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Fact 108: "In the wake of the civil war in Yugoslavia, Israel assisted victims by sending food and medicines. On August 18 1992, an Israel Air Force plane carried 13 tons of emergency supplies to Zagreb."

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England, 1255, Infamous ritual murder libel against Jews (08.29.2002)

Jewish HistoryThe Jerusalem Post's feature "This day in history" reports on August 29, 1255:

Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln (England) is the subject of an infamous ritual murder libel. It was alleged that Jews enticed the boy and while starving him, invited Jews of Lincoln to murder him ritually. (Jews did come to Lincoln at that time to attend a wedding.)

His body was cast into a well and a month later, "miracles" followed the discovery of his corpse.

On the basis of the alleged "confession" by Jopin (Jacob), the secular authorities (for the first time) and the Church sent 91 Jews to the Tower of London. 18 were executed before Richard and the friars stopped the killings.

This incident provided Chaucer with the idea for his Prioress Tale and the hero of the popular ballad, "Little Sir Hugh."

I publish a related article below.

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Arafat potato chips selling like pipe bombs in Jenin (05.30.2002)

HumorFox News (www.foxnews.com) reports that if you live in Egypt you can now purchase cheese flavored Yasser Arafat potato chips.

Arafat Potato Chips
Explodes in your mouth not in your hand

The chips are bagged in Palestinian colors — green, red, black and white — and carry the likeness of a rotund and wide-eyed Arafat, saluting with one hand and holding a Palestinian flag in the other. He's dressed in his trademark military fatigues and black-and-white checked headgear.

I link to the full article here, but I found that the real story is the marketing campaign behind Arafat's chips. Little Green Footballs (littlegreenfootballs.com) has a list of the top rejected slogans - I list here my favorites:

10. Mister Potato Head has martyred himself for your snacking pleasure.
9. Death to Pringles, Death to Jews.
8. Tostitos may have the fiesta bowl but see the New Abu Ammar Chips Bowl next New Year's Day featuring Cal Berkeley v. SFSU.
7. We couldn't make them with real potatoes because the Jews have taken all our potatoes away.
6. Israeli supermarkets can't keep them on the shelves because we keep blowing up the supermarkets.
5. Goes great with Hamas Hummus!
4. Explodes in your mouth not in your hand.
3. Now served on all Air-France flights.
2. Free Martyr-Boy action figure in every box.

And the number one rejected slogan for Arafat's potato chips:

1. Try them today with new UN Observer Dip.

To see where I got the above slogans, click here.

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Fact 56: Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East. (06.30.2002)

NewsletterThe latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent.

This week's fact is Fact 56: Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East.

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Palestinian terrorist blows herself up murdering 4 Israelis (01.15.2004)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian murderer, mother of 2, has blown herself killing 4 Israelis and injuring 9:

Two soldiers, a border policeman, and a security guard for a private manpower company, [who were] murdered by a female suicide bomber at the Erez crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning, will be laid to rest Thursday.

The four were killed and nine others wounded when a female suicide bomber blew herself up inside the terminal at the Erez crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning.

On any given day between 10,000 to 30,000 Palestinians are allowed to go through the Erez crossing, a gateway between the Gaza strip and the State of Israel (see the maps page for more details).

Most of these Palestinians wish to simply work and feed their families, but unfortunately some Islamic fascists continue their murderous terrorist attacks. After the mass murdering terrorist blew herself up, the flow of Palestinian workers going into Israel was stopped.

The Hamas ("Islamic Resistance"), the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Arafat's Al-Aksa Brigades are racist intolerant bastards who reject any peace with Israel and wish to murder all Israelis and Jews - for more information click here. For a list of mass murdering homicide bombings executed by these Muslim fascists since October 2000, click here.

I copy the full article below.

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Chaim Potok dies at the age of 73 (07.23.2002)

NewsYahoo News (www.yahoo.com) reports that Chaim Potok, the great Jewish philosopher and writer, has died at the age of 73.

Chaim Potok, Novelist, Philosopher,
Theologian, Playwright, Artist and Rabbi
February 17, 1929 -July 23, 2002

Chaim Potok, the distinguished author and scholar whose novels portrayed a vivid insider's view of Orthodox Jewish life in the United States, died on Tuesday at his home near Philadelphia, his family said. He was 73. The cause of death was brain cancer, a disease he had been fighting for several years.

The author of nearly 20 books, the bearded and sometimes erudite Potok was best known for a 1967 novel, "The Chosen," that described a friendship between the son of a Hasidic rabbi and a more secular Jewish boy in 1940s Brooklyn, New York.

