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October 29, 2002
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Petition to divest from European Union States

Instapundit, points out that we should stop supporting states that are part of the European Union (France, England, etc...). He links to a petition that reads:

To: U.S. Congress The multi-governmental entity known as the European Union (EU) has a long track record of supporting the terrorist organization known as the Palestinian Authority (PA) and defense of the terrorist leader Yasser Arafat. In its latest outrage, it has pledged 29 million Euros (approx. $28.5 million) to the PA. History has shown us that the money sent to the PA will largely be spent either in the pursuit and/or encouragement of terror or to personally enrich Arafat and his cronies.

With the United States having declared war upon global terror, it is inappropriate for citizens of the United States to support a group that supports terror. We hereby urge corporations headquartered in the USA to divest themselves of their holdings in the nations of the EU and for the United States government to use all political pressure to force the EU to abandon its terrorist ally.

Here are a few examples of European support for Palestinian terrorism:

Palestinians schoolbooks are racist and teach hate and violence (All Palestinian schoolbooks were printed using European funds)

European Union responsible for the murder of hundreds of unarmed Israeli and American civilians, including babies and children

Why do Europeans continue in their policy of appeasement?

Click here to sign the petition - let's show the EuroWinnies that supporting the Palestinians in their murderous war on Israel's women and children has consequences.

Posted by David Melle at October 29, 2002 05:22 PM
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