Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

The Jerusalem Post ( has a feature called "This day in Jewish History". For August 24, it says:

This day in Jewish History

1349: Some ten thousand Jews are massacred during riots in two of the largest communities of Germany - Mainz and Breslau.

1613: The Jews of Frankfurt, Germany who were waiting for almost a year for their fate to be decided, are allowed to leave but without any property. One thousand three hundred and eighty left.

I have created a link to the "This day in Jewish History" feature in the right side bar - it is a good reminder on why Jews need a State of their own. We are tired of being crushed, killed and converted by force by those who hate us.

Anyone who is against Zionism, is simply anti-Semitic. If you allow all people and religions, including for example the Italians, Irish and French or the Christians and the Muslims to have their own national movements, but at the same time you refuse to give this right to Jews, you are anti-Semitic.

Posted by David Melle
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The Italians, French, Irish, and most Muslims base their national movements and their right to live where they do on the fact that they have always lived in their respective homelands.

Not so with the zionists. When Israel was founded, zionists based their claims to its legitimacy on divine right, quotations from religious texts, and the dubious assertion that since their ancestors lived there millenia before, they have the right to, regardless of the lack of any contemporary heritage within that land.

Although it is true that some muslims, "muslim zionists" if you will, also use the above three tactics to claim their legitimacy, they also have the advantage of living and having lived there to bolster their legitimacy.

I believe that the legitimacy of a people to live somewhere is based on their having lived there continously and on there being a contemporary connection to their homeland. That does not make me an anti-semite.

Zionists base their legitimacy on divine right, and I believe that people who do that are wrong. If I were to believe that that is only wrong when done by jews, I would be an anti-semite.
But since I believe, as do most anti-zionists, that claiming divine right is never legitimate, you have no right to call me an antisemite.

Posted by: broy at November 13, 2002 06:56 PM

>When Israel was founded, zionists based their claims to its legitimacy on divine right, quotations from religious texts

That is simply a lie - Zionism is a political movement that started at the end of the 19th century that simply defined the fact that Jews, like any other nation, have the right to a State of their own. Check out this whole site, which is very pro-Zionist, and show me one page that bases its arguments on religious beliefs.

>But since I believe, as do most anti-zionists, that claiming divine right is never legitimate, you have no right to call me an antisemite.

You attack Zionism by saying that Jews are claiming a divine right. Again, that's wrong - as a Zionist I don't claim any divine right. I claim a right to exist in peace, I claim a right to have a country of my own, I claim a right to defend myself against racist a**holes that wish to destroy my State and kill me, my family and my friends.

Since 70 AC when the Romans kicked out the Jews out of the land of Israel, there has always been a Jewish presence there.

Now, let's forget for a second the history. Today, there are 5 million Jews in the State of Israel, and they are the overwhelming majority (80%) of her citizens - see the Stats page for details.

Why not accept the State of Israel and this Jewish presence and ask for peace?

Instead, as an anti-Zionist, you call for the destruction of the State of Israel. Maybe you, like some of your Arab/Muslim anti-Zionist friends, also call for the genocide of all Jews that refuse to leave.

You hate the fact that these Jews (Zionists) stand up for themselves and fight back. You hate the fact that these Jews (Zionists) now have a State of their own and will not abandon it so easily.

You don't criticize dozens of other national movements that are much bloodier and not as legitimate as Zionism and the State of Israel. You don't criticize dozens of countries that were created based on immigration with no link whatsoever between the immigrants and their new homeland.

Yet you are an "anti-Zionist", someone who thinks that Zionism, a political movement which calls for the freedom of Jews, is wrong and should not exist.

You are nothin but a racist, full of hate and contempt for those Jews (Zionists) that have decided they will fight back and create a haven for their own.


Posted by: David Melle at November 13, 2002 07:26 PM

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