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Fact 102: "On August 7, 1998 a car bomb exploded near the US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. As a result of the blast a building close to the embassy collapsed. The Israeli government decided to help and sent a search and rescue mission comprised of 170 members including dog handlers, a Medical Corps delegation, and Signals and Electronics Corpsmen."

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16-year old girl murdered by Palestinian homicide bomber (06.25.2002)

VictimsFaces of the victims has posted the story of Orly Ofir, a 16-year-old girl that was murdered by a Palestinian homicide bomber on 3/31/2002 while having lunch with her mother and two sisters.

Orly Ofir, 16, murdered by
a Palestinian homicide bomber

Just after 2:30 PM on Sunday afternoon, during the Passover holiday, the terrorist entered the popular Matza restaurant in the Neve Sha'anan district near the Grand Canyon mall. The explosion tore the roof off the one-story building, and blew out the windows, instantly killing 14 people, and leaving horrific scenes of people on fire, and people with lost limbs. Over 40 people were injured.

Orly Ofir was having lunch with her mother and two sisters at the Matza restaurant when the blast occurred. Her sister Roni was lightly injured. Although Orly spoke to them in the ambulance, she died of her wounds shortly after arriving at the hospital.

May God bless her memory. I copy the full article below.

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Fact 41: In 1948, the Arab Population of the West Bank and Gaza was 570,000 (07.28.2002)

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This week's fact is Fact 41: In 1948, the Arab Population of the West Bank and Gaza was 570,000.

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Syria can get away with murder (literally) (07.09.2002)

OpinionIsrael Insider (www.israelinsider.com) has an article that asks some good questions about Syria and its presence in the UN Security Council.

Syria, driven by the idea that Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine (also known as Southern Syria), are part of Greater Syria, has worked for almost three decades, unhindered, to pacify Lebanon, and make it vanish as an independent state. Daniel Pipes in "Greater Syria: The History of an Ambition," has written extensively about the Greater Syria ideology that drove Bashar Al-Assad's father and continues to motivate the new Syrian president.

Where are all the cries of occupation? Why doesn't the world seem to care about the poor Lebanese? I know that many Lebanese (at risk of death) have protested against the Syrian occupation. I met Lebanese activists in Israel, asking for our help to promote a Free Democratic Lebanon, before Barak's election in 1999 (and subsequent withdrawal from southern. Lebanon). Yet the world is silent.

I copy the full article below.

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Let the International Kangaroo Court know that Israel's Security fence is here to stay (07.16.2004)

OpinionA few days ago, the International Kangaroo court at the Hague ruled that Israel does not have the right to build a security fence to stop Palestinian mass murderers from killing Israeli women and children (click here for more details, and click here for more information on Israel's security fence).

The Silent Running web site (silentrunning.tv) had a good idea: to create a template for everyone to cut and paste and send to the United Nations, the EU parliament and the EU court of "justice":

Please read and forward far and wide (Link)

Within the next 48 hours, Jews and non-Jews worldwide will be sending email messages to the United Nations, the EU Parliament and the EU Court of Justice with the identical message that appears below.

To: mail@icj-cij.org - Internation Kangaroo Court of (In)Justice
To: ecu@un.org - United Nations
To: civis@europarl.eu.int - EU Parliament
To: info@curia.eu.int - EU Court of Justice

Subject: The building of the Israeli security fence

To Whom It May Concern:

When Israel builds a fence to keep out terrorists, the UN and EU are up in arms because it makes it difficult for terrorists to kill more Jews.

When terrorists shoot (point blank!) an 8-month-pregnant Jewish woman and her 4 little girls, there is absolute silence from your organizations.

The security fence is a temporary and nonviolent way to reduce terrorism. The fence is a proportional response to the ongoing Palestinian Campaign of terror. When the terrorism stops, the fence can be taken down. The route of the fence was designed to save the lives of innocent people. Israel has the right and the duty to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks.

Since the erection of the security fence there has been a 90% decrease in the number of attacks against Israelis-from an average of 26 attacks per year before the fence to three attacks after the fence was built.

The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that areas of the fence must be adjusted in order to relieve Palestinian hardship. Unlike any othercountry in the region, Israel has an independent judiciary. Israel, a democracy committed to the rule of law, will comply with the Israeli Supreme Court's decision.

