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September 03, 2002
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England, 1189, 30 Jews are killed in London

The Jerusalem Post's feature "This day in history" reports on September 3, 1189:

Richard the Lionhearted was crowned at Westminster. He was favorably inclined towards the Jews. Unfortunately, he was influenced by Thomas, a Becket who had a fanatical hatred of them.

During his coronation (from which Jews and women were banned), Baldwin, the Archbishop of Canterbury, convinced Richard not to accept presents from Jewish dignitaries and to evict them from the palace. The crowd took it to mean that the king encouraged persecution of the Jews, and they began rioting against the Jews in London that same day.

The riots soon spread to Norwich, Dunstable and Stamford. In London 30 Jews were killed including Rabbi Jacob of Orleans, a pupil of Rabbenu Tam. Richard did his best to protect the Jews - as long as he was in England.

This day also marked the beginning of the Third Crusade in England under the patronage of King Richard. England, which had taken no real part in the first two crusades, decided to sponsor a crusade joined by France and Germany.

Its goal was to recapture Jerusalem (taken in 1187) but when Frederick Barbarossa accidentally drowned, Philip II of France gave up, and Richard succeeded only in capturing Acre. The Jews of England were the crusade's chief victims.

Posted by David Melle at September 03, 2002 02:08 AM

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Posted by: Danny Haszard on January 18, 2005 12:56 PM
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