"Dawson Speaks" has a great quote from Chaim Potok:

"...But Israel is warmth for Jews everywhere, despite the failures and disappointments felt when dreams are soiled by the muck of reality and the weakness of human beings. What a price we have paid for that land; seven thousand killed in the War of Independence; another thousand killed in the 1956 Sinai Campaign and the 1967 Six-Day War; three thousand killed in the October 1973 War; hundreds killed by terrorist raids. We offer ourselves grim consolation: all the wars have cost us less than three days at Auschwitz.

In the past few years I have wandered back and forth across the oceans. Everywhere I go I meet Jews passionate with pride in Israel. They fear for her, tremble when her people are hurt, support her, and are not yet certain what sort of nation-state they wish her to be, are concerned about the drain upon creative energies and the coarsening of moral fiber caused by endless military vigilance, and are dazed with disbelief and joy over an achievement like Entebbe. From Auschwitz to Entebbe in a single generation.

Yes, most of the gentle Jews are gone. Yes, the Jew is now solidly inside the affairs of the world. Yes, we are aware of the resonance of hate that lingers like a stench upon western civilization. Yes, we will continue to be the other, to hold our own view of things. Yes, we are a single people, capable of loving our seperate lands as well as Israel---as one is able to love a mother and a father. Yes, there will be peace one day. Yes, we will renew our people. Yes, we touch millennia of precious history when we walk the streets of Jerusalem, and climb the hills, and journey through the sand wastes of the land. Yes, there are flowers to plant, seedlings to nurture, young trees to tend, old earth to nourish, and a new earth to put it in---a garden of new dreams to bring forth, to add to our old covenants and messianic hopes, and to offer to ourselves and to our broken and beloved world.


If you haven't already, please read "The Chosen" and "My Name Is Asher Lev" - these books shook me to my bones when I was a teenager.

I copy the full article from Yahoo news below - click here for more information on Chaim Potok.

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Visiting Lebanon, Jordan and Israel (07.21.2002)

OpinionI just stumbled upon the web log of Karl Czemer, who is Jewish, and decided to take a trip to Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.

He made daily entries in his web log as he went from place to place, and the way he describes his visit in Lebanon is absolutely fascinating.

I just sent him an email asking him how he came about this crazy idea and if he was nervous in Hezbollah country - I'll post his answer here.

Check it out at http://philosophicalkarl.blogspot.com/ and tell him to be careful in the future.

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More Anti-Semitism in the San Francisco Bay Area (05.22.2002)

Anti-SemitismI just saw an article on Israel Insider (www.israelinsider.com) that describes more anti-Semitic incidents in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Here are a few examples:

"An Orthodox Jewish friend, very much the visible target, is beaten savagely outside the Berkeley Chabad House and hospitalized"

"While riding the bus to an acupuncture appointment, I hear the loud, bellicose voice of an ethnic man behind me: "All 'they' got to do is read the paper to know they're in trouble." My sixth sense goes on red alert, but I sit quietly. Then: "The Mid-East is just half of it. Just wait." Now I turn, acting on a lifelong principle to let no anti-Semitic remark or action go unanswered. As he steps off he bus, he glares savagely and says, "Now we'll find out who the *real* Jews are." I remember my grandfather's description of pogromists in Russia"

"A 7,500 strong pro-Israel demonstration here receives absolutely no mention in the Hearst-owned San Francisco Chronicle, the biggest slight yet in a long-term verified pattern of biased reporting. This leads finally, after years of timidity and imaginary liberal guilt, to an alarmed eruption by the organized SF Jewish community"

I was present at the above pro-Israel demonstration and will post pictures soon. It was wonderful to see the community coming together to fight anti-Semitism and in support of Israel. One of the main messages was a call for peace - the real peace that calls for the end of Palestinian homicide/suicide bombings and peace for Israel and her neighbors - and not only for a Palestinian State instead of Israel.

The article also goes over the first Judeo-Christian Zionist Congress in Berkeley, a very interesting and moving description of what it was all about.

I copy the article below. More on anti-Semitism in the Bay Area, including a lot of information on the SFSU incidents soon to come...

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No Better Time to be a Jew in America (09.10.2002)

OpinionFront Page Magazine (www.frontpagemagazine.com) has published an excellent article by Julia Gorin on how interesting it is to be a Jew in Galut America.

