Warning of a Palestinian terrorist attack against Sarit Hadad, Israel's representative to the Eurovision song contest

The Eurovision Song Contest Online site (www.eurosong.org.uk) reports that Sarit Hadad, Israel's representative to the Eurovision song contest, has been warned that she is the target of a Palestinian terrorist attack.

Sarit Hadad in "Light a Candle"

Dozens of European countries participate in the Eurovision contest - each country presents one song which can be sung in any language (many countries present songs sung in English). Sarid will sing "Ligh a Candle", and half of the lyrics are in Hebrew, while the other half is in English.

Each country has one judge that votes for the songs he/she likes best. Points are assigned to the favorite songs, but the judge cannot vote for his/her own country. Israel represented by Dana International, an Israeli transexual, won the contest in 1998.

I hope Palestinian terrorists are not succesfull in their attempt to hurt Sarit Hadad, she's just trying to sing for crying out loud!

To see the "Light a Candle" video, click here.
To see the list of all countries represented in the Eurovision contest this year, click here.

I copy the ful article below.

Sarit is warned of possible protest action

Anti-Israeli groups have made it known they intend to protest against Israel's participation in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest, prompting tight security around the delegation.

Sarit Hadad has been informed that she is a target for a possible terrorist action from a Palestinian terrorist organisation or even Palestinians sympathisers.

After checking in to their hotel, a security briefing took place. Security is tight for this Eurovision and no chances are being taken. The Israeli delegation were advised to hide any evidence that they are Israelis or Jewish. Advice included removing any chains, medallions, rings, clothes and not to carry bags with Hebrew letters on them. When out and about the group were asked to avoid speaking in Hebrew.

The Israeli delegation is heavily protected by Israeli and Estonian body guards, but there is a strong concern that someone, even during the live show itself, could try to do something to hurt them. The Saku Suurhall will be combed by explosive experts ahead of Saturday's show as a precaution and there are strict guidelines about what is permitted in the hall.

The IBA (Israeli Broadcasting Authority) has already asked the show director NOT to focus on the audience during the presentation of the Israeli song fearing negative reactions, like booing and flag waving from the anti-Israeli members of the audience.

Adding to their troubles, the delivery of promotional CDs has been held up and journalists were unable to obtain copies at today's press conferences.

Sarit for her part remains calm and professional,avoiding all political questions, insisting she is here to sing and that politics should have no part in the contest. Many fans at the first rehearsals have commented on the performance, singling it out as one to beat on the evidence they have seen today.

Posted by David Melle
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I am a great fan of Sarit Hadad and I am not a Jew or an Israeli. I am actually an Arab and a Muslim. You guys are just a bunch of paranoids. Sarit is such an amazing person and she speaks and sings with a voice of peace. She even sang in arabic and has an album in arabic: "Sarit Hadad Sharaa beAravit". No ones care whether Sarit is Jewish or Israeli. What we care is that she is a good person and has a beautifull voice and we all know that she speaks for peace. She is one of the few Middle Eastern artists who talks and represents peace between our people. Who ever tries to do anything to Sarit hadad because she is a Jew or Israeli is an idiot and know nothing of life. It is an honor for Israel and the world that Sarit hadad will perform at the Euro-vision. As an Arab, I never thought to dislike Sarit just because of her religion and nationality. There are many good Israelis and Jews in this world and its time for us to love and understand each other instead of creating hate! Stop this paranoia and thinking that everyone is against Israel and the Jews. With web site such as those where you create a situation of tension and suspicion for your fellow jews, the only thing you do is to create hate.

An Arab fan of Sarit Hadad!!!!!!!!!!

Shalom leKol Olam!!!!! IVRIT VE ARAVIT!!!!!!

Posted by: PARANOIA at June 30, 2002 07:42 PM

Hello Arab fan of Sarit Hadad,

Thanks for not hating all of the Israelis and Jews, that's great!

I'm sorry if you didn't like article and called me a "paranoid" - but I got the article from a British Site www.eurosong.co.uk.

