Iman of the Mosque of Mecca calls Jews "pigs and monkeys"

The Fox News Channel ( reports that the Iman of the Mosque of Mecca in Saudi-Arabia called Jews "pigs and monkeys".

Even though Islam no longer has a caliph a figure of eminence like the Catholic Pope the imam of the mosque of Mecca would seem to come close.

After calling Jews "pigs and monkeys", he took after the West in general:

"Their course is supported by the advocates of credit and worshippers of the Cross, as well as by those who are infatuated with them and influenced by their rotten ideas and poisonous culture among the advocates of secularism and Westernization.

I copy the full article below.

Saudi Arabia: Time to Draw a Line in the Sand
By John Gibson - June 4, 2002,2933,54437,00.html

There's more trouble out of Saudi Arabia, this time from Sheik Abd-al-Rahman al-Sudays, the imam of the Mosque of Mecca Islam's holiest shrine.

Al-Sudays spoke on the Saudi television network, which is beamed worldwide to hundreds of millions of Muslims, about what seems to be imminent war between Muslims and Hindus over Kashmir.

Even though Islam no longer has a caliph a figure of eminence like the Catholic Pope the imam of the mosque of Mecca would seem to come close.

So this is one of Islam's big guns speaking. Maybe it's just force of habit, but he couldn't bring himself to ratchet back the rhetoric or to lay off bashing the West. Instead, he incited millions of young Muslims to hate America, the Jews... and for good measure, the Hindus.

"The idol-worshipping Hindus indulge in their open hatred against our brothers and sanctities in Muslim Kashmir, threatening an imminent danger and a fierce war in the whole Indian subcontinent," he said.

Well... they are on the verge of war, so maybe a little hyperbole is to be expected.

After calling Jews "pigs and monkeys", he took after the West in general:

"Their course is supported by the advocates of credit and worshippers of the Cross, as well as by those who are infatuated with them and influenced by their rotten ideas and poisonous culture among the advocates of secularism and Westernization."

You've no doubt heard reports about the CIA missing all sorts of pre-Sept. 11 clues and indicators that the worst was about to happen, but you have to wonder if anybody could possibly have realized how murderously committed these young hijackers were.

In order to realize how much trouble we were in, you would have to had taken the rantings of these bearded imams seriously. We didn't then, but now we do.

We know that the imam of Mecca is inciting millions, if not hundreds of millions of young Muslims, to sneak into Western societies and do their best to vaporize the non-believers.

This stuff goes out to the world on state-sponsored Saudi satellite television, and we're supposed to be their friends? We're the ones who fund their high life, buying the goop from under their deserts which would be useless if we had not built an entire world economy on it.

Why do we protect these Saudis? Why do we enrich them? Why do we kowtow to their robed potentates? Why do we let them wander among us? It's time for us to draw a line in the sand.

That's My Word.

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Posted by David Melle
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You jews ARE "pigs and monkeys", and the sooner the Palestinians all their land libertae and jewish swine vermin exterminate , the better. You jews too much world opinion control and distort it to portray yourselves as victims. The sooner a virus that targets and kills juden is developed and shipped the better. Das Welt - Judenfrei, bitte. You are a filthy, inbred race, that has caused havoc throughout the history of the world and the quicker to all you swine death comes, the besser will it be. Stinking Schwein!

Posted by: Karel Z Petelczyc at August 26, 2002 08:35 PM

I think the problem is that the Muslim world is strictly limited by faith and dogma to the boundaries of the Quran.

As the QURAN is interpreted literally - ALL OF IT - as being directives from Allah, this means that the old hatreds never get to die but must be continually resurrected to explain difficulties experienced today. The Quran never blames devout Muslims for anything, does it? Everything is excused, murder, robbery, lying, rape, betrayal of all kinds -- if it can be seen as 'benefiting' Islam.'