I, a Gen-Xer more or less, have lived to see the day when Islamic militants attack the World Trade Center, and fingers point at Israel. I have lived to see a world where an Israeli prime minister is indicted for war crimes because Christians killed Muslims in Lebanon. I have lived to see an era that has Palestinians genocide-bombing Israelis up to four times a week and people blaming Israelis. I’ve made it to a place in time where Muslims storm a Christian church in Bethlehem, and a priest inside scolds the Israeli military for the ensuing destruction. I’m living in a time when newspaper opinion pages can drop the word "Israelis" altogether to openly ask, "How many times in a lifetime are we going to fight for the Jews?" I have made it to a time in which there is civil debate on TV over whether terrorism against Jews counts as terrorism. [...]

Predictably, Europe has stepped up to the plate to serve as the most illuminating arena. The mask of anti-Zionism which camouflaged much of the international community’s anti-Israel sentiment and discussion and which culminated in the UN Conference on Racism the very week before last September 11, has slipped. Since then, traveling Israelis have been barred from some European hotels and youth hostels, Jewish students have been beat up on European college campuses (not Israeli students — Jewish students), an issue of the English publication "New Statesman" focused on the "Kosher Conspiracy," two Israeli scholars were dismissed from a British scientific journal, an unnamed House of Lords member was quoted as saying, "Well, the Jews have been asking for it and now, thank God, we can say what we think at last," and I don’t think I need to mention the French. [...]

The tide turned, then turned again. It brought an outspoken, rationalized anti-Semitism, then defused it with the triumph of truth. Europe may be hopeless, but at least in America people are sensing, albeit uncertainly and sometimes reluctantly, that if Israel takes the fall, America’s biggest problems will have only begun.

I copy the full article below.

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Free Information Channel (05.02.2002)

AnnouncementI have released the FactsOfIsrael.com Klip for Klipfolio. It'll basically automatically download the latest descriptions of news, articles, and links from FactsOfIsrael.com - you can then easily choose which ones you want to read. Download it from:


You'll need to download the Klipfolio client, and then install the FactsOfIsrael.com Klip:

Serence™ Klipfolio™ is a free information channel viewer that lets you view and manage Klip™ information channels right on your desktop. KlipFolio is a real time saver - a "break through the clutter" approach to gathering information that interests you. Download it now - you'll be up and running in less than a minute!

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Grandmother of 9, victim of Palestinian Terrorism (05.20.2002)

VictimsRivka Fink, 75, grandmother of 9 is another victim of Palestinian terrorism.

Rivka Fink, 75, Grandmother of 9
Murdered by Palestinian Terrorists

Faces of the victims published the story of Rivka Fink, 75, who was killed on on April 12, 2002 after a Palestinian woman suicide bomber detonated a powerful charge at a bus stop on Jaffa road next to the entrance to Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda open-air market. Another 104 people were injured in the blast, among them nine Arabs.

I publish the full article below.

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Neo Nazis rally in Washington DC (08.29.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Anti-Defamation League (www.adl.org) reports that neo-Nazis organized a protest in Washington DC against the State of Israel.

Anti-Zionists/Anti-Semites flash the
Nazi Salute in Washington DC

The NA joined with other white supremacist groups, including the World Church of the Creator, Aryan Nations, and racist skinheads, to protest the U.S. government's support of Israel and the Israeli government's alleged mistreatment of Palestinians. Since September 11, the NA has repeatedly attempted to co-opt the Palestinian cause, to blame Israel and Jews for the September 11 attacks against the U.S., and to fuel anti-Israel sentiments. Despite displaying slogans in support of Palestinian independence, the group made their real agenda known by also protesting non-white immigration to the United States and shouting racial and anti-Semitic epithets.

Like many anti-Semites, the above idiots hide their hate of Jews by claiming they are simply anti-Zionists and against the State of Israel. But when they constantly flash the Nazi salute, they don't hide it as well as their anti-Semites counterparts from the left.

I copy the full report below.

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Beaucoup de familles Palestiniennes fières de leur fils meurtriers (French) (11.04.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismTsahal (l'armee de Defense d'Israel) a traduit un article d'un site Palestinien qui decrit comment beaucoup de familles Palestiniennes sont fière de leur fils meurtriers:

Le père de Mohammed Boustani, 19 ans, auteur de l’attentat-suicide d’Ariel (le 27 octobre 2002), lors duquel trois Israéliens ont été tués, a déclaré être fier que son fils ait choisi de mourir pour Allah: "le jour de sa mort, mon fils a demandé à sa mère de le bénir, il a toujours voulu mourir pour Allah”.

De même, la famille de Mohammed Fauzi Hasnin, 19 ans, auteur de l’attentat suicide du carrefour Karkour (le 21 octobre 2002), et responsable de la mort de quatorze Israéliens a refusé de porter le deuil habituel.

