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Fact 368: "Israeli men do three years of compulsive active military duty at the age of 18, and then have to serve in the reserves one month per year until the age of 45. David Melle, the creator of FactsOfIsrael.com, served as a medic in the IDF (Israel's army), patrolling the Jordanian border. Women serve two years at the age of 18 but do not serve in the reserves."

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Some British Muslims celebrate and rejoice over the attacks of 9/11 (09.07.2002)

NewsThe English Birmingham Evening Mail (icbirmingham.icnetwork.co.uk) has posted an article that describes how some British Muslims are celebrating and rejoicing over the murderous attacks of 9/11:

Some British Muslims print a poster to
"celebrate and rejoice" over the 9/11 attacks

Muslim fanatics sparked anger today after plastering Birmingham bus stops with sickening posters showing the destruction of the Twin Towers.

The radical Al Muhajiroun group, headed by the controversial London-based Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed, has put up the posters in the Saltley area. They show a graphic image of one of the World Trade Centre towers on fire with a jet about to smash into the second tower. [...]

Fundamental Muslim leader Abu Khadeejah, who last week staged the Salafi Islamic event in Birmingham, said: "The Al Muhajiroun conference will be about rejoicing and praising what took place on September 11.

I guess these are the same British Muslims that are against democracy, freedom, and evolution. I copy the full article below.

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German leftist fascist hates America and Israel (01.26.2003)

Hate MailSince I created FactsOfIsrael.com 6 months ago, I have received my fair share of hate mail. Many of these messages come from the Islamic fascists who call me an "infidel" and send me death threats (just look in the Hate Mail section for more examples).

After a while, it gets pretty boring: it's the same brainwashed-neo-Nazi "kill the Jews" bile that the Imams from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Gaza spit every week.

Sometimes though, the leftist fascists from Europe will also suprise me. Today I received an email from a German who goes by the name of Kiewitz (kiewitz@netlabs.org). This guy managed to squeeze all anti-American and anti-Israeli cliches in one message. Here's an example:

I'm German and I'm not proud of our history. I'm sick of it. But I'm even more sick by people that talk like racists and enjoy other people to die.

I'm also sick of evil states like US that want to go to war, because of economic reasons. Islam is 100% okay. It's just extremists (that exist everywhere, not just in Islam) that are no good. [...]

I hope your country will get bombed as well in that manner. And then I will make such funny comments about those bombings. Perhaps this will make you understand.

Kiewitz, whom I'll refer to from now on as the "leftist fascist", was not happy about a video I published that shows how American forces attacked an Islamic terrorist camp in Afghanistan - click here for that story.

Read this my little leftist fascist: the German Nazis, your people, managed to murder 6 million Jews during World War II and the Holocaust. If you do the math, that's 30,000 Jewish men, women and children PER DAY! On bad days, it would go as high as 50,000-60,000 human beings deliberately killed PER DAY.

The next time you're watching B. München, Bayer Leverkusen, or any other German soccer team, look closely at the people in the stadium. Then, imagine the German Nazis going around the stands shooting at every one of them - all 30,000 in one day, all men, all women, all chidlren.

And you have the audacity to attack me because I support America's war on Islamic terrorism? Let me tell you what I think of your friends from Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and any other Islamic terrorists that, similarly to your Nazi ancestors, deliberately murder women and children.

The only value they'll have is when they become fertilizer and are buried underground.

If you'd like to send a message to the German leftist fascist to let him know what you think, his email address is kiewitz@netlabs.org.

I'm not finished, see below for the fascist's full message and the rest of my rant.

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Why do Europeans continue in their policy of appeasement? (09.22.2002)

OpinionThe Weekly Standard (www.weeklystandard.com) has an excellent article on European appeasement. The article explains how World War I shapes the Europeans' decision not to stand up to evil such as Hitler, Saddam Hussein, or the Palestinian Islamic Jihad:

Once upon a time we thought of appeasement as a particular approach to Hitler. We have long since come to see that it is a Weltanschauung, an entire philosophical worldview that teaches the blood-guilt of Western man, the moral bankruptcy of the West, and the outrageousness of Western civilization's attempting to impose its values on anyone else. World War II and its aftermath clouded the issue, but self-hatred has long since reestablished itself as a dominant force in Europe and (less often and not yet decisively) the United States. It was a British idea originally; it was enthusiastically taken up by the French. Today (like so many other British ideas) it is believed more fervently in continental Europe than anywhere else.

