Land for War: a solution to stop the Palestinian terrorist attacks on women and children

After last night's attack by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Holy war) on Jewish worshipers in Hebron that left 12 Israelis dead and another 15 wounded, I was pretty angry and sad.

I listened to Israeli radio the whole night, and heard the friends of the soldiers that were murdered while trying to evacuate the wounded. I heard them cry and I have to admit that I also cried.

This sadness and anger has led me to think of a new solution to stop the Palestinian war to anihilate Israel and her citizens.

If before we had "Land for Peace", where Israel would give back disputed territories to Palestinians that accepted peace, let's now talk about "Land for War" where Israel should annex parts of the West Bank and Gaza every time there's a terrorist attack.

I wrote a long article on "Land for War" - for more details see below.

Land for War
A hands-on approach to solve the Palestinian war on Israel
by David Melle, November 2002

I - Introduction – “Land for Peace”

In the last few years, the basis of Middle East peace talks between Israel and her neighbors has been “Land for Peace’.

Under this plan, as Israel returns disputed land that she gained during the “Six Day War” in 1967 (see the History and Maps pages for details), her Arab neighbors would stop their attempts of destroying her, accept her existence, and live in peace.

To some degree, this has happened with Egypt, and later with Jordan. In 1978, after Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, the two countries signed a peace treaty. The Sinai was over 4 times the size of the existing State of Israel before the “Six Day War” and contained oil fields and resources, but the overwhelming majority of Israelis were delighted to finally be allowed to give it up and live in peace (at least in their Southern border).

In 1994, I served as a medic in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces, or Israel’s army). I spent a few days near Naharayim, land that was given back to Jordan in return for peace. The land in question was named the “Island of Peace’ – allowing regular Israelis and Jordanians to meet near the Jordan River and make peace a reality.

Unfortunately, in 1997, a Jordanian soldier opened fire on a bus of Israeli school girls, murdering seven eigth-graders. That pretty much stopped the meetings and the “Island of Peace” is today only remembered as the place where this massacre occurred.

These “Land for Peace” deals are therefore not perfect: the Egyptian and Jordanian hate for Jews and Israelis continues as shown by the above massacre of Israeli schoolgirls, or the recent publishing of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, one of the most anti-Semitic books in history, being shown today on Egyptian TV. Dozens of additional examples are readily available – see the Terrorism and Anti-Semitism pages

But, this “cold” peace sure beats a war, and Israel’s borders to the South, with Egypt, and to the East, with Jordan, have seen a relatively smaller number of Israeli casualties than before the peace treaties were signed.

II - When “Land for Peace” doesn’t work

There was an attempt to apply the same "Land for Peace" formula to the Palestinian issue: in October 2000, Prime Minister Barak of Israel, with the help of US President Bill Clinton, offered Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat the following deal:

1) An independent Palestinian State, recognized by Israel and the rest of the World (Palestine is not and has never been a country).
2) Control over 95% of the West Bank and Gaza (see the Maps and History pages for details).
3) Control over part of Jerusalem.

Arafat decided to turn down the offer of “Land for Peace”, mainly for two reasons: he demanded all of Jerusalem and the Palestinian “Right of Return”.

The Palestinian “Right of Return” calls for all Palestinians (roughly about 5-6 Million around the world) to enter the State of Israel in its borders of 1948. In other words, instead of becoming citizens of a newly Palestinian State created in the West Bank and Gaza, the “right of return” would create a majority of Palestinians in Israel itself, therefore destroying its Jewish character. Obviously most Israelis will never accept this “right of return” – it goes against the essence of Zionism itself, a political movement that calls for a majority of Jews to live in their own country which allows them to defend themselves. For most Israelis, accepting the Palestinian “Right of Return” is simply the equivalent of committing suicide.

After Arafat and the Palestinian Authority rejected peace, they deliberately decided that an armed conflict was the solution. The major Palestinian terrorist organizations, including the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas and Arafat’s Al-Aksa brigades were given a “green light” to plan and execute their terrorist attacks. Arafat not only backs up the Palestinian terrorists financially and politically, but it is also clear that he’s directly involved in the deliberate murder of Israeli citizens himself, particularly through his Fatah’s Al-Aksa brigades.