Ainsi, après avoir appris que son frère souhaitait mourir pour Allah, sa soeur a quitté le deuil : embrassant la photo de son frère elle déclare : “Tu mérites une prière pour le sacrifice que tu as fait. O Mohammed, grâce à toi le peuple palestinien renaît”.

Elle a ajouté être fière de celui-ci et espérer que tous les adolescents choisissent de devenir des militants du Jihad.

Le père de Mohammed Fauzni Hasnin a proclamé que son fils avait vécu en héros et était mort avec honneur pour Allah.

La societe Palestinienne est pleine de haine et de racisme - comme beaucoup de Musulmans fanatiques, ils menent une guerre sainte (Jihad) du 14eme siecle avec des armes du 21eme.

L'article d'origine en Arabe est ici.

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Moral Equivalency? (05.03.2002)

NewsI just read an article on the Jerusalem Post that mentions that Israel's Prime Minister Sharon will bring a booklet with pictures and the stories of 69 children killed by Palestinian terrorists.

This is in response to Saudi's Crown Prince Abdullah showing pictures to President Bush of maimed Palestinian children.

The article says it all: although children are getting hurt on both sides, there's no moral equivalency that can be made. On the one hand, when Palestinian children get hurt or even killed, it is a mistake. The Israeli army always regrets it, and apologizes.

On the other hand, the killing of Israeli kids in buses, malls, restaurants and discos is the consequence of deliberate and planned attacks by homicide/suicide bombers and other Palestinian terrorists. Not only they do not apologize, but "martyrs" (homicide/suicide bombers) are considered heroes in Palestinian culture.

You may find the whole article here, and I include it below:

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Islamic Fanatics win Palestinian Elections (01.28.2006)

NewsThe Globe and Mail (www.theglobeandmail.com) reports that the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has won elections in the Palestinian territories:

The incoming Hamas government will move quickly to make Islamic sharia "a source" of law in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and will overhaul the Palestinian education system to separate boys and girls and introduce a more Islamic curriculum, a senior official in the movement said yesterday.

Spelling out the domestic agenda of Hamas for the first time since the group's stunning victory in a legislative election this week, Sheik Mohammed Abu Teir also said Hamas would not go to foreign donors on bended knee if they withdrew aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Mr. Abu Teir, who was No. 2 on the Hamas list of candidates for Wednesday's election, said introducing sharia -- a controversial moral and legal code based on the Koran -- would be the first act of the new Hamas-controlled Palestinian Legislative Council.

"The No. 1 thing we will do is take sharia as a source for legislation. Sharia has a soul in it and is good for all occasions," Mr. Abu Teir said in an interview with The Globe and Mail

For many years Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders have said that there is unfortunately no partner for peace among the gang of Palestinian murderers from the Islamic Jihad, Fatah or Hamas.

After Geneva peace talks with Arab countries on 12/21/1973 Abba Eban said "Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity".

This turns out to be true once again: as Israeli elections were to take place in two months, the centrist Israeli partist "Kadima" was ready to make concessions and maybe even allow for a Palestinian state to be created. With Islamic mass murderers in power in the Palestinian territories, this will not happen.

For more information on Abba Eban, click here. For more information on Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other mass murdering bastards, click here. I copy the full article below.

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Australia's Department of Defence computers used to generate racist and anti-Semitic messages (08.27.2002)

Anti-SemitismI received the following message from Michal Karel Petelczyz (petelczyz@yahoo.com):

"You jews ARE "pigs and monkeys", and the sooner the Palestinians all their land libertae and jewish swine vermin exterminate , the better. You jews too much world opinion control and distort it to portray yourselves as victims. The sooner a virus that targets and kills juden is developed and shipped the better. Das Welt - Judenfrei, bitte. You are a filthy, inbred race, that has caused havoc throughout the history of the world and the quicker to all you swine death comes, the besser will it be. Stinking Schwein!"

Normally I would just ignore such filth since I receive many racist and anti-Semitic messages.

What makes this incident regretful is that Mrs. Michal Karel Petelczyz sent her message from a computer belonging to Australia's department of Defence.

I traced back her message to the IP address - - which corresponds to a computer that belongs to Australia's Department of Defence - the server defepx01.defence.gov.au .

I doubt the name and email addresses are valid but the IP address is and if someone from Australia's Department of Defence shows some cooperation we will be able to locate this rabid anti-Semite and hopefully Australia's Dof will take some action.

I copy my full message below.

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