Consider the "Continental attitude" towards our proposed war against Saddam Hussein. If you had the Second World War in mind, you might think: Nothing could be more dangerous than to dither while a bloody-minded tyrant builds his striking power. It is crazy to let him choose D-Day, on the theory that if you leave him alone long enough, he will switch personalities and call the whole thing off. Human adults do not switch personalities--but if someone were going to blaze a trail and be first, a bloody swaggering dictator is not the man. Hitler didn't change even when his whole world had burnt to ashes. The last testament he composed in his bunker in 1945 is strikingly like "Mein Kampf," dictated in the comfort of his five-star prison cell in 1924.

The wisdom of "act first, dither later" as an approach to threats from tyrannies was borne out by Western experience in the Cold War. When the Soviets threatened Western interests directly by trying to starve West Berlin, put nuclear missiles in Cuba, and float the Arabs to victory against Israel (in 1973) on a tidal wave of weaponry, America did not wring her hands and ponder; she acted fast, and won.

But suppose your attitudes were shaped, consciously or not, by the First World War and its aftermath. In that case, the lesson you'd take away would be very different: Whatever you do, never rush a war. Austria did not have to declare war against Serbia on July 28, 1914, but she was in a hurry to forestall proposed negotiations. Russia did not have to mobilize on the 30th, she was under no military threat, but she mobilized anyway. Germany did not have to go crashing into Belgium on August 4, she was in no danger of being overrun by hot-headed Flemings, but once she had mobilized (which she had to do because Russia had), her famous master-plan (to concentrate on the Western front, pivot through Belgium, and come down on France like a sledgehammer) would be exposed and rendered as useless as lightstruck film unless she hit right away.

It's a long article, but it's well worth the read - I copy the full text below.

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British leftists members of the academia boycott Israel (08.20.2002)

OpinionA few months ago, a group of leftist European members of the British academia decided to launch a cultural and scientific boycott against Israel. I have received an email from Michael Vanyukov from the University of Pittsburgh who published his exchange of messages with members of the British boycott team.

Why is the anti-Israeli sentiment so popular in Europe? Of course, European politicians pressing President Bush to restrain Israel may be taking into account that their electorate is much more Muslim than Jewish. They would not do it, however, if the rest of the voting population did not support their pro-Arab stance, and it is not politicians who write boycott petitions and come to Israel now to defend “Palestinian rights.” Why Europe, which has tried and failed to appease Hitler by betraying Czechoslovakia and largely helped him to annihilate European Jewry, makes the same mistake by trying now to appease the horrific Islamic regimes and terrorist gangs supported by them? It is hard to imagine that Europe can still think that appeasing a murderer can earn protection from him. There is another likely reason for this irrational behavior—an irrational reason. Some Europeans, including, regrettably, intellectuals, have finally found a way to both legitimize their deep-seated antisemitism and exculpate themselves—by wrapping antisemitism in the comme il faut cloth of their “fight for the rights of Palestinians.”

Michael makes some excellent points, so be sure to also check out his website at http://www.pitt.edu/~mmv/israel.htm.

I copy the full text of his first letter to the boycott team below.

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Fact 56: Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East. (06.30.2002)

NewsletterThe latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent.

This week's fact is Fact 56: Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East.

Click here to check out the latest newsletter, and please subscribe if you haven't already done so.

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O selo que nao cola (Portuguese) (08.27.2002)

HumorO Mishigne (michigne.blogspot.com) tem uma boa piada:

Arafat exigiu que o Correio Palestino emitisse um selo que contivesse sua imagem - e que a qualidade estivesse acima de qualquer suspeita.

Os selos foram criados, emitidos e vendidos, deixando Arafat muito satisfeito. Passados alguns dias começam as reclamações de que o selo não cola - o que o deixou furioso.

Arafat chama os responsáveis e exige uma investigação completa imediata. Diversas agências postais visitadas confirmam: o selo não cola! O fabricante do selo é acionado.

Alguns dias depois, feita a investigação, vem o relatório: "Nada há nada de errado com o selo em questão. O único problema é que a população insiste em cuspir do outro lado".

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Letter from 23 year-old Israeli soldier, killed in action (10.02.2002)

VictimsImshin has translated a letter from Gadi, an Israeli Soldier who was killed while fighting Palestinian terrorists in Jenin in April 2002. The letter was written to his girlfriend Galit:

My dear Galit,

If this letter reaches you, it means that something has happened to me.