Arafat’s reasoning was that Israeli society is weak, and after a few massacres of unarmed civilians, public opinion would turn against its government and demand that it appease the murderers. He would therefore achieve through war, what he couldn’t achieve through peace, mainly the Palestinian “Right of Return” after an international military coalition forced Israel into accepting Arafat’s terms.

Well, Israeli society proved to be much stronger than what Arafat could fathom, and his plan backfired. Today the IDF (Israel’s army) can pretty much move freely in any area in the disputed territories and the hypocrite cries from Kofi Annan and the U.N. are no match to Israel’s tanks and soldiers, and her determination to stop the massacres of innocent Israeli civilians.

Many articles have been written on the cause of the Palestinian and Arab hate towards Israeli and Jews. For some this is due to the “humiliation” the Palestinians suffer for living in the disputed territories. This includes the loss of olive trees, the “disgrace” of having to be the subject of random searches at checkpoints and the constant military and political defeat. For others this barbaric hate comes from a fanatical view of certain Arab Muslims who have started a “Jihad” against Israelis, Jews, Hindus, Russians, Australians in Bali, and basically anyone who is an “infidel”, or a non-Muslim.

No matter what the cause is, we can all agree that this Arab/Muslim hate and racism against Jews and Israelis is real. We can all see that today a majority of Palestinians and their leaders reject peace. They call for the destruction of Israel and the genocide of her citizens. Very often, popular celebrations erupt in the West Bank and Gaza after Palestinian terrorists are successful in murdering Israeli women and children. The only peace they’ll accept is a peace without the State of Israel, and without a Jewish presence in the Middle East.

“Land for Peace” was a good idea, but it died at the same time that Israeli children and babies were deliberately murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

III - Land for War

Contrary to Israel’s leftists, I’d like to present a solution that does not call for a retreat from the disputed territories, which is unilateral move that would probably just bring more bloodshed.

As discussed above, none of the disputed lands should be returned to the Palestinians or other Arabs since not only there’s no peace, but there’s also a deliberate war whose purpose is the annihilation of Israel and her citizens.

Let’s go one step further: while the Palestinians continue to launch their cowardly attacks on Israeli civilians, and start battles that they continuously loose, they should also loose land.

Arafat and his thugs murder Israeli women and children because they know that this is what hurts us the most. As a Jew and as an Israeli, I feel the pain every time I hear about a 4 year old who’s deliberately killed in his bed, or every time 9 children become orphans because their father is murdered by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Palestinians know this, and since the large majority of them, including Arafat, don’t have to face the consequences for these despicable killings, the “cycle of violence” continues (I put “cycle of violence” in quotes, since the cycle only exists because of the deliberate will of the Palestinians to continue the terror – if they stopped there would be no more Israeli reaction).

Human life is at the heart of the conflict for Israelis, while land is at the heart of the conflict for the Palestinians. They call the presence of Jews and Israelis in the disputed territories an “occupation”. For some this “occupation” occurs in lands they lost in the 1967 war (the West Bank and Gaza), while for others, this “occupation” occurs in lands they lost in the 1948 war (the current recognized State of Israel).

Loosing land is what concerns the Palestinians the most. Human life is not really important in their eyes, as we can see by the hundreds of Palestinian murderers that are willing to blow themselves up just to kill innocent people, and the support these killers have in Palestinian society (they are referred to as “martyrs”).

But they hate to loose land to “infidels”, they hate the fact that there is a Jewish, and therefore Western, presence in the Middle East. Let’s then attack them in a way that makes them really suffer: annexing land from the disputed territories.

The West Bank and Gaza should be divided into a grid, as seen below:

Land for War
Judea and Samaria divided into squares

To every square of land in the grid, a number should be assigned – I show 1 through 4, but imagine that every single square has a unique number allocated to it.

Every time one of the Palestinian terrorist groups, including, but not limited to the Hamas (Islamic Resistance), Islamic Jihad, PFLP, and Arafat’s Al-Aksa brigades deliberately murder Israeli men, women and children, a number is chosen at random.

For example, the number “18” might come up. This might correspond to the region around Nablus. From that moment on, the Palestinians living in Nablus and any other city in square 18, have 2 hours to take their belongings and move out of the area.