CNN, the BBC, and Reuters also commented on the threat on Sarit's life - I'm not just making it up because of my "paranoia".

>There are many good Israelis and Jews in this
>world and its time for us to love and understand
>each other instead of creating hate!

Yes, I agree! Please tell that to the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, and Arafat's terrorist groups, including the Al-Aksa brigades. Next time they are ready to deliberately murder unarmed Israeli women and babies, please tell them politely to love and not hate.



Posted by: David Melle at June 30, 2002 09:36 PM

Hey. I'm a Saudi Arab student and I'm looking eagerly to see Israel as soon as I can. I respect all the Israeli people and I know that this wave of hate will come soon to an end. we will return to our peaceful roots and live together with love and compassion. Jews and Muslim Arabs lived on this land and they respected each other. The recent situation is not the base of our historical relationship. In fact it's just a temporar thing. Pray with me that this will end soon. Amen. See you all in Khobar soon. You will be honorable guests to all of us.
A. A. Joffe

Posted by: Abdus-Salam A. Joffe at July 1, 2002 12:40 PM

Hello Abdus-Salam,

Thanks for your note. Your moderate words bring hope to everyone that someday there will be peace in Israel and the Middle East.

Unfortunately, your government, Saudi Arabia, seems to be playing a double game, similar to Arafat's.

On the one hand Saudi Arabia is America's friend, and students and Saudis like you are fine people.

On the other hand there are practically no women rights in Saudi Arabia, a few female Saudi professionals who in 1991 drove cars as a sign of protest mostly ended up arrested and jailed. Furthermore I am extremely sad that the Saudi government finances the Palestinian genocide bombers that kill unarmed Israeli civilians, including babies.

For more information check

Saudi Arabia finances Palestinian genocide bombers

Thanks for your words,

David Melle

Posted by: David Melle at July 1, 2002 06:36 PM

Hey, I'm Lela and it might surprise you but I'm Armenian from country Georgia. When I heard Sarit's songs I nearly went nuts. I love it!!! And about the hate thing I wouldn't care if she was a Turk (because of the Armenian Genocide) I would still like her because it doesn't matter what religion or nationality she is, to me, she has the best voice and even though I don't understand jewish (my cousin translates them to me) i love the music and her voice!!! And about jewish people, they are the greatest, once they get to know you they stick with you in good times and bad. Especially when jewish people are Gods chosen people and they are blessed. Sarit you have a great talent hopefully everyone sees that or someday will see it!! And to those racist people, I just want to say that you guyz love yourselves too much you should try to love others too. LOL LATZZZZZ!!

Posted by: Lela at April 30, 2003 07:27 PM

Soy un fan de Sarit Hadad en Argentina. Hago mis votos para que finalmente la paz triunfe en esa zona del planeta tan castigada. Saludos a todos.

Posted by: Gregorio Samsa at July 3, 2003 01:07 PM

hi all you fans are the best but iam better

Posted by: sarit hadad at July 5, 2003 09:52 PM

i am really sorry that was my little brother tyeping i also like sarit hadad
she rules .

Posted by: big sister at July 5, 2003 10:02 PM

Hello, Shalom Alechem.

I'm not jewish. I'm christian from Chile, in South America, but I like very much the Middle Eastern music, specially sephardic singers like Ofra Haza and Ishtar (my favorites), and arab like Amr Diab, Mustafa Al Amar and Abdelli. I don't know to Sarit, but I will down her music through internet, because is difficult in Chile buy israeli music.

Please brothers, no more war. Artists like Sarit, Ishtar and Ofra are the best example of the great union between arabic and hebrew people.

A great hug to all, from Chile.

Salam Aleykum, Hasta Pronto.