My love, on one hand there is nothing in the world that I want more than to be with you, to love you and to build a home and a family with you.

But on the other hand, there is nothing I want more than to go out on this operation and hit these bastards, so they won’t think of doing another terrorist attack. So that they will know they are paying a price. I am prepared to be that price…

I will always think of you, wherever I will be and I’ll make sure you meet a person who will make you happier than I have… Promise me you will carry on. That is how it should be, that is right.


March 2002. 23 year-old reserve soldier Gad Ezra, wrote this letter to his girlfriend, whom he was about to marry. About a month later, on 4th April, he was killed in the IDF operation in Jenin.

“Ha’ir” local Tel-Aviv paper, 26th September, 2002

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Palestinians march in support of Iraq and Saddam Hussein, burn US and Israeli flags (08.18.2002)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that the Fatah, Arafat's umbrella group of terrorist organizations, has organized a demonstration in support of Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

The demonstrators chanted anti-US and anti-Israel slogans, burned flags of both countries and fired shots in the air, while calling on Saddam to attack Tel Aviv.

Marching through Rafah refugee camp, the demonstrators waved Palestinian flags as well as posters of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Hussein.

"We are marching to Iraq, giving millions of martyrs on the way," they chanted.

The Palestinian define their genocide bombers (who blow themselves up deliberately murdering unarmed civilians, including babies and children) by using the term "martyrs". In 1991, the Palestinians fully supported Iraq in the Gulf war and cheered from their roofs as Saddam Hussein bombarded Israeli civilian centers with Scud missiles (see the History page).

Yasser Arafat is the leader of Fatah, which includes the Al-Aksa "martyrs" brigrade, responsible for dozens of genocide bombings and thousands of other terrorist attacks against unarmed Israeli and American civilians (see the Palestine page for more details).

I copy the full article below.

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Islamic Fanatics win Palestinian Elections (01.28.2006)

NewsThe Globe and Mail (www.theglobeandmail.com) reports that the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has won elections in the Palestinian territories:

The incoming Hamas government will move quickly to make Islamic sharia "a source" of law in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and will overhaul the Palestinian education system to separate boys and girls and introduce a more Islamic curriculum, a senior official in the movement said yesterday.

Spelling out the domestic agenda of Hamas for the first time since the group's stunning victory in a legislative election this week, Sheik Mohammed Abu Teir also said Hamas would not go to foreign donors on bended knee if they withdrew aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Mr. Abu Teir, who was No. 2 on the Hamas list of candidates for Wednesday's election, said introducing sharia -- a controversial moral and legal code based on the Koran -- would be the first act of the new Hamas-controlled Palestinian Legislative Council.

"The No. 1 thing we will do is take sharia as a source for legislation. Sharia has a soul in it and is good for all occasions," Mr. Abu Teir said in an interview with The Globe and Mail

For many years Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders have said that there is unfortunately no partner for peace among the gang of Palestinian murderers from the Islamic Jihad, Fatah or Hamas.

After Geneva peace talks with Arab countries on 12/21/1973 Abba Eban said "Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity".

This turns out to be true once again: as Israeli elections were to take place in two months, the centrist Israeli partist "Kadima" was ready to make concessions and maybe even allow for a Palestinian state to be created. With Islamic mass murderers in power in the Palestinian territories, this will not happen.

For more information on Abba Eban, click here. For more information on Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other mass murdering bastards, click here. I copy the full article below.

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Brave Iranian students support Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom; Denounce anti-Semitism and Islamic terrorism (10.27.2002)

OpinionI have added a button in the right navigation bar to support the "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI). The SMCCDI has a website at www.iran-daneshjoo.org and its goals are Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom in Iran. They are also against anti-Semitism and Islamic terrorism, and are risking their lives for taking these positions:

Iranian Student hides Satellite Dish,
the only way for him to access
non-Governemental news sources

Look what they have to say about the Israeli-Palestinian war:

About one and a half years ago when the beginnings of a lasting peace among the Arabs and Israelis was becoming practical, the obstruction and sabotage of war-mongering governments-- the foremost among them the Islamic Republic-- made this constructive effort unsuccessful. Today, too, we are witnessing the same warmongering venture from the currents that see their political and economic gain in spreading war and crisis, and in ruining the societies in the region.

