejection of the proposals reached the Americans the next day. The summit sputtered on for a few days more but to all intents and purposes it was over.

What they [Arafat and his colleagues] want is a Palestinian state in all of Palestine. What we see as self-evident, [the need for] two states for two peoples, they reject. Israel is too strong at the moment to defeat, so they formally recognize it.

Repeatedly during our prolonged interview, conducted in his office in a Tel Aviv skyscraper, Barak shook his head—in bewilderment and sadness— at what he regards as Palestinian, and especially Arafat's, mendacity:

They are products of a culture in which to tell a lie...creates no dissonance. They don't suffer from the problem of telling lies that exists in Judeo-Christian culture. Truth is seen as an irrelevant category. There is only that which serves your purpose and that which doesn't. They see themselves as emissaries of a national movement for whom everything is permissible. There is no such thing as "the truth."

You might also want to read an interview with Shlomo Ben-Ami who was Israel's Foreign Minister at the time - check it out here.

I copy the full interview with Ehud Barak below.

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Internation Criminal Court charges Frodo Baggins with war crimes (07.08.2002)

HumorThe United States and Israel are very distrustful of the new UN International Criminal Court. You can see Israel's reasons here.

In a shocking development, FactsOfIsrael.com has learned that Frodo Baggins from "The Lords of the Ring" has been charged with war crimes - the accusation is brought by Sauron the Dark Lord:

Frodo Baggins of Bagshot Row, Hobbiton, The Shire, Middle Earth, has been called before the International Criminal Court to answer charges of war crimes brought by Sauron the Dark Lord and Saruman the White in a joint filing. [...]

Baggins was responsible for casting the Ring of Power (otherwise known as the One Ring or simply the One) into the fires of Mount Orodruin in Mordor ("Where The Shadows Lie!" according to the Mordor Tourism Board), thereby destroying both the Ring and Sauron's long-standing hope to bring heretofore fractious and inefficient Middle Earth under the central political control of the Dark Tower. Without the Ring, Sauron's legions (defensive in nature and made necessary by the Lords of the West's aggression, according to Barad-Dur spokesmen) of orcs, wolves, trolls, and "evil" Men lost the will to fight and became helpless in the face of the armies of the West. Millions were slaughtered as a direct and immediate consequence of the destruction of the Ring.

Baggins was defended in a public statement released by Gandalf the Grey, a well-known right-wing wizard and co-conspirator of Baggins himself. "Frodo made Middle-Earth safe for democracy and now this is how he's repaid - by facing imprisonment because of a suit brought by the very enemies of freedom! The world's press is only humiliating themselves by siding with the Servants of the Lidless Eye on this. They have left the path of wisdom." Gandalf's statement was published in the National Review and certain fascist online journals, known as "warblogs" to their purveyors and media watchdog groups. The New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and most other mainstream newspapers refused to publish the statement, calling it "biased and self-serving propaganda from a known cohort of Mr. Baggins."

Update! In an expression of support for the Dark Lord, demonstrators in France have burned three synagogues to the ground.

I copy the full article below.

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Moving out of the Gaza Strip is good for Israel (08.23.2005)

OpinionCharles Krauthammer has a great article on townhall.com on why it's good for Israel to move out of of the Gaza Strip:

[...] Nonetheless, unilateralism is both correct and necessary. Israel has no peace partner -- Mahmoud Abbas has nothing to offer and has offered nothing -- and in the absence of a partner, there is only one logical policy: rationalize your defensive lines and prepare for a long wait.

[...] The Gaza withdrawal is not the beginning but the end. Apart from perhaps some evacuations of outlying settlements on the West Bank, it is the end of the concession road for Israel. And it is the beginning of the new era of self-sufficiency and separation in which Israel ensures its security not by concessions, but by fortification, barrier creation, realism and patient waiting.

Waiting for the first-ever genuine Palestinian concessions. Waiting for the Palestinians to honor the promises -- to recognize Israel and renounce terrorism -- they solemnly made at Oslo and brazenly betrayed. That's the next step. Without it, nothing happens.

I copy the full article below; for more information on Israel's moving out of the Gaza Strip, click here. Found this article on the excellent LGF.

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