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December 11, 2002
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Grandmother of 15 murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber

Faces of the Victims has published the story of Sa'ada Aharon, a 71-year-old Israeli grandmother of 15 who was deliberately murdered by a genocide bomber from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Sa'ada Aharon, 71 Grandmother of 15 Murdered by a Palestinian terrorist
On October 10, 2002, Sa'ada Aharon, 71, of Ramat Gan was killed and about 30 people were wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up while trying to board Dan bus No. 87 across from Bar-Ilan University on the Geha highway (Route 4).

The bomber, who was trying to board the bus via the rear door, fell when the driver closed the doors. The driver, thinking he was an innocent passenger, got off the bus with another passenger to help him. When they discovered he had an explosive belt strapped to his waist, they gripped his hands to prevent him from detonating it, and shouted to the passengers on the packed bus to flee. Once the passengers were out of range, they released the bomber's hands and ran, for fear that the bomb would go off. The bomber then blew himself up.

Sa'ada Aharon, who lived nearby, had just boarded the bus traveling from Petah Tikva to Tel Hashomer for medical tests when the bomber detonated the charge. She was mortally wounded and pronounced dead at the hospital.

Sa'ada, who immigrated to Israel from Yemen 50 years ago,, was devoted to her children and grandchildren. One granddaughter, Moran (14), said: "She was the best grandmother. We would go to her house to eat and to sleep. She didn't look at all old - she had a pretty face, and always wore colorful scarves."

Sa'ada Aharon was buried in Rosh Ha'ayin. She is survived by her husband Yihye, three children - Uri, Amnon and Yona - and 15 grandchildren.

To send condolences or to donate to Sa'ada's family, please click here.

When I went to college at Bar-Ilan University, I used to take this bus everyday. I know the exact place where the Palestinian murderer blew up - it's near the "Coca-Cola" junction, named for a Coke factory from nearby. Many Israelis do not have any choice but the bus to commute or to go to a doctor's appointment (like poor Sa'ada). The Palestinian Islamic Jihad couldn't care less of course.

To get more details on this homicide bombing click here. To get a list of all suicide bombings executed by Palestinian terrorists since October 2000, click here.

Posted by David Melle at December 11, 2002 03:38 PM

"Genocide bomber"? That doesn't really make sense. Even if the bomber would have supported genocide, this act alone was not one of genocide. Murder and hate, yes.

Posted by: on January 27, 2009 05:17 PM

There was a period a few bloggers were calling such terrorists from Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad who murdered people by blowing themselves up in buses: "Genocide Bombers".

This is in contrast to much of the main stream media who likes to call such murderers: "Militants".

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other similar groups have a declared goal to destroy the State of Israel and murder millions of Israeli men, women and children. Their goal is "genocide".

I wrote to NPR once about the terminology they use and how I decided to stop supporting them for such blatant injustice to the victims:

The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians is terrorism

Sad times.

Posted by: David Melle on January 27, 2009 05:32 PM
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