Peace and tranquility in the Middle East are not achievable through the support of Terrorist and warmongering groups; rather, it is only achievable through the encouragement of political discussions between the involved parties and the uprooting of religious fundamentalism, terrorism, and violence. It is noteworthy that a nation that has been the victim of governmental terrorism for two decades, cannot, itself, be the promoter of violence in the region.

And here's what they have to say about Islamic terrorism after the Bali massacre:

Once again, the followers of the ideology of terror and lunacy have committed murder and have thus emphasized this undisputable truism that terrorism, as long as its roots are not dried up and its revival centers are not eradicated, is a pressing, imminent, and worldwide danger. [...]

Truly, these emissaries of evil and the culture of death leave behind nothing other than poverty, death, and social backwardness wherever they step. The father's of modern religious terrorism- meaning the leach-like mullahs that for over 23 years have made all the foundations of culture and civilization in our country, Iran, the target of their Mongolian pillaging- have bestowed this terror tradition to the world. [...]

It is cause for much anguish that despite it becoming clearer day by day that terrorism is a worldwide danger and the networks of death have obtained the ability to strike anywhere and anytime to commit their crimes, the European Union and Russia with their hypocritical policies in pursuit of their own short term profiteering goals continue to sabotage a decisive battle with the true roots and origins of international terrorism.

The Bali catastrophe has once again emphasized the indisputable reality that religious terrorism is a worldwide problem and steps to dry its roots must be taken in the framework of a unified international battlefront. And, it is a lesson that- especially- the policymakers of countries like France, England, and New Zealand should heed.

The bleeding brain western leftists that support Palestinian terrorism could learn one or two things from the SMCCDI.

It also important to note that the only time "Death to terrorists!" was heard in any rally in any Islamic country was when the SMCCDI took the streets. These guys are my new heroes.

See below for their press release calling for Iranian students to reject anti-Semitism which they say cloakes itself as anti-Zionism (sounds familiar?). They also published articles against Islamic terrorism, separation of religion and state in Iran and other modern ideas that infuriate the Ayatollahs.

Make sure you visit their website and support their movement in any way you can (sign the guestbook, contact them to help them financially, etc...)

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Muslim killer murders 4 Israelis in homicide bombing (04.29.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Muslim has murdered 4 Israelis in a homicide bombing in Tel-Aviv:

An Israeli woman in shock,
after a Muslim homicide bomber
murdered 4 and injured over 50

A terror attack took place this evening in Tel Aviv killing at least 4 people and injuring 50. Magen David Adom emergency medical services has stated that 10 people are in serious to critical condition.

An American male tourist and a French female tourist were among the wounded, according to Israel police.

Israel radio reports that a suicide bomber attempted to enter Mike's Place, a seafront coffee house near the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Intial reports state the security guard at the restaurant tried to wrestle the terrorist to the ground when the terrorist detonated his explosives. The security guard survived the attack and is presently fighting for his life in hospital, according to the Israel police. [...] "Again we have witnessed yet another terror attack on innocent civilians," said Kleiman.

"The Israeli police have information that these terror attacks will continue to take place. We can't stop one hundred percent of these attacks from taking place, but we have been very successful in preventing the majority from taking place," said Kleiman.

Kleiman added that 115 Palestinian terror suicide attacks were attempted in 2002 in which many of these attacks had been foiled by Israeli security forces.

"Mike's Place', an American bar
in Tel-Aviv, and the target
of a Palestinian homicide bombing

While most of the Western media is reporting on how the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have a new "Prime Minister", Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat's thugs continue their campaign of death and terror.

Mr. Abbas has declared that he will attempt to stop the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas from deliberately murdering Israeli women and babies. I hope that's true, but I seriously doubt it.

In the meantime, the Israeli army will continue to hunt down the murderous Islamic Palestinian terrorists wherever they are.

I copy the full article below as well as a letter LGF has published that describes "Mike's Place", the bar that was hit. For more pictures, click here.

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Fact 5: Israel's borders at its shortest distance is 9 miles (05.12.2002)

NewsletterI have just released the third version of the FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter. It's the best email newsletter on Israel and the Middle East that I know of. I will email it to you for FREE - packed with one weekly fact on Israel, the latest news, Web sites, and more. Don't miss another review, subscribe now.

This time it includes the following fact:

Fact Number 5
Israel's borders at its shortest distance is 9 miles

Israel's borders from West to East is 9 miles at its shortest distance (from the West Bank to Netanya, borders of 1948)

I was in Israel from 1987 to 1997, and lived in Netanya and Even-Yehuda, two great towns.