The security fence is not a wall, as the court states. The majority of the fence is constructed of barb wire-8.5 kilometers of the fence consists of concrete slabs, in order to prevent sniper fire [Note: 97% of the fence is made of barb wire].

There are many disputed security fences around the world-India has constructed a fence in the contested area of Kashmir, and Saudi Arabia has constructed a barrier in an undefined area along the Saudi Arabia-Yemen border-yet only Israel's security fence has prompted an International Court of Justice ruling. See this website:


Israel is willing to make painful sacrifices for peace. Israel has made peace with Jordan and Egypt, and gave up the entire Sinai-land larger than the current state of Israel.

If you think your indifference goes unnoticed, count the number of messages you will receive world-wide in the next 48 to 72 hours on this subject.


Please take a quick moment to tell the International Kangaroo court what you think of their hypocrisy. Copy this message and paste it into a new email that should be sent to the email addresses listed above.

if you don't know how to "copy and paste" the above text, please ask a friend or a relative who's good with computers - thanks in advance.

I copy the content from the link above with information on disbuted fences around the World below. Found this on the great Imshin blog.

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50 Jewish graves desecrated in Rome, Italy (07.19.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that over 50 graves in the Jewish sector of Rome's largest cemetery were vandalized by unknown assailants.

In contrast to similar occurrences, investigators found no symbols or graffiti claiming responsibility for the attack and are as yet unable to identify the perpetrators. However, the vast scale of the desecration points to a well-organized and long-planned anti-Semitic raid to be carried out on the night of Tisha Be'av.

A stunned Jewish community responded by hanging a banner outside the Verano Cemetery which reads: "Violence on the dead, shame on Italy." Amos Luzzatto, president of the Italian Jewish Communities, stated that "This is a worrying act, meticulously prepared and executed on a mournful day for all Jews. This reveals a political plan aimed at us."

Rome Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni received messages of support from political leaders and institutional personalities, together with a promise by Mayor Walter Veltroni to catch those responsible for the attack.

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Information on Israel's removal of Jewish communities from Gaza Strip (08.23.2005)

NewsThe Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (www.mfa.gov.il) has released an article describing Israel's removal of Jewish communities from Gaza Strip:

Removing the Jewish communities from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria means:

■ 42 day-care centers, 36 kindergartens, seven elementary schools, and three high schools will be closed

■ 5,000 schoolchildren will need to find new schools

■ 38 synagogues will be dismantled

■ 166 Israeli farmers will lose their livelihoods - plus some 5,000 of their Palestinian workers

■ 48 graves in the Gush Katif Cemetery, including those of six residents murdered by terrorists, will be exhumed and moved to Israel.

Disengagement will cost Israel an estimated $2 billion - about 3.5 percent of the 2005 state budget.

■ The cost of family relocation alone is estimated to be nearly $1 billion. This will come from an annual state budget of about $59 billion.

■ In addition, the IDF will spend some $500 million to remove military bases and equipment from the Gaza Strip.

■ To cite just one example of the costs entailed, the demolition and removal of rubble from some 3,000 homes and public buildings will cost an estimated $25 million.

■ In the context of Israel’s 2005 state budget, the estimated $2b. cost of disengagement is equivalent to about half the country's annual health budget or approximately one third of the budget for education.

There's a lot of more information on the cost of moving out of Gaza. See below for details, or download the following PDF document:

Information on Israel

moving out of the Gaza Strip (1.2 Mb)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required in order to view this document. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click here to download it. To save a copy of the PDF document to your computer, right click on the icon above and choose "Save Target As...".

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US House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, strengthens Israel through powerful speech (07.30.2003)

OpinionUS House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, has given an incredible speech in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, in Jerusalem:

Mr. Speaker, thank you very much for your invitation and for that warm reception. I want to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Israel for their generous welcome and hospitality to my wife, Christine, and me over the last three days. [...]

This war we fight — this war on terror the United States shares with free nations, like Israel, around the world — we fight for this reason: to establish and secure a community of nations safe to be free, and free to be prosperous.

It's the same reason we fought Nazism, fascism, and Communism: the liberation of all mankind from oppression.

Terrorism, like its tyrannical forebears, is borne of the idea that with enough guns, enough fear, and enough violence, human power can control the human spirit. That through brute force, powerful men can erase the imprint of the Almighty etched into the souls of all His children. That through domination of the weak, in the words of the serpent, "Ye shall be as gods."

Ladies and gentlemen, IT IS A LIE.

