Noa Shlomo, 18, killed by a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber

Faces of the Victims has published the story of Noa Shlomo, 18, who was killed by a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber on April 10, 2002.

Noa Shlomo, 18, killed by a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber

Noa was the niece of Israel's Ambassador to the U.N., Yehuda Lancry. She graduated from the Amal high school, majoring in film and television. She also was a member of the school dance group, and had received an award for her photography skills.

May God bless her memory. I copy the full article below.

Noa Shlomo

April 10, 2002 - Apr 10, 2002 - Border Police Lance Cpl. Noa Shlomo, 18, of Nahariya was one of eight people killed in a suicide bombing on Egged bus #960, en route from Haifa to Jerusalem, which exploded near Kibbutz Yagur, east of Haifa.

The express route bus had left the new Haifa Bay bus station at 7:00 AM. The suicide bomber, from the Jenin refugee camp, boarded the bus wearing IDF fatigues and carrying an army conscript bag in order to avoid drawing attention. Just after passing the Yagur junction, he detonated his explosives belt, killing 8 and wounding 22.

Like her friend Keren Franco, Noa Shlomo was drafted into the Border Police four months ago, and only last week finished her training. Her first posting was at the Allenby Bridge on the Jordanian border. She was on her way there when both girls were killed.

Noa, the niece of Israel's Ambassador to the UN Yehuda Lancry, was raised in Nahariya. She graduated from the Amal high school, majoring in film and television. She also was a member of the school dance group, and had received an award for her photography skills.

Lance Cpl. Noa Shlomo will buried in Nahariya. She is survived by her parents, Yossi and Fanny, and two older sisters, Inbal and Yael.

Posted by David Melle
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This is so tragic. A young girl has been murdered because of fanatics who are brainwashed into thinking killing innocent people is a religious act. Given the outrageous attacks against innocent jewish people in Israel and abroad, I think Israel has showed remarkable restraint in not retaliating in an equally barbaric fashion.

It ticks me off that some people close their eyes to these murders while condemning Israel for defending its people through measured military responses. They choose not to see that everytime Israel comes to the peace table, terrorists sabotage the peace process.

As long as terrorists continue to attempt to destroy Israel, how can peace be possible? That is what I see as the central problem in all of this.

Posted by: Bob Boyd at May 25, 2002 08:41 AM

Hi Bob,

I think you are right: you have correctly defined the central problem in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Unfortunately, Arafat and the Palestinians do not really want peace. Their current tactics of homicide/suicide bombings will not work, and all of those that support the Palestinians (and therefore terrorism) should think twice - it is not the way to peace.

I tried to find a pro-Palestinian site that supports the two state solution: peace between Israel and an independent Palestinian state. Unfortunately I didn't find one: all Palestinian sites were for a Palestinian state INSTEAD of Israel, and not alongside her.

There will only be peace when the Palestinians accept Israel's right to exist and abandon their terrorist attacks.


Posted by: David Melle at May 25, 2002 04:21 PM

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