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17-year-old Israeli girl killed by Palestinian genocide bomber (06.29.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Rachel Levy, 17, of Jerusalem, who was killed when a Palestinian female suicide bomber blew herself up in the Kiryat Yovel supermarket in Jerusalem on 3/29/2002.

Rachel Levy, 17, murdered
by a Palestinian genocide bomber

Rachel Levy was a senior at the Sieff High School. Fellow pupils from her photography class at school said that she was an excellent pupil, and that an exhibition of Rachel's photographs is being held at her school. "She was a charming girl, allways smiling and pleasant. simply a wonderful person," said a relative. "She loved books, music, and sports," said her mother.

Rachel Levy was buried in Jerusalem. She is survived by her parents, Amos and Avigail, and her two brothers: Guy, 23, and Kobi, 7.

May God bless her memory.

The female genocide bomber was a member of the Al-Aksa brigades, a terrorist group that is financed and organized by Yasser Arafat and other thugs of the Palestinian Authority.

I copy the full story below.

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Tragedy over Texas skies: seven astronauts killed in explosion of space shuttle Columbia (02.01.2003)

NewsCNN (www.cnn.com) reports that this morning, a tragedy has occurred over the skies of Texas:

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) -- Seven astronauts were killed today when space shuttle Columbia broke up about 38 miles above Texas on its way to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

President Bush said in a televised address to the nation Saturday the news had brought "great sadness to our country," but pledged, "Our journey into space will go on."

"These men and women assumed great risk in the service of all of humanity," Bush said. "In an age when space flight has come to seem almost routine, it is easy to overlook dangers. ... These astronauts knew the dangers and faced them willingly."

Bush said the nation grieved for their families.

I had posted two articles on Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut, who was part of Columbia's crew and was killed in today's tragedy - see:

NASA sends first Israeli astronaut into space

Israeli Astronaut takes with him into space a small

pencil drawing made by a 14-year-old

boy who was killed in Auschwitz

The Columbia crew included Kalpana Chawla, who immigrated from India in the 80's and became an astronaut in the 90's, Michael P. Anderson, one of the few African-American astronauts, and Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut.

Ilan Ramon's wife and four children were waiting for him in Florida, when they heard of the terrible news. For me, and for most Israelis, he will remain a hero, someone who brought us a bit of hope and light during these violent and dark times.

I must admit I rarely pray - but tonight my thoughts and prayers will be with Columbia's crew and their families.

I copy the rest of CNN's story below.

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Fact 77: Jews in West Bank are "Settlers", Arab Muslims in Israel are "Citizens" (08.04.2002)

NewsletterThe latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent.

This week's fact is Fact 77: Jews in West Bank are "Settlers", Arab Muslims in Israel are "Citizens".

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Americans start Boycott of France (03.17.2003)

OpinionBill O'Reilly from the Fox News Channel (www.foxnews.com) has called from a complete boycott of French goods:

More than 50,000 people have responded to the Internet poll, and 93 percent support boycotting French goods, just 6 percent are opposed. [...]

So what I am calling for is a boycott of French goods in the stores. For example, if you buy Poland Spring bottled water instead of Evian, the store still gets the money. [...]

You know, we have bailed out France now three times in this century, in World War I, in World War II, and then in the Cold War, and -- and so France really does owe us a debt of gratitude. They should be a strong ally of U.S. and European national security, and yet what you have here is France undermining the national security of a country that's supposed to be a friend and an ally. [...]

MOORE: ... because France is extremely dependent on American tourists in the spring and summer seasons.

O'REILLY: Two-point-nine million, Mr. Moore, last year. That was down 20 percent... [...] and I say it's going to be down another 50 percent. I think it will be down at least a million.

I join Mr. O'Reilly in his boycott of France and I urge anyone who is outraged by France's protection of Saddam Hussein and its anti-American and anti-Israeli stance to do the same. Don't buy French products (look at the labels) and don't go on vacation in France.

I copy the full article below.

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Bomb-Sniffing dogs joing the fight against Palestinian terrorism (08.31.2002)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that bomb-sniffing dogs are being trained in the US to help Israel in its fight against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas:

Pups for Peace: Bomb-Sniffing dogs
joing the fight against Palestinian terrorism

Pups for Peace, an organization founded by US Jews and the Israeli-based Golan Fund to help Israel defend itself against suicide attacks, announced on Thursday that it plans to provide 1,000 trained dogs capable of detecting explosives to the Israel Police and the IDF by 2004.

