Where are the moderate Muslims?

Laura Ingraham from the Jewish World Review (www.jewishworldreview.com) asks where can moderate Muslims be found:

For much of the last century, white Southerners were routinely (and rightly) taken to task for not speaking out against the violent actions of racists. For a time at least, the Klan seemed to be able to lynch and beat black men with impunity.

White Southern silence meant tacit approval to many. The South eventually left its racist past behind, but only when its politicians and community leaders spoke out aggressively against the hateful acts of white supremacists. Silence was no longer an option for the majority, for it became clear that the longer violence against blacks continued, the more likely it was that the rest of the country would think all white Southerners were KKK supporters.

Muslims worldwide face the same problem. In the last few weeks, Muslim terrorists killed nearly 200 in Bali, tried to kill more in Kuwait. But where were all the statements of condemnation from the Muslim "moderate" leadership? I heard not one. This, despite President Bush's oft-repeated reminder to the world that this is not a war against Islam and his visit to an Islamic Center just days after September 11th.

In the aftermath of the attacks on America, Muslims in the U.S. complained that they were being unfairly tarred by the acts of a few extremists. "Islam is a religion of peace," President Bush himself said the week after the attacks on America. Yet just as white Southerners couldn't shake their racist past so long as the Klan was still kicking, Muslims will find it difficult to shake its link to terrorism if al Qaeda continues to strike and Muslim leaders continue to say or do little.

More people are beginning to ask why the burden should be on America to prove to the world that we are a tolerant nation. The more appropriate formulation: after September 11th, the burden is on Muslims worldwide to demonstrate their intolerance for the terrorists.

Where are the moderate Muslims?

If someone finds a site managed by moderate Muslims, please let me know (excluding the brave Iranian students, of course).

Posted by David Melle
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Write something about the terrorist Israel. It was terrorism that brought it into being and it is terrorism that is keeping it alive. You talk about the number of people killed by the alleged hijackers but yo will never give the figures of the Arabs who were killed by the Jewish terrorists.

Posted by: Mukhtar Ali Naqvi at November 23, 2002 11:31 AM


First, Osama Bin-laden and his hordes of Arab/Muslim murderers are not "alleged hijackers" - they are behind the 9/11 attacks without a doubt. I hope they are either arrested, or if they resist, that they are killed.

Second, the definition of "terrorism" is "the deliberate killing of unarmed civilians for political reasons".

That's exactly what the terrorists from Palestinian group Islamic Jihad are doing: they deliberately murder Israeli women and children to get land they lost/left in 1948 and 1967.

Furthermore, I did publish an analysis of how many Palestinians and Israelis have died in the past two years - see:

80% of Israeli fatalities are unarmed civilians, most Palestinian fatalities are armed violent men

It's sad that in an article that calls for the moderate Muslims to speak out, a Muslim writes in support of Arab/Muslim terrorism.

Posted by: David Melle at November 23, 2002 11:47 AM

and it is said that when the moderate christians speak out (even the pope) against this war, they are being called traitors. Moderate muslims do not have to explain themselves to fight with a stereotype. It was the US government who have encouraged the stereotype in the first place. Reactions result from an action. There is a confusuion of concepts. If saddam is not even considered as a muslim for many muslim people, why would his removal be interpreted as the removal of an islamic terrorist.

Posted by: aydin sezer at April 1, 2003 10:01 AM

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