Stop the racists from divesting from Israel

N.Z. Bear from "The Truth Laid Bear" has posted an entry describing how some are getting organized to oppose the racist "divest-from-Israel" movement:

Upon hearing that Yale was the latest campus to suffer from a divest-from-Israel movement, I reached out to Yale Friends of Israel, a group quoted as (not surprisingly) opposing divestment.

Last night, YFoI updated me on their efforts: they now have their website up and running with a petition urging their University to reject the call for divestment:

An excerpt from the petition:

"We, Yale University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members who support peace in the Middle East, oppose the misguided divestment petition calling for punitive action by our university against the State of Israel...Calls for divestment are, in effect, synonymous with calls for the dissolution of the state of Israel. We therefore denounce the divestment petition, and appeal to those who signed it to reconsider..."

Also on their site is a list of links to other anti-divestment campus groups, including those at Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard/MIT, the University of California, and the University of Michigan.

If you are affiliated with any of these schools in any way, I urge you to sign the appropriate petition and show your support for Israel. And if not, consider donating to one of the sponsoring groups --- or at least, drop them a message of support.

This "divest-from-Israel" movement is racist and anti-Jewish. There are dozens of hotspots around the World - just a couple of days ago Muslim fanatics murdered 50 people in Nigeria in one day because of an article that was published in a local newspaper mentioning that Muhamed might have married one of the Miss World contestants. Over one million people have died as a result of armed conflict in Angola - but do we hear from these groups on a "divest-from-Angola" movement?

The racists from the "divest-from-Israel" movement have one issue on their minds: hostility and discrimination against the State of the Jews. They are rabid anti-Semites, and their pitiful racist movement will go nowhere.

Posted by David Melle
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We probably don't hear about 'divest from Angola' movements because the US doesn't send Angola six billion dollars a year in money and weapons. It does, however, send over that amount to Israel.

It's in the best interest of the US to remove itself from this situation as much as possible, as it will set an interesting and uncomfortable precident. If the US supports the 'we were here first' idea of Israeli ownership, then how will it justify its persecution and genocide of the Native Americans?

If 'divest from israel' is a racist concept to you, you might want to consider how you feel about Muslims and Arabs.

Posted by: Kilgore Trout at November 27, 2002 11:33 PM


>We probably don't hear about 'divest from Angola' movements because the US doesn't send Angola six billion dollars a year in money and weapons. It does, however, send over that amount to Israel.

First of all, the US sends $3 billion dollars a year to Israel, not $6 billion.

Furthermore, the US also sends $3 billion to Egypt, a country which is very far from being a Democracy. Similar amounts are sent to Saudi Arabia, and many other Arab countries.

There are hundreds of examples on Arab Muslim intolerance from the deliberate murder of babies, through the stoning of raped women and the murder of thousands for "Jihad" (Islamic holy war). Do you participate in a "Divest from Egypt" movement? Why not? Maybe it's because you are a racist, anti-Jewish son of a mutant pig?

Your idea of what Israel is all about ('we were here first') is ludicrous. Israel is all about "we wish to live in peace, please leave us alone, don't murder our children".

That said if you attack Israel, be ready for the consequences. We mean it when we say "Never Again!" in regards to the Holocaust.

I am not a racist: I do not hate all Arab and Muslims. I am intolerant of intolerance and I can't stand anti-Semites, racist and terrorists murderers (that's why I dislike you already).

For that reason I despise Al-Qaeda, the Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Arafat and his Al-Aksa brigades, the Islamic Chechnean terrorists, the Islamic Pakistani terrorists, the Islamic murderers from Nigeria.

If you think that all Arab/Muslims are terrorists, than you are the racist.

As for your claim that there's persecution and genocide of native Americans - it brings up the very reason Palestinians and Arafat did not accept peace and a state of their own. Just like you can't move on even after hundreds of years have passed, the Palestinians prefer to continuously try to destroy Israel instead of building a country of their own and live in peace.

They won't succeed - and you won't succeed in spreading your lies.

Posted by: David Melle at November 27, 2002 11:48 PM

Dear fellow David,
You seem to only mean 'never again' when it refers to Jews, not when it refers to holocausts. I think this is an oversight on your part, and I hope you will see fit to correct it upon further reflection.

Posted by: David Corson-Knowles at April 10, 2003 10:03 PM

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