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Fact 97: "One of the reasons that Palestinians refused an independent Palestinian State in October 2000 was the ""right of return"". This is a right that would allow millions of Palestinian refugees to immigrate to the State of Israel instead of immigrating to the new Palestinian State. This would in practive mean the end of the Jewish State and Israelis that do not want to see the end of Israel will never accept the right of return."

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Some Palestinian Americans support homicide/suicide bombers (05.26.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismIsrael Insider (www.israelinsider.com) reports that many Americans of Palestinian origin not only support terrorism but wish they could become homicide/suicide bombers themselves.

The article is based on a NPR interview of a group of Palestinian Americans on "All Things Considered".

"The conversation was chilling. The sentiments expressed by second- and third-generation Palestinian Americans could have come from the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank or even from Hamas members in the Gaza.

NPR's Bradley says of one young man, "If he weren't living in suburban Virginia, he would probably be a suicide bomber."

The boy's father offers, "If his time has come, he will die, regardless of where he is. But at least he will die for a cause. I will live the rest of my life being proud of him."

The next time you see a Palestinian, ask him/her about her position on terrorism. Also ask them if they are for peace between an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, or instead of Israel. I haven't found one that wishes for peace alongside Israel yet.

I copy the full article below.

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Russia, 1905, hundreds of Jews are killed in Anti-Jewish riots (pogroms) (10.21.2002)

Jewish HistoryThe Jerusalem Post's feature "This day in history" reports on October 18, 1905, when hundreds of Jews were murdered by Russians in anti-Jewish riots:

1905: A week-long pogrom marking one of the bloodiest periods in Russian Jewish history begins, spreading to dozens of towns and villages throughout Russia. Hundreds of Jews are killed, thousands are wounded and over forty thousand homes and shops are destroyed in the rioting.

I copy below an article that gives an overview of the pogroms. For all of you racists that send me hate messages because of my support for Israel, hear this: we will never give up the State of Israel - we will always fight for its survival.

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Palestinian terrorists murder couple, their 2-year-old and 1-year old babies injured (08.04.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Palestinian murderers have killed again:

A couple from the Jewish community of Eli were killed last night when Palestinian terrorists shot at their car on the Ramallah-Nablus road, near Shilo, Israel Radio reports.

Their two children were wounded in the incident. The two-year-old child is in moderate condition. The younger child was lightly injured, according to the radio.

The names of the victims have not yet been cleared for release.

This brings the total number of deaths resulting from terror in the last 24 hours to 13, the radio said.

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Both left and right Brazilian presidential candidates are anti-Israel (09.27.2002)

NewsForward (www.forward.com) has an article that describes how all candidates in next week's elections in Brazil are anti-Israeli:

The running mate of the frontrunner in Brazil's upcoming presidential election has a novel solution to the Middle East crisis: "The State of Israel," said José de Alencar, "should move somewhere else."

His rival for the vice presidency has her own opinions. "I am attracted to important subjects," Brazilian Social Democrat Rita Camata told a magazine, "like the contentious relationship between rich and poor countries, the new economic world order, the criminal way Israel behaves toward Palestinians, and Brazil's participation in the globalized economy."

I am Braziliam and I love Brazilian food, music and the friendliness of her citizens, but as a Jew, I am certainly happy I left it a long time ago.

I copy the full article below.

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Arafat wishes to create rogue Palestinian State, born out of war and which will not live in peace (11.07.2002)

OpinionEhud Ya'ari, one of my favorite Israeli political analysts, has an excellent article in the Jerusalem Report that explains why it's important not to allow Arafat and his thugs to create a rogue Palestinian State, born out of terrorism and war and which will not live in peace:

Arafat’s strategic goal is runaway statehood that is not born out of peace and will not live in peace. And in this, he has to fail.

The "road map" for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement prepared by the U.S. and the other members of the Quartet -- Russia, the European Union and the United Nations -- is nothing more than a rough draft for dragging out the real bargaining time until after the offensive against Iraq. Of course, the authors treat their own detailed document with great seriousness, but at this stage, it is too full of verbal negligence and planning flaws to serve as a route to any agreement.

The Road Map calls for Palestinian security and political reform and Israeli withdrawal from the Palestinian cities, followed by a "provisional" Palestinian state in part of the West Bank and Gaza and a final-status agreement by 2005-6. But it displays a dangerous disregard for the effect that continued Palestinian terror attacks, and particularly suicide bombings, will have on the process as a whole.

Today, unfortunately, it is explosives that dictate the course of events, not diplomatic declarations. By choosing to spare the Palestinian Authority from any real effort in dealing with terrorism in the early stages, the drafters of the Road Map are essentially sealing the fate of the whole plan. What happened in late October is a case in point: The moment that suicide bombers were dispatched from Jenin, the army was forced to go back in and retake the city.

