Racist Government of Saudia Arabia rejects all Jews as tourists

Short News (www.shortnews.com) reports that Saudia Arabia is now opening its borders to tourists from all over the World. Unfortunately this racist Islamic country will not allow "Jews" to get a visa:

Saudi Arabia: No Visas for Jews, Link

A Saudi Arabian government web site has announced that the country is offering tourist visas so more foreign visitors come to the nation. The web site says "Jewish people" cannot have visas. US Rep. Anthony Weiner says this should be condemned.

Before this, visas were only for business, the hajj pilgrimage and visits sanctioned by the state. Under the new tourist visa program, anyone with an Israeli passport or an Israeli stamp in a passport will be denied visas.

Weiner says: "I think the administration should take a hard look at this Web site and decide whether a country that has these policies should be considered our ally." He calls on the US to close its doors to Saudis until they "clarify" this policy .

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The less money we send to racist Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, the less money will flow into Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or Arafat's murderers from the Al-Aksa Brigades.

Posted by David Melle
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You're surprised? If the state of governing in Israel keeps going on, soon they wont let us Jews in anywhere in this world...

Posted by: Lou Pidou at April 9, 2004 09:22 AM

Mr. Pidou,

Racism and violence against Jews existed hundreds of years before the State of Israel was created.

The whole idea of Zionism is that Jews deserve a State of their own precisely because they need a way to defend themselves against such barbaric thugs from Saudia Arabia, Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, German Nazis, or today's new fascists: radical European leftists and Communists.

If you agree with such racist policies by the Government of Saudi Arabia against you and others you should maybe move to Spain - the appeasement policies of the Spanish Socialists would probably make you very happy.

It's easy to blame the victims, Lou, try blaming the racists instead.

Posted by: David Melle at April 9, 2004 09:48 AM

Even racist UAE govt. (so much so for all the Dubai hype) does not issue visas if you hold Israeli passport or have Israeli visas in your non-Israeli passport

Posted by: cruise at June 2, 2006 08:48 PM

I've been to Dubai. It's nice over there. The way I see it, Saudi Arabia and UAE and any country can issue visas to whomever the please. Israel can do the same and not issue visas to Saudis. So can Angola, but no one cares what Angola does.

It is a political statement.

Note from the editor of FactsOfIsrael.com: "Billy Boy" posted a bunch of racist comments in this site. I disagree with the racist Billy Boy - it's not ok for a whole country to reject a race or a religion (in this case Saudi Arabia is rejecting all Jews) and this kind of intolerance is not a "political statement". The comment above by the racist Billy Boy was traced back to city of Laval in Quebec, Canada.

Posted by: Billy Boy at July 18, 2007 10:40 AM

Look, people always say "oh god, it's so terrible what's happening in Israel" but really, if you look at the situation the way that Jews are treated in Saudi Arabia is a far worse scenario. Palestinians are even now given work visas, and permits to visit Israel for spiritual reasoning - many Palestians are paid by Israeli employers. There is continuing destruction of Palestinian homes in isolated incidents, it does not however constitute a plan to demonize and dehumanize an entire race or creed of people - which is the Saudi attitude towards Jewish people. From what I've seen, Saudi television is completely racist.

Palestine as a mandate will always exist as a historical fact, nobody can change that - but the point is that the region formerly known as Palestine is now called Israel and has a Jewish government. The reason why this has been established is so that the terrible crimes of the Holocaust cannot be repeated, so as to provide Jewish people with a safe and stable homeland. Palestinians are also human beings, and many are given work visas and such like, and are allowed to visit Israeli territory to visit mosques and such like. But if one is forced to compare the Saudi regime with the Israeli's, one is forced to admit that Israel prevails in terms of both good governance and good faith shown towards the nations people. Saudi judicial process is seriously over-zealous in the prosecution of those who are generally philanderers. Philanderers in Britain are treated relatively poorly, but in Saudi Arabia, they have their hands cut off. It's not right, and I challenge the U.S. government to demonstratbly show a distinction when dealing with what amounts to a corrupt tyrannical cesspit of demonism that is Saudi Arabia.

Posted by: Kevin Mallen at December 14, 2009 05:43 PM

The fact that the Saudi Government refuses visas to Jews is demonstrably racist. I'm not Jewish, but where I come from, racist and divisive policies is demonstrably unsound in method. Scapegoating Jewish people is not what good Catholic's do; and in this instance I would like to stand up and declare that this injustice by the Saudi Government is another demonstrably racist and vile attempt to demonize what amounts to, in my eyes and people who know what Judaism really is (216 Mitzfah's is a pretty learned moral code), a very well balanced and lovely religion - that is Judaism.

Posted by: Kevin Mallen at December 14, 2009 05:48 PM

um... well im a saudi dude.. muslim too

i had a jew friend named sarah.. man was she cute :).. i asked her how did she and her family get to saudi and she told me that they have (christans) in their passports XD

Posted by: omar jubran at May 31, 2010 05:53 AM

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