It was a lie at Auschwitz. It was a lie in the Gulag.

It was a lie behind the Iron Curtain. It was a lie in Kabul and Baghdad. And today, it remains a lie in Beijing, and Havana, and Tehran, and Pyongyang, and Damascus and Ramallah!

But history has taught us, The Lie's grip on civilization is only as tight as civilization permits. After September 11, 2001, OUR tolerance for The Lie is no more.

As President Bush said: "You're either with us, or you're with the terrorists."

Hear that Syria and Arafat?

I copy the full article below - read the whole thing, it's powerful.

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Palestinian family dresses up baby as genocide bomber (06.28.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismI was watching a report on Israeli TV last night. The journalist was describing how Israeli soldiers were going from house to house looking for Palestinian terrorists from the Islamic Jihad when they stumbled upon a picture of a Palestinian baby dressed up as a genocide bomber.

A Palestinian baby dressed
up as a genocide bomber

Ha'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that a Palestinian journalist in the Hebron area said she did not believe the picture was a fake and expressed surprise at the furor it caused in Israel.

"I can find you many, many photos like this," she told DPA. "Many kids imitate adults and wear toy masks and guns, especially during marches. It's not strange at all.

She added that she had seen children as young as the one in the photograph wearing similar costumes. "In our society it happens a lot. It's a kind of phenomenon," she said.

"What is obvious is that Palestinians are feeding the hatred of Jews and Israelis to their children at the earliest possible age," said David Baker, an official in the office of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

I copy the full article below.

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Islamic religious fanatics that burn embassies are hypocritical bastards (02.06.2006)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has a great article on why the hundreds of thousands of Islamic religious fanatics that are burning European embassies acroos Muslim countries are also hypocritical bastards:

Hundreds of thousands of Islamic religious fanatics
that burn European embassies becase of a cartoon
similar to the one above are hypocritical bastards

There is a strong case for saying that the Danish cartoons of Muhammad, which have caused so much uproar, are fair comment. Certainly those who haven't seen them can rest assured that they are relatively tame in comparison with many cartoons on other subjects which regularly appear in the European press. Even so, non-Muslims might have more sympathy with Muslims who find them offensive if it weren't for the astonishing double standards and hypocrisy of the Muslim world when it comes to accepting and applauding truly vicious slanders against Jews and, to a lesser extent, Christians.

The arguments from Muslims - though not the fanatical, violent manner of many of their protests - would no doubt be taken more seriously if they had also objected to the depiction on Syrian television of rabbis as cannibals. Or if, last Saturday, Britain's Muslim Weekly had not published a caricature of a hooked-nosed Ehud Olmert.

Or if, last Friday, Valley of the Wolves, the most expensive movie ever made in Turkey, had not opened to great local acclaim. In the film American soldiers in Iraq crash a wedding and pump a little boy full of lead in front of his mother. They kill dozens of innocent people with random machine-gunfire, shoot the groom in the head and drag those left alive to prison, where a Jewish doctor cuts out their organs and sells them to rich people in New York, London and Tel Aviv.

Or if a Belgian and Dutch Muslim group hadn't, last week, posted on its Web site pictures of Anne Frank in bed with Hitler. Or if the mere display of a cross or a Star of David in Saudi Arabia wasn't illegal.

I copy the rest of the article below - read it all: whenever someone in your home town agrees that these ignorant and violent Islamic fanatical religious bastards have the right to burn and kill you'll have some good counter arguments.

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The Middle East problem (07.19.2014)

OpinionDennis Prager explains "The Middle East problem":

Mr. Prager is right on: the solution may be hard, but the problem is simple: one side wants the other side dead.

I copy more info on the video below.

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Palestinian homicide bomber murders one and wounds 9 Israelis (04.23.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismTo prove that the Palestinians are serious about not implementing any peace agreement, a Palestinian murderer has killed one and wounded nine in another homicide bombing:

A security guard was killed and nine other people were wounded, one of them seriously on Thursday morning in a suicide bomb attack at the entrance to the Kfar Sava train station, northeast of Tel Aviv. [...]

The bomber detonated explosives at the entrance to the station at about 7:20 a.m. local time, as Israelis waited on the platform for a train, witnesses said. He set off the bomb earlier than planned after a security guard spotted him and demanded to see hi identity papers, Sharon region police commander Amichai Shai said. [...]

