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May 02, 2002
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Support Israel's war on Palestinian terrorism

Here's the copy of a message I sent to Slate's editor on an article by Robert Wright, "Mideast pros and cons".

The writer had a good idea, but the large amount of wrong information in the article completely discredits it. Clearly Mr. Wright (or Wrong?) does not understand Israel and Israel's supporters.

Here's my conclusion: if you support Israel and her war against Palestinian terrorism, you are definitely Pro-Israel. If you critize Israel in everything she does (short of comitting suicide) you are Anti-Israel.

You may read the article here, my full response is below.

From: David Melle
To: Editor of Slate, http://www.msnbc.com/
Subject: Comments on the article "Mideast pros and cons" by Robert Wright


I just read the Slate article "Mideast pros and cons" by Robert Wright. Although the idea of the article was good, it is full of errors and false information.

Since the first time I voted in Israel (when I was 19), I have always voted to the left of the Israeli political spectrum. Most of the time for Labor (Avodah), and once for Meretz (extreme left).

Let me just say I completely support Prime Minister Sharon and Israel's war against terrorism.

Since the Palestinians rejected an independent State of their own in 10/2000 and started their current terrorist attacks and homicide/suicide bombings, there is a coalition government in Israel. This coalition is made of parties from the left and from the right, including the Likud (Sharon's party) and Labor (Foreign Minister Shimon Peres' party).

If you don't support Israel's war on terror, you are not only opposing Sharon, but the whole Israeli government and its people - you are "Anti-Israel".

Mr. Wright writes:

"For one thing, Ariel Sharon himself would insist that the West Bank incursion isnít a war, since calling it a war would imply that the occupied territories belong to the Palestinians. In Sharonís view, this is just a policing exercise"

This is completely wrong. Prime Minister Sharon has called the current fight against Palestinian terrorism a "war" multiple times. See for example:

'Israel is at war': Sharon

He has also mentioned that the Palestinians deserve a State of their own:

Sharon sees Palestinian state at end of peace process

Unfortunately, the Palestinians have refused a State of their own twice (in 1948 and in October 2000) and choose instead to murder innocent civilians through homicide/suicide bombers and other terrorist activities.

If you support Israel and her war against this Palestinian terrorism, you are Pro-Israel. If you critize Israel in everything she does (short of comitting suicide) you are Anti-Israel.

It's as simple as that.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my views.


David Melle

Posted by David Melle at May 02, 2002 09:35 PM

Your phrasing is inexact, or my understanding incorrect.

You write "If you critize Israel in anything she does (short of comitting suicide) you are Anti-Israel". I think you mean that if you criticize Israel in _everything_ she does. As written, you would render all criticism of Isreal anti-Isreal, a strange label to subsume both Netanyahu and Peres, who both disagree with some things that Isreal has done lately.

Posted by: john bragg on May 3, 2002 02:57 PM


Thanks for the comment, you are absolutely right. I did mean in "Everything" she does - I have corrected the article.

Have a good day,


Posted by: David Melle on May 3, 2002 06:01 PM

I speak for millions of americans when I say we love israel and our advice is kill'em all and let their pagan god sort them out. Our prayers and love and symphathy goes out to all those who have been murdered by these barbaric murderers

Posted by: steven anderson on April 7, 2004 10:56 AM
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