Posted by: JORGE at August 20, 2003 10:51 PM

I'm 18 years old in Texas. I am a Jew and an Israeli, and a guy I STILL love Sarit Hadad. Music is such a beautiful thing. It brings us together and Sarit Hadad has the most beautiful voice next to Ofra Haza I have ever heard, and she is gorgeous. I also have her one Arabic CD. IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. She has no accent when she sings arabic and it is so beautiful. I love the Aravic language. It is almost just like Hebrew. I dream of a day when my kids can play with kids in the arab world and not have to worry at all about extremiists who hate you or are scared of you beacause of your religion and nationality. They wouldn't even be able to differentiate between a Jew and an Arab. Too bad most of the Arab world has been brainwashed. Especially the kids. But it's not their fault and maybe one day this will all end inshAlla. and everyone in the region will be happy little clams who eat hummus and smoke nargila!!!

Posted by: Josh at March 9, 2004 07:28 PM

هاى ست ساريت انا حمدى انا ما شفت اى حفلة ليكى قريبا

مع الا سلا مة

Posted by: hamdy at September 18, 2004 05:43 PM

Ma shlomekh?
Sarit Hadad is the best.I love her songs.I also love Dana International and many Arabic singers.(I know them from the net).They are all wondrful and the are the best.
I love all people and I respect everyone.It doesn't matter to me whether you're a Jew or Israeli.I am wishing you all the best and I hope you all succeed.

Posted by: Sarah Khalaf at September 26, 2004 05:32 AM

hi sarit ani ohevet otkha arbih arbih

Posted by: mounia at October 11, 2004 08:02 AM

I am an american christian. i love both israeli and arabic music. I also love th hebrew and arabic language!

I hope that someday, jews, christians, and muslims can all sit around a big table and laugh,cry, sing, eat, and dance together. Ive met some very cool arabs,palestinians, and israelis in my travels. Some of whom are my best friends even today and we would die for one another without thinking.

Please pray with me for peace. Please allow our children and grandchildren experience the joys and blessings that comes from unity with all mankind:)



Posted by: Cece at November 10, 2004 04:17 PM

hi i am musilm but i am biggest fan of sarit hadad and i dont like what those guys do really that's sucks i hope she always be fine and make a great albums
best of luck for her and thank's for the news guys

Posted by: at February 9, 2006 09:18 PM

I'm a jew and Israeli and I love Sarit Hadads music she is a awesome singer. I've been to all her concerts and she came to my party when I turned 13 I took a picture of her and me together. She gave me her autograph she is the best!!!!! LONG LIVE SARIT HADAD PEACE TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Boris at April 8, 2006 09:27 AM

Hello everybody,

I'm a Russian Canadian, and I'm a great admirer of Sarit Hadad. I am looking forward to go to Israel and meet people like her. I think Hamas has no clue how to appreciate good music, not to mention human lives. How I crave for peace and safety, and freedom from all bias!

Posted by: at July 18, 2006 05:50 PM

Hello everybody,

I'm a Russian Canadian, and I'm a great admirer of Sarit Hadad. I am looking forward to go to Israel and meet people like her. I think Hamas has no clue how to appreciate good music, not to mention human lives. How I crave for peace and safety, and freedom from all bias!

Posted by: Olga [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 18, 2006 06:24 PM

Hello, just want to say, am sorry for Sarit, i hope all the best for her, i wish her all peace and joy in her life, am an orthodox christian, but my feeling is with her. When i see in her eyes, i feel as she is my sad sister, god ay protect her forever, amin, and yes i love all your songs.Peace!

Posted by: Makedon Lion at December 16, 2006 05:29 AM

Hi.. im muslim from bahrain.. and i like sarit hadad and love her songs, And i hope her to be fine in her contry israel, we like her song because she is respected women.

God bless her and israel from terrorist attack.


Posted by: Hassan at June 24, 2007 05:21 PM

Hi! I am Jewish of Cavcasi origin as Sarit Hadad! She comes from a beautiful Jewish community of Caucaus called Mountain Jews, who escaped persecution into Mountains and we are discendants of Persian Jews! I am proud of Sarit Hadad and I am sick and tired of hearing negative publicity about her!!!

Posted by: Esther at November 28, 2010 05:33 PM

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