The dogs are scheduled to fly to Israel in October for an additional 30-day training program in the Golan Heights, after which they'll be deployed to sites throughout the country, including supermarkets, sports events, and discos.

The dogs are trained to locate an explosives source and indicate the find to its handler, after which the military or police takes over to prevent an explosion, said the group's director of canine operations, Mike Herstik.

I copy the full article below.

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Islamic Mass Murderers kill 20 in Synagogues bombings in Istanbul (11.15.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that racist Islamic mass murderers (probably from Al-Qaeda) have killed 20 and injured hundreds in two car bombings in front of synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey:

At least twenty people were killed and 260 wounded in near-simultaneous bombings of two Istanbul synagogues on Saturday morning.

Two cars exploded at about 9:30am at Nevei Shalom Synagogue, the city's largest, and at Beth Israel Synagogue in the affluent district of Shishli about 5 kilometers (3 miles) away. [...]

An Israeli visitor at the scene in Shishli told Army Radio that the explosion appeared to have affected the 2nd floor more than the first, and that many of the injured are women. Television footage showed a 1.5m crater near the synagogue. [...]

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon expressed "shock and outrage" at the attacks and sent Israel's condolences to the Turkish people. The Prime Minister also said he had full confidence in Turkey's ability to find those responsible for the attacks and bring them to justice. The Bush administration condemned the atack, saying that the US would stand by its allies in the war against terrorism.

I copy the rest of the article below.

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Israeli Summer Camp for kids victims of Palestinian terrorism (07.15.2002)

MultimediaMSNBC (www.msnbc.com) reports that a special camp has been created in Israel - a camp that helps kids whose parents, brothers or sisters have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

Summer camp for Israeli kids,
victims of Palestinian terrorism

NINE-YEAR-OLD Pesi Roth kisses her parents goodbye and heads off on a bulletproof bus for a week of summer camp like no other. On a guarded kibbutz in southern Israel, Pesi is part of an experiment in rebuilding shattered lives.

“I try not to think about it because when we think about it it makes us really sad,” says Pesi. The Israeli girls are casualties of terror.

“These kids have had their parents blown up; they’ve had their siblings exploded from being healthy, vibrant people to nothing,” says Sherri Mandel, co-founder of the camp.

Pesi’s older sister, Malke, was killed with 15 others in August, when a suicide bomber set off an explosive full of nails in a crowded pizzeria in Jerusalem.

To learn more about Malke, check out www.kerenmalki.org. While you're there, please make a donation to help kids with severe disabilities.

To watch the video, click here. I copy the full article below.

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Iraq Brings in French Surrender Experts (03.15.2003)

HumorThe Skeptician (www.skeptician.com) reports that the French are good for something after all:

Faced with the overwhelming firepower and military might of the U.S. led coalition forces poised on its border, Iraq asked the French Government today to send so-called "surrender experts" to Baghdad.

According to Iraqi Vice President Tariq Aziz, the experts will "instruct the Iraqi military in all forms of surrender. Obviously, no country on earth has more experience with surrender or is more qualified in training others in this key aspect of warfare."

Iraq sought the French help so that they could surrender more quickly in this conflict than in the First Gulf War. According to Skeptician military analyst Rip Rowan, "During Operation Desert Storm, the Iraqi Army tended to make orderly and calm surrenders. They would walk slowly towards the Coalition forces with white flags."

"The French style of surrender, however, is much quicker. The French will teach them how to simply throw their weapons down and run screaming towards coalition lines, beg for forgiveness, and then roll over on their backs and ask for their tummies to be scratched."

French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin (who is a man) could not be reached for comment. Various news reports said that he was under his kitchen table, hiding from his dog, Vichy.

While the French continue to support the butcher from Baghdad and burn synagogues, I'll continue to burn the French.

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Islamic Fascist from New Zealand sends death threat and calls for the mass murder of all Jews (07.25.2004)

Hate MailAlmost on a daily basis I receive hate mail from Islamic fascists, European leftists, Nazis, and other racist bastards.

Although I am not surprised anymore by the violent content and the racist bile included in their messages, I am often amazed how many of these comments originate from Western democracies (and not only from Islamic Theocracies such as Saudi Arabia or anti American/Israeli countries such as France).