So some other scapegoat must be found -- and must be found in the Quran'

Posted by: Therese at March 20, 2003 11:32 AM

i dunno why jews are hated all over the world. jews are NOT the problem of this world. it is likely hatred of jews (and hindus, etc) is the problem of this world. if jews WERE pigs and monkeys would god not have made them animals? jews are human and deserve respect. they have been victims for thousands of years. world war 2 is the one of the major ones, but thousands of years ago still jews were still persecuted. it is mostly muslims who do it because it is in their religion, even though not ALL are like that. israel belongs to the jews. that is where judaism originated just like india is where hinduism originated but muslims claim it to be their own. stop trying to take over the world and pay jews the RESPECT THEY DESERVE!!!!!

Posted by: anon at May 17, 2003 03:12 AM

Jews have been persecuted throughout history. Is anybody trying to say that Allah in all his wisdom has made an error?

Posted by: Karam at December 4, 2003 10:20 PM



Posted by: Erik Gutierrez at December 27, 2003 05:10 PM

First of all, the only Palestine before the end of WWI was a Jewish state. The has never been an independent Arab Palestinian state, culture, language, or anything else.
Secondly, the land was divided by UN 181 giving both Jews and Arabs a homeland, and it was the Arab who made war, and the Arabs who lost.
For 55 years the Arabs in the region have been offered a homeland in the region, even by Israel, and all that is asked in return is that the Arabs stop trying to finish what Hitler started.
There is no Palestine on my map, only Israel which is nearly 20% Israeli Arab. The people in the region who chose to live in peace with their Jewish brothers enjoy one of the higher standards of living in the Arab world, while those intollerant of thier brothers languish in thier own self-made hell, stateless, powerless, and in squalor.

Posted by: Ross Magerus at January 19, 2005 04:15 PM

What makes me most sad, is that as a non-Muslim, I am unable to visit what must be one of the wonders of the world: Mecca. I have traveled some is Asia, and had hoped to see the middle-east. Soon after I started to explore the topic, I was dashed to find that non-Muslims can not go to Mecca. I try to keep an open mind, however, I do feel a little hurt, and discriminated against. Perhaps I will be spending more of my trip in Isreal than I had first expected.

Posted by: megaclom at February 18, 2005 06:06 AM

Liberalism in the West along with the oil based economy is the real problem. We should speak the truth...Islam is the enemy of humanity...Islam is the problem and should be dealt with severely.

Posted by: Brandon at April 11, 2005 06:17 PM

First of all, ISLAM IS NOT THE PROBLEM! Islam is beautiful and it means being in full submission to Allah. The real problem is the Jews along with the other white people in America who follow the religion that Constantine made up to end a war between the pagans and Roman Catholic during his reign as emperor. He merged the two together and called it Christianity. Jesus was a prophet sent by Allah just like Abraham and Moses but they decided to make Jesus seem as if he was a divine person and that Joseph is not his father God is. Technically God is his father but not biologically, he's his spiritual father just like all those who submit to Allah are his spiritual children and the original people were created in his image. You can look up "who is the original man" to find more about that because it will take a long time for me to explain it. The Western society has gone over to other controls dominating them and ruining the peace and stability they once had and conforming them to the wickedness that they put into practice. The world should cast out anything that the west imposed on them and go back to obeying Allah not all the false gods now worshipped that will solve the problem!!!!!!

Posted by: Brianna at March 10, 2008 08:52 AM


Believe me or not. Besides all the propaganda, neither Qur'an nor Bible and Torah allows anything thing inhuman.

I personally read all the three and found that none of them allows their believers to kill the non-believers.

I believe that we can live with peace and make the world a heaven with our own beliefs.

All the three Abrahamic religions supports each other. Even though Torah and Bible have multiple versions nowaday, but you can found supporting prophecies in all the three books.

It's really painful that majority of us is infected by our lords who are using religion as a weapon of war & occupation.

Good bless all of us.

Posted by: at December 11, 2009 11:47 PM

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