The entire entrance of the brand new station was blown away by the blast and pieces of twisted metal hung from the ceiling. Pieces of glass were strewn as far as 30 meters away.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades reject peace and the existence of the State of Israel. They call for the genocide for all Israeli Jewish citizens and are responsible for thousands of attacks against women and children.

- To see a list of homicide bombings executed by Arafat's thugs and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, click here.
- To learn more about the British mandate of Palestine, click here or here.

I copy the full article below.

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Russia, 1903, a pogrom kills 12 Jews and destroys 250 homes (09.01.2002)

Jewish HistoryThe Jerusalem Post's feature "This day in history" reports on September 1, 1903:

Von Plehve, the Russian Minister of the Interior who helped promote the Kishenev pogroms, instigated another pogrom in Gomel, Russia. In spite of a vigorous defense, 12 Jews were killed and 250 homes were destroyed. Thirty-six of the defenders were prosecuted together with the perpetrators of the program.

I publish a related article below.

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The Unique Cowardice of Palestinian Terrorism (11.25.2002)

OpinionProfessor Louis Rene Beres from Purdue University writes a powerful essay on the unique cowardice of Palestinian terrorism:

As of November 20, 2002, there had been a total of 15,298 Palestinian terror attacks against Israel since the start of the "intifada" in September 2000. The number increased by one a day later, on November 21, when a Palestinian bomber blew up a bus filled with elderly women and young children in Jerusalem. Not surprisingly, the world has likely taken more angry notice of Israel's defensive actions to prevent further terror than of the grotesque cowardice of Palestinian terrorism. Murdered Jews, after all, are an old story.

Israelis have endured nearly one terror attack every hour of every day for twenty-five consecutive months. These attacks have had nothing to do with self-determination or freedom-fighting. Rather, they have targeted, almost exclusively, the most vulnerable and defenseless civilians. And while Palestinian propaganda, funded heavily from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, always seeks to suggest equivalence between Arab terror and Israeli counterterror, there is a longstanding and meaningful difference between premeditated murder and unintentional casualties of essential self-defense against murder.

Nonetheless, the world chooses not to notice. At best, public opinion refuses to blame the Palestinians or supporters of Arab/Islamic terror in other countries. At worst, public opinion openly supports such terror as "national liberation."

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian terrorist and robot (05.09.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismA Palestinian terrorist was stopped short of killing innocent Israeli civilians after his bomb malfunctioned and exploded before planned.

After the bomb went off near a bus stop near Haifa, the Palestinian terrorist was injured, but survived the blast.

Last night Israeli TV showed how the IDF (Israel's Defense Forces) used the above robot to immobilize the terrorist. An Israeli soldier was then able to search the Palestinian terrorist for other explosives. When none were found, a medic took care of the terrorist and he was taken to a nearby Israeli hospital.

For more pictures and a full article, see below.

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Palestinian Mass Murderers kill 10 Israelis (03.14.2004)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that two Palestinian mass murderers have blown themselves up in the port of the Israeli city of Ashdod, killing 11 Israelis and injuring dozens:

Ten Israelis were killed and 16 wounded, one critically, in the Ashdod attack late Sunday afternoon at Ashdod Port, a site considered to be one of the most sensitive, strategic, and supposedly heavily guarded locations in the country. [...]

Security officials believe the two planned to launch a mega-terrorist attack and blow themselves up near the port's bromine tanks, or other hazardous materials stored there. Had the terrorists succeeded in blowing up near the bromine tanks, the effects could have been devastating, with poisonous gases spreading to a 1.5-kilometer radius, killing thousands within minutes. [...]

[Palestinian Mass Murderer] Hamas spokesman Abdel Aziz Rantissi praised the two bombers, whom he called heroes, and warned that there would be more attacks. "The act is a present to the Arab world... Sharon brought destruction... no security fence, no terrorism, no US initiative will stop our resistance," he declared. Hours after the attack hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in Gaza praising the two suicide bombers.

The Islamic mass murderers were very busy this week - butchering 199 innocent citizens of Spain and now once again hitting Israel.

I don't know what will be the response of Spain's government (a leftist, Socialist, government was elected tonight), but I know that Israel will not sit idle while the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Hamas ("Islamic Resistance") and Arafat's thugs from the Al-Aksa brigades continue to execute their plans of genocide, homicide bombing after homicide bombing. My thoughts are with the Israeli soldiers who will fight and, eventually, win this war.

I copy the full article below.

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