Here's a message I received today from someone who gave an email address of "osama_army@killjews.com" (obviously fake) - this Islamic fascist posted the following comment on an article that describes how "Al-Qaeda published article calling for the use of nuclear weapons against the United States" (click here for the original article):

A new comment has been posted on your blog FactsOfIsrael.com, on entry #596 (Al-Qaeda publishes article calling for the use of nuclear weapons against the United States).

IP Address:
Name: We're watching you asshole
Email Address: osama_army@killjews.com


You're all going to die soon anyway you stupid Jewish pieces of shit. You're only still here because of the US, and we'll soon see both of you lying in the streets with maggots through your corpses. Israel is nothing but a nation full of murderous child-slaying pieces of filth, and I will dance and celebrate the day your nation is wiped away and your blood is spilled around the world. The Nazi's were nothing compared to what you will soon experience.

It's a shame Hitler didn't finish you all off when he had the chance - but we won't make that mistake.

And guess what - we are not Arabs. Think again asshole, you count us as allies, and we will help the Arabs to wipe you off the face of the planet.

The only good jew is a dead jew!

I traced back the IP address to an Internet Service Provider in New Zealand. Here are the details:

The racist message from above was traced back
to an Internet Provider in New Zealand

IP Address:
Server Name: ip-202-37-230-81.internet.co.nz

Name: The Internet Company of New Zealand Ltd
Address: PO Box 6721
City: Auckland
Phone: +64 9 363 0800
Email: soa@iconz.co.nz

I sent an email to "The Internet Company of New Zealand Ltd" asking them if "osama_army@killjews.com" had broken their terms of use by calling for the genocide of all Jews and the mass murder of men, women and children of a whole country.

Update: I have received a response from "The Internet Company of New Zealand Ltd" and I am following up with them to trace the exact racist bastard who sent me the death threats. This Islamic fascist has broken their terms of use and will have to face up to the consequences of being an intolerant racist moron.

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Fact 11: Jordan represents 75% of the British Palestine Mandate (05.19.2002)

NewsletterI have just sent the fourth edition of the FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter.

This week's fact is Fact 11: Jordan represents 75% of the British Palestine Mandate.

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Saudia Arabia media attacks United States (08.29.2002)

NewsThe Middle East Media Research Institute (www.memri.org) which translates articles from the Arab Media, has published a report on the latest attacks of the Saudi Arabian media against the United States. This criticism of the US occurs after the families of the victims of 9/11 sued Saudi Arabians who financed the terrorists involved in the attacks.

The lawsuit against Saudi and other Arab officials and organizations by the families of September 11 victims has aroused the ire of the Saudi media. The following are excerpts from articles that appeared in Saudi newspapers on this subject:

Saudi Columnists: The U.S. Should be Sued for Killing Millions
"If America wants to open up the issue of compensation for those who died in the two towers," wrote the Saudi daily Al-Riyadh in an editorial, "it must agree to the establishment of an international court that will examine [its own] war crimes, plundering, coups, what American intelligence did with the drug barons, the policy of abductions and murder, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the claims still pending regarding the black slave trade, and the deliberate annihilation of the Indians – and apply all this to all countries, without statute of limitations, so that we feel we live on one planet that functions according to the same moral principles..."(1) [...]

"America, that carried out the Hiroshima massacre and the Vietnam massacre; America, that incited South Korea against North Korea and Taiwan against China; America, that interfered in the affairs of Chile, Nicaragua, and Panama; America, that tried to assassinate many of the world’s leaders... among them Castro, who alone was subject to 30 assassination attempts – one of them by mixing deadly plutonium poison in the cigars he smokes! America, that erected the Statue of Liberty so as to plunder others by it; America, that established liberty in order to kill millions of people in its name, from the Indians to Afghan children... Behind all this stood members of the CIA... This is America, the tyrannous, and all that remains is for it to turn into a pharaoh [the symbol of an evil regime]. This is America, the land of freedom, the land of democracy."

Wow. You tell the Saudi Arabians that financed the September 11 massacre that they are responsible for the consequences of their acts and they get really touchy. Imagine if we didn't tell them.

I copy the full report below.

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Islamo-Fascists attacks in October 2002 (10.27.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismI went on vacation at the beggining of October, and when I came back, as I was updating the website, I was amazed at the Islamic terrorist activity in over three weeks.