At that point, the Israeli army should move in with tanks and destroy all houses and Palestinian cities. Palestinians that refuse to move out of the chosen square will be arrested. Those that refuse to leave or use force, attacking the Israeli soldiers with rocks, guns or bombs, will be considered armed enemies. Twelve hours after the Palestinian terrorist attack, the army should then carpet bomb the area. Any presence of Palestinians in the area should disappear, and Israelis should then move in and use the land in whatever way they wish.

When a 4 year old Israeli child is murdered in his bed, I want the Palestinians to feel the fear in their hearts. I want them to realize that they will personally pay for it if their number comes up. Instead of partying in the streets of Gaza and West Bank they will be busy packing their belongings, knowing that at that moment they have lost the land.

“Hot off the Griddle – Number 87!”

Maps with the grid of the disputed territories should be distributed to Palestinians. After every Palestinian terrorist attack, the Prime Minister of Israel should appear on Israeli TV and randomly pick a Lotto ball corresponding to the area that will be annexed by Israel. The Prime Minister could then use expressions such as “Hot off the griddle – number 87!” – Subtitles in Arabic should be used.

The Israeli Government and Army might not make this decision random and the number of hours between actions, and the actions themselves might change. But the idea is to make every Palestinian, and in particular Arafat and his thugs from the PA, face the consequences of the murderers among them.

Two things can happen:

1) The Palestinians continue in their murderous ways. The Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, Arafat’s Al-Aksa brigades continue to attack innocent civilians. “Land for War” is slowly implemented in the whole West Bank and Gaza, until the presence of any Palestinian in the disputed territories is simply something we’ll see in history books. Eventually Israel closes off the borders from Jordan and Egypt, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the Palestinians and other Arab/Muslims to successfully murder women and children. We’ll have peace.
2) The Palestinian population and its government realize that murdering children in their beds is counter-productive. After a few “Land for War” deals, extreme pressure is brought upon Arafat, who in a typical Palestinian fashion, is lynched and hanged in the center of Ramallah. Palestinians elect representatives that wish to stop the terror and bloodshed and accept the existence of Israel. We’ll have peace.

IV – Conclusion

If you haven’t yet realized, I am not being serious in expecting an implementation of “Land for War”. Being an Israeli who respects human rights, Democracy and freedom, I cannot possibly call for such a solution no matter how sad and angry I am.

But my point is that I sincerely think that Palestinians are not facing the consequences for their acts. Palestinians need to understand that homicide/suicide bombings and the deliberate murder of women and children is wrong and counter-productive.

Only then will there be enough internal pressure that will force the Palestinians to stop their terrorist attacks and accept peace.

Until then, let’s continue to defend ourselves and think about solutions.

Posted by David Melle
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I really don't have the experience that you have had, but you're solution is a little drastic. I assume it is meant to be ironic, but I'd like to add that it won't work for the same reason why "Land for Peace" doesn't work.

Like in any social group, the majority of the people are held at the will of the few. Just like in the classroom, the bullies determine the fate of the average joe that just wants to make it through the day without a hassle.

This is why terrorists can't be fought, can't be dealt with, and can't be punished properly the way our current social structure stands.

The Scribe
Medellin, Colombia

Posted by: The Scribe at November 16, 2002 11:13 PM


Thanks for the message - you are right, "Land for War" is ironic.

Before I get inundated with hate messages, let me post again the conclusion to my post:

"If you haven’t yet realized, I am not being serious in expecting an implementation of “Land for War”. Being an Israeli who respects human rights, Democracy and freedom, I cannot possibly call for such a solution no matter how sad and angry I am."

Read the above for the rest.

Posted by: David Melle at November 17, 2002 12:11 AM

Since the "Palestinians" don't actually pronounce the letter "P", could that also be a reason they don't understand what peace means? Maybe they say "feace" instead and consider it has scatological references. Anyway, as either Mason or Horowitz put it aptly, how does anyone make a deal with people who apparently think "moderate" demands would be driving Jew into the sea only up their hips? They took their chances and lost, but the survivors of German paternalis and various Pograms know what it means to lose to the ungracious.

Posted by: Rich at May 3, 2003 09:31 AM

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