There cannot possibly be a situation where Israeli withdrawals and relaxation of counterterrorism measures go hand in hand with continued attacks.

I copy the full article below - like Rudra, my friend from India, used to say: "It's good stuff." :-)

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FBI looking for 5 Arab Muslim men (12.29.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe FBI is looking for the following 5 Arab Muslim men:


The United States Government is seeking information regarding the whereabouts of the individuals shown above.


TELEPHONE: (202) 324-3000

Thanks to LGF for the link.

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Gas masks for Israeli dogs (01.27.2003)

NewsThe BBC (www.bbc.co.uk) reports that an Israeli vet has designed gas masks for dogs:

An Israeli dog -
When Saddam Hussein pledged
"To eradicate 'the Jewish Dogs' from the World'
he took it personally

An Israeli vet is producing gas masks for use in the event of attack from Iraq - for pets.

Dr Rafi Kishon's special emergency kits contain a pet gas mask - available to fit Chihuahuas through to St Bernards - antidotes to bio-chemical poisoning, and tranquilisers.

Iraq fired Scud missiles at Israel during the 1991 Gulf War and Israelis fear it will try to do the same again if attacked by the United States and its allies. [...]

Dr Kishon said he came up with the idea for the gas mask kits during the first Gulf War when his dog became hysterical during missile attacks.

"He took Saddam Hussein's pledge to eradicate 'the Jewish dogs from the world' personally," he said.

In 1991, during the Gulf war, I lived in Israel and attended college. Saddam Hussein fired dozens of missiles at Israel, even though Israel never attacked Iraq. Israel never retaliated but the butcher from Baghdad continued to fire missiles every night, aiming at Israeli cities.

One of the stories I remember was about an elderly woman and her Chihuahua. One night, after another missile attack from Iraq, like all Israelis, this poor elderly lady put on her gas mask. The Iraqi Scud missile hit close to her home and the walls shook - she believed she was hit.

Her pet, a small Chihuahua, freaked out and started running around in circles. The elderly lady also panicked, took out her Atropine shot (an antidote for chemical weapons) and administered it to the undersized dog.

It took a few seconds for the Chihuahua to die... The dose was too strong for the poor little dog - it was made for a human. If the old lady had one of Dr. Kishon's gas masks, her pet would probably have survived.

To see Dr. Kishon's web page, click here (in Hebrew). I copy the full article below.

Update 2/15/03: I have received a few requests from American pet owners who are interested in purchasing kits to protect their pets. Dr. Kishon seems to only serve Israel, so I did some research and found the following site:


Here are some sites that are not directly related to pets, but will help you protect yourself. These sites sell gas masks, potassium iodate, body suits, readiness kits and more:


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Europeans, Jenin and bad journalism (05.24.2002)

NewsUnited Press International (www.upi.com) has published a three part analysis on the media's reporting of the Jenin massacre myth.

The articles show why the European media cannot be trusted, particularly the British leftist publications. America's National Public Radio also acted irresponsibly and continues to give a one-sided description of any events occurring in Israel or the Middle East.

"Alon Ben-David, veteran military correspondent of the Israel Broadcasting Authority and currently a media fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard told United Press International: "A large part of the European media regards itself as not just reporters but as ideological crusaders. They are in the business of journalism not just for the business. They want to do good in the world. They have agendas."

It was also a blow to those who would like to expand National Public Radio's small-scale radio news operation in the United States into a radio-TV news empire on the lines of the BBC or other European outlets. The reporters and editors of NPR appeared far more prone to swallow the wild allegations about Jenin than most of their U.S. media colleagues did.

But the small scale in casualties in Jenin, ultimately confirmed by the PA itself, underlined the remarkable loss in perspective across the European media in both reporting what was happening and then analyzing it. The initial decision of the Israelis to keep the media out of Jenin while the fighting raged does not account for this. The most hysterical and inaccurate accounts and the wildest, unsubstantiated claims came not while the international media was barred from Jenin but after it was allowed in."

For NPR's twisted coverage of the Middle East, click here.
For a response I wrote to Max from Finland who didn't understand why Israel delayed the UN Jenin "fact finding" mission, click here.

I copy the full article below.

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What do Islam, France, the US Democratic party, News reporters and Microsoft have in common? (10.25.2002)

HumorWhat do Islam, France, the US Democratic party, News reporters and Microsoft have in common?

