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May 06, 2002
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100 arrested in France for anti-Semitic actions

Just saw this small article on Ha'aaretz - more anti-semitism from France.

Over 6 Million muslims live in France, a bit over 10% of the population. The left in France realizes it cannot win any elections without Muslim support, so we can expect more Israel bashing from them in the near future (not that the European left needs any excuses to dislike Israel, any friend of America is a prime candidate for criticism).

I link to the full article below.

100 arrested in France in recent weeks for anti-Semitic actions
By Yair Sheleg, Ha'aretz Correspondent

Around 100 individuals have been arrested recently in France on suspicion of attacking Jews and Jewish property, according to the Charge d'Affaires in the French Embassy in Tel Aviv, Michel Miraillet. The envoy said that the French authorities had issued orders to take strict action against such offenders.

Miraillet was speaking at a meeting of the forum on coordinating the struggle against anti-Semitism that was held Monday at the office of Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Melchior.

The French diplomat cited the case of a man who had been found guilty of setting ablaze a synagogue in Lyons last month and had been sentenced to two years in jail.

Miraillet said he understood the dissatisfaction expressed by participants in the meeting over the attitude of the French authorities, but assured them that stringent measures were being adopted.

The gathering also heard reports about anti-Semitic activities in Germany and Denmark, and about the ties between the far-left in Europe and extremist Islamic groups.

Miraillet provided Melchior with information about the presidential elections in France, noting that some 80 percent of the eligible voters in Israel (14,000) had chosen not to cast their votes.

Posted by David Melle at May 06, 2002 10:56 PM

Those muslims should be BEAT

Posted by: Muhammed Rizwan on January 21, 2004 11:01 AM

Antisemitism is a big problem in France, but I'm sure Chirac, a friend of Israel will try every thing to stop that actions!

Posted by: the big Alliance on September 3, 2005 12:30 AM
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