This short distance, makes it very easy for Palestinian homicide/suicide bombers to attack innocent civilians. Netanya was the site of the massacre of Passover, where 30 Israeli civilians were killed as they were getting ready for a holiday meal. Many were elderly and this week's victim, Eliezer Korman, 74, was a grand-father of five who died as a consequence of this Palestinian homicide/suicide bombing.

For more information on the region's geography, check the FactsOfIsrael.com Maps page

To read the whole weekly newsletter, click here.
To get a free weekly fact, click here.

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CNN War Tracker: a site with live information on the liberation of Iraq (03.21.2003)

NewsCNN (www.cnn.com) has setup an excellent site to track the progress of the US and coalition forces in liberating Iraq and getting rid of the butcher from Baghdad:

CNN War Tracker

The page includes live information on battles, airstrikes, casualties, weapons and more.

Just like the French, more and more
Iraqi soldiers are giving up.

So check it out and think of how our men and women from the US and coalition forces are risking their lives so you can live in peace and worry less about Al-Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad obtaining biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.

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Palestinian terrorists from the Islamic Jihad murder 4 Israelis (12.27.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Palestinian terrorists from the Islamic Jihad deliberately murdered four Israelis that were celebrating the Sabbath, having dinner:

Two Palestinian gunmen infiltrated into the West Bank settlement of Otniel, south of Hebron on Friday night and opened fire killing four people and wounding seven, the IDF said. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to a report on Channel 1 television the terrorists entered the dining hall of a yeshiva (Jewish seminary) just after 8:00 PM as the students were sitting down to Friday night Sabbath dinner and opened fire.

At least one of the gunmen was killed by troops who arrived at the scene and security forces are searching for the second who is believed to be hiding in a building on the settlement or may have fled the scene.

Residents were asked to remain in their houses. [...]

A spokesman for the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, Israel Radio reported. The spokesman did not name the attackers but promised to do so later.

Update: Soldiers from the Nahal brigade and IDF trackers found the second terrorist, who had fled from Otniel after the attack, and killed him, Israel Radio reported.

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian Television continues to broadcast hate, racism and calls for war (09.25.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismIn one of the forums I read daily, someone posted an article that described how Arafat calls for peace:

“Only peace and dialogue can help solve the crisis in the Middle East, Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat told Malta's President Guido de Marco”.

Arafat continues to speak of peace in English while calling for war, murder and “one million martyrs” (suicide bombers) in Arabic. Here are sample transcripts of sermons that are continuously being transmitted on Palestinian Television, which is under the complete control of Arafat and his thugs from the Palestinian authority:

"Blessings to whoever waged Jihad for the sake of Allah; blessings to whoever raided for the sake of Allah; blessings to whoever put a belt of explosives on his body or on his sons' and plunged into the midst of the Jews, crying "Allahu Akbar, praise to Allah, There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger." […]

"Whoever can fight them with his weapons, should go out [to the battle]; whoever can fight them with a machinegun, should go out; whoever can fight them with a sword or a knife, should go out; whoever can fight them with his hands, should go out; This is our destiny. The people who are the most hostile toward the believers are the Jews and the Polytheists... The Jews have exposed their fangs. Nothing will deter them, except the color of their filthy people’s blood; nothing will deter them except for us voluntarily detonating ourselves in their midst. They have nuclear power, but we have the power of the belief in Allah..." […]

"This good news... has passed down to our people who still make great sacrifices, defending the honor of the Islamic nation. The sacrifice of convoys of martyrs [will continue] until Allah grants us victory very soon. The willingness for sacrifice and for death we see amongst those who were cast by Allah into a war with the Jews, should not come at all as a surprise..."

Click here to watch a subtitled video (Realplayer required). Titled "Friday Sermons on Palestinian Authority TV,"(c) it was compiled from Palestinian Authority TV broadcasts of Friday sermons delivered at mosques under the authority of the PA. This subtitled video was distributed by the House Committee on International Relations to members of the House of Representatives in 2002.

These are mosques that are under the control of Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, and these messages were transmitted on Palestinian television, which was built with European money and is under Arafat’s control.

Peace will come when Arafat, the Hamas, the Islamic Jihad love their kids more than they hate the Jews. That is not the case today, but their hate, racism and murder of Israeli women and children will lead them nowhere.

I copy below the transcripts of portions of the video from Memri.org.

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