List of Palestinian Homicide/Suicide Bombings

Since October 2000, when the peace talks at Camp David broke down, there were over 30 Palestinian homicide/suicide bombings against unarmed Israeli civilians.

I have added the list of all suicide bombings to and you may access it in the Palestine page (scroll down to the bottom).

Posted by David Melle
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Don't think for one moment Israelis are alone
in this on-going struggle for your Country's
continued independent existence. The majority
of Americans consider Israel & the U.S. to be
"joined at the hip," so to speak. My daughter's
husband, and the father of my grandchildren, is
Regular Army K-9, a "bomb sniffing dog handler," awaiting orders for his third tour of duty in
Afghanistan as we speak. He had just completed two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His job is
to lead foot patrols searching for IEDs. I was
bayoneted in hand-to-hand combat in Korea; and,
my instructions to my son-in-law was, "If your
dog points on a house - pull the pin on your
grenade & throw it in before you open the door
or I'll kill you (or what's left of you) if/or
when you get back."I sponsored an Afghani family
to refugee to the U.S. to escape certain death
during the Carmel "Puppet Regime," but I have
We (the U.S.) has enough natural gas, coal to
make liquefied petroleum ($70.00/barrel/ton) to
last 500 years at our present rate of use. We
have the world's largest hydroelectric surplus
to reduce Bauxite ore to Aluminum; we have the
world's largest deposits of Sulfur for sulfuric
acid (the "Queen of the petrochemical industry");
we have vast deposits of iron ore, limestone, &
coal to supply the open-hearth (Bessemer)process
rendering steel-production cheap; we have vast
deposits of Phosphate and the where-with-all to manufacture nitrate fertilizers; and, we have
plenty of oil deposits to meet our needs - if
we switch to compressed natural gas (CNG) to
fuel our vehicles. We could live in complete
isolation from the rest of the world; seal our
borders; and tell the rest of the world to "fly
a kite," if we were so inclined. The still
the richest Nation-State in the world; but, our
industries are becoming "over-regulated,"to both
Israel & America's disadvantage. The post-modern,
post-national,post-science(truth), post-humanist,
& the"EXTREME-GREEN" "ONE-WORLD" "international
corporatist" "SOVEREIGN FUNDS" political fringe -
financed by the secret "Bilderburg Society," of
capitalists (like Rockefeller & the DuPonts) who
held their annual closed meeting in Vienna,VA.,
in April, 08, when they also met at Sen Dianne
Feinstein's nearby residence to choose Sen Barack
Obama as our next President. . are orchestrating
a paradigm-shift(change in world view)to destroy
the "Middle-Class" or"Democratic Gap" everywhere
& return the planet to the feudalism of 1400 CE,
without national borders. Bluntly, these creeps
are trying to undo the fruits of "LIBERTY" Moses
outlined in Chapter 25 of Leviticus - including
his admonition to reinvent a middle-class after
7 business cycles of 7 years; you know what I'm
talking about, the "Jubilee" year. I invite you
to re-examine the story of "Ahab & Jezebel;" a
"perchance arrow" did Ahab in, & Jezebel's body
was eaten by dogs in the street. All because
they coveted their neighbor's vineyard. . .
As MIT's Noam Chomsky has been lecturing all
over the world, the income-inequality in the
U.S. (as well as the rest of the world) is more
than it was in 1920 which anticipated WWII.
Google the "GINI COEFFICIENT," and that might
help you understand we're on the precipice.
However, NOT TO WORRY; the vast majority of
Americans still believe The Christ (a personna
of God)will return to lead America to come to Israel's defense when you are attacked by the
real bad guys (Russians & Chinese). Christians
are really "Quixotic" bunch, come to think of
it. Consider, we see The God, who came in the
flesh as a Jew; and, you know that "even a whale can't stomach a Jew." PUN INTENDED - GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR.


Frank Joseph Brown, MD

Posted by: Frank Joseph Brown at January 12, 2009 11:46 AM

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