One of LGF's readers compiled a list of the Islamic terrorist attacks for October 2002:

* The Bali nightclub bombing.
* Mall bombings in the Philippines.
* A bus bombing in the Philippines.
* A bus bombing in Israel.
* The French oil tanker bombing in Yemen.
* Attacks on Marines in Kuwait.
* Continuing terrorist attacks in Kashmir.
* Continuing atrocities and slave trading in Sudan.
* Suicide bombings in Israel.
* Moscow theater siege.
* The Beltway sniper.
* 21 family members killed in Algeria.

The Islamo-fascists continue their deliberate murder of unarmed civilians, mostly women and children.

Just after 9/11, my friend Bill said that he felt Israel was responsible for 9/11 since the US backs up the Jewish State. Is Israel also responsible for the Bali massacre, the Moscow carnage, and the murders in the Philippines?

Did you know that the Islamo-fascists run 19 out of top 25 groups listed by the US State Department as terrorist organizations ?

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Never forget the murder of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germans and other European collaborators (05.05.2005)

OpinionToday is "Yom Hashoah", the "Day of the Holocaust", where Israelis and Jews remember how a bit over 50 years ago over six million Jews, including 1.5 million Jewish children were murdered by the Nazi Germans and other European collaborators.

The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has an excellent article by Carline Glick on "Yom Hashoah" and how we should reject the European fetish with the Holocaust:

[...] The Holocaust, in and of itself, tells us nothing about Jewish identity. It only tells us about the rest of the world. The Jews of Europe did not decide to die. They neither seized territory nor did they plant bombs in German cafes. The Holocaust was a German initiative, carried out by Germans and millions of collaborators from France to Greece to Poland to Lithuania. The decision to prevent the Jews' escape from Europe to the Land of Israel belonged to Britain.

The group that really ought to be taking the Holocaust to heart is not the Jews, but the Europeans who two generations ago descended to the depths of human depravity by either conducting the extermination of European Jewry or enabling it.

Sadly, Europe has avoided serious self-examination and instead has turned the Holocaust into a fetish. Holocaust memorials spring up like mushrooms after the rainfall throughout the continent.

[...] There is something deeply distasteful and viscerally disturbing about the spectacle of dozens of leaders of anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian governments coming together at Auschwitz or the UN General Assembly or Westminster Cathedral and self-righteously bowing their heads for our exterminated brothers and sisters. It is particularly odious given that the nihilistic moral relativism that played such a role in enabling the Holocaust remains the order of the day in the societies these leaders now govern.

Israel has a duty to recall the Holocaust for what it means to the Jewish people to have lost a third of our members. But we have nothing to gain from joining the Europeans in their bizarre Holocaust rituals. It is neither our right nor our responsibility to wash Europe's hands of our brothers' blood.

Indeed, what that blood tells us most of all is that in the postwar world, we cannot allow ourselves to be enchanted by odes to brotherly love or utopian dreams. We can only defend ourselves, in our land, with our military and with our economic creativity, because the notion of trust perished at Auschwitz.

I copy the full article below.

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Racist French bastard burns Jewish restaurant in Paris (04.06.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports on more anti-Jewish acts of violence in France:

A Jewish-owned restaurant in Paris was torched Thursday morning. French police reported that the restaurant was totally burned. [...]

Since the start of the Palestinian uprising, French Muslims have perpetrated many attacks against Jewish interests in France, including the firebombing of synagogues. [...]

- A Jewish school in a Paris suburb was burned down.
- Jews have been physically attacked; threatening letters sent to community leaders; Stars of David scrawled on Jewish businesses, and cemeteries defaced.
- All in all, some 320 anti-Semitic incidents in 2001 were documented in a report by the Paris office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Please join the boycott of France - click here for more details. I copy the full article below.

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French Synagogue burns; French officials say it's a "Spontaneous Combustion" (02.21.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe International Herald Tribune (www.iht.com) reports that a synagogue mysteriously started to burn in France:

Fire heavily damages a suburban synagogue

(PARIS) A fire broke out at a synagogue outside Paris early Sunday, causing heavy damage to the building, firefighters said.

Nine people living in apartments above the synagogue in Saint-Mande, east of Paris, were treated for smoke inhalation, firefighters said. The cause of the blaze was not immediately known.

The authorities increased security at Jewish religious sites last year after a wave of attacks at synagogues, Jewish schools and cemeteries.

Currently, the official take of the French government is that there is no hostility and violence towards Jews in France. It's amazing, these French synagogues just magically and spontaneously combust.

Thanks to "Merde in France" for the news item. I copy below an article describing the same magical spontaneous combustion (in French) from Yahoo France.

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