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April 02, 2006
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Palestinian "Minister of Foreign Affairs" calls for the destruction of Israel

The Haaretz newspaper (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that the Palestinian "Minister of Foreign Affairs" has openly called for destruction of the State of Israel:

Report: Zahar says 'there's no room for Israel on this land'
Haaretz Newspaper, April 2nd 2006, Link

Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar was quoted in a weekend interview to a Chinese news agency defending Hamas' declared goal of eventually destroying Israel.

Zahar, a prominent Hamas leader sworn into the Palestinian Authority cabinet last week, told the Xinhua news agency that he is certain the goal will be realized, because "there is no place for Israel on this land." [...]

On Friday, the [United States of America] U.S. announced that American diplomats have been forbidden to make contact with officials in any Palestinian government agency controlled by Hamas, whose charter calls for Israel's destruction. The Islamic group's new Cabinet controls every government ministry.

Most Israelis will not agree with the destruction of their State, the only place they have. Therefore this sorry Palestinian excuse for a human being is actually calling for the mass murder of millions of men, women and children.

It is clear that nobody in the United Nations will condemn nor take any actions against this Islamic religious fanatic moron and his Palestinian "government". Israel's war on Palestinian terrorism and racism continues.

For more information on the racist and violent Palestinian terrorist scum, click here. For a list of homicide bombings where Palestinian mass murdering bastards have killed thousands of Israeli women and children, click here.

Posted by David Melle at April 02, 2006 02:16 PM
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