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December 13, 2002
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In the year 2000, 75% of religious based hate crimes committed in the United States were against Jews

In the year 2000, 75% of religious based hate crimes committed in the United States were directed against Jews.

If you listen to NPR (National Public Radio) and other leftist media outlets, you would think that the majority of hate crimes in the US are committed against Arabs/Muslims.

Ted Belman from Israpundit has a good analysis of the truth behind the numbers:

When Jews are being killed its old news or not even news.

An Associated Presswire story with the headline "FBI: Surge in crimes against Muslims" drew an interesting conclusion from the FBI's annual report of hate-crime statistics:

"Incidents targeting Muslims, previously the least common involving religious bias, increased from just 28 in 2000 to 481 in 2001 a jump of 1,600 percent."

Most major media outlets picked up on this and reported on this highly disturbing trend in American life since September 11, 2001.

But as always what was not raised in the media but which was a key finding of the FBI's annual report:

Of the 2,118 victims of hate crime in 2001, 26% were Muslims, but 56.5%were Jews.

In 2000, there were 1,699 victims of a hate crimes based on religion. Of those, 1,269 (approximately 75% ) were Jews.

In 1999, the numbers are similar, with a total of 1,686 reported victims of hate crimes, 1,289 of whom were Jewish.

In 1998, it was a total of 1,720 victims, 1,235 of whom were Jews.

I don't know about you but I was astounded at these numbers.

One of the explanations for such a high number of hate crimes against Jews is simple: we have to worry not only about the Nazis and the extreme right, but today we also have to worry about the fascist left - double the fun.

Posted by David Melle at December 13, 2002 12:21 PM

Far more people died in the Gulag, than in the Nazi Concentration Camps. Indeed, the Soviet Communists were even more fiendishly savage about how they captured, tortured, and killed their victims.

Posted by: Twin Ruler on December 1, 2003 05:22 AM

Twin Ruler fails to realize the difference between the Holocaust the Gulag. Firstly, only 1.6 million were reportedly killed in the Gulag over the several decades of its existence, and possibly at most 3 million to give a very generous figure to those that may have died and weren't reported. There weren't some tens of millions as Twin Ruler tries to claim across the internet in the Gulag, in fact very seldom were there any more than a million in the Gulag at any one time.
The Gulag itself were forced labor camps designed primarily for criminals, such as murderers. They weren't much different than "chain gaings" in the US, only with harsher treatment, and yes inhumane treatment. There was little hesitation for executions. The Gulag was bad, yes, but it wasn't an act of genocide. There weren't any specific types of people being systematically destroyed. Genocide is the systematic destruction of a people because of their race, religion, or politics. Some 5 million died from brutality, execution, horrifying lab tests and weapons tests, malnutrition, gas chambers, burning, etc etc. The list goes on about the horrible things that happened to the Jews. Hitler sought to destroy the entire Jewish race in Germany. The Gulag was not a center for such actions.
What Twin Ruler may be doing is accounting the millions that were killed by Stalin during the Purges, some 20 million were estimated to be murdered, but nobody knows the true figure, it could be more or less. This could be considered genocide, but this is not the Gulag.
To try to compare the Gulag to the Holocaust is a display of ignorance and an insult to anyone who survived such horrific acts.

Posted by: SMD on June 29, 2005 05:55 PM
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