Dilbert.com has published the results of the "2002 Weasel awards". A weasel is defined as anyone who is trying to get away with something. 19,000 people voted in the poll, and the winning weasels are shown below:

Weaseliest Religion: Islam with 32%
Weaseliest Country: France with 34%, with Saudia Arabia in 2nd at 23%
Weaseliest Organization: Democratic Party with 29% of the votes
Weaseliest Profession: News reporters with 24%
Weaseliest Company: Microsoft with 39%

Those 19,000 people are right on target, I'm impressed by the collective Insightfulness. The link to the poll was found at andrewsullivan.com.

I copy the full results below.

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Racist bastard tries to burn down synagogue in Ottawa, Canada (01.21.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe Canadian Ottawa Sun (www.canoe.ca) reports that a racist bastrad tried to burn down a synagogue in Ottawa:

A CHILDREN'S class had to be relocated yesterday morning after an arsonist tried to torch a Jewish community library in the west end of the city.

Firefighters were called to the Jewish Youth Library on Switzer Ave. at about 3:30 a.m. after the building's fire alarm was set off. They found the back exterior wall on fire and were able to quickly douse the flames and rip off the aluminum siding.

"It's an arson," said Ottawa police investigator Mike Haarbosch.

The fire was limited to the back outer wall of the building and was extinguished by firefighters before it could cause extensive damage. [...]

"It's very troubling. It's very, very troubling," said Yosef Caytak, a volunteer with the centre. "If the alarm didn't go off, it would have burned the whole building," he said.

Anti-Semitism, or hate and hostility of Jews, is definitely not omnipresent. That said, try to wear a kippa (Jewish skullcap) around Berkeley, California, or any European city for a month and let me know what happens. Thank God for the State of Israel, a place where all persecuted Jews can turn to when needed.

I copy the full article below - thanks to LGF for the link.

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Righteous Gentile: Polish catholic helps save 4,000 Jews during the Holocaust (12.13.2002)

Jewish HistoryThe Washington Post (www.washingtonpost.com) has an incredible story on Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, ex-Foreign Minister of Poland, who helped save 4,000 Jews during the Holocaust, including 2,500 children:

Wladyslaw Bartoszewski has seen it all.

At 80, he has outlived most of the friends who shared his intense experiences, those miraculous moments of carving life out of the wreckage of war, while risking death.

Twice the foreign minister of Poland, an author and historian, an anti-Communist dissident and ideologue of the Solidarity movement, a prisoner in Communist jails for seven years, an activist in the Polish underground, a survivor of eight months at Auschwitz, Bartoszewski is also the last prominent founder of a movement that clandestinely rescued, hid and smuggled Jews to safety in Nazi-occupied Poland. [...]

In 1940, when he was 18 and about to enter college, the Nazis were rounding up thousands of young Polish men, and he landed in Auschwitz three months after the camp was established. "That beginning of my adult life was in a Nazi camp. Eighty-five percent of the prisoners who arrived did not survive. I was stronger, more resilient; I was younger.

"We were beaten every day with clubs, fists, shoes, anything to break our spirit, our backbone. I was one of the lucky ones: Because they did not hit my head, my skull did not crack," he said animatedly. "When I was released, I dedicated myself to working against such a threat to humanity," he said. "Their treatment of me backfired into the exact opposite of what they intended."

The ghetto in Warsaw was about 840 acres in the middle of the city, surrounded by walls about 13 feet. Access was limited, he recalled, but some people managed to get telephone calls in, and city gas workers who were sent in for repairs brought out news.

Over several weeks, the Nazis deported 310,000 people from Warsaw, where every third resident was a Jew. "Everyone knew what was happening, but not everyone found the courage to counter it," he said during an interview Tuesday, alternating between Polish, through an interpreter, and German.

Zegota was financed by and functioned as an agency of the Polish government-in-exile. It saved and helped 4,000 Jews, including 2,500 children. The goal of the group, he explained, was to arrange for escapes, secure forged documents, find overnight shelters and ensure fugitives were fed.

On Tuesday, the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, the museum's governing board, honored Bartoszewski with a special certificate commemorating Zegota's 60th anniversary.

Many people in Poland hate Jews with a passion (see this example) - Mr. Bartoszewski is an inspiration to humanity.

I copy the full article below.

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Clarifying the current wave of European Anti-Semitism (05.19.2002)

Anti-SemitismI just found an article on the Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) that explains why there's such a wave of anti-semitism in Europe.

Excluding the fact that there are many people who hate Jews, there's also the way the European media and governments have conducted themselves.

"Yet by February, even he was appalled by the French media's unprofessionalism. 'The media', he wrote, 'simply ignore the terror attacks that precede Israel's military actions; day after day, they lead the reader to conclude that Israeli troops are killing Palestinians for no reason at all'"

"Though European governments also pay lip service to Israel's right of self-defense, in 19 months of conflict, there is not a single Israeli tactic that they have not unequivocally condemned.

Closures are wrong and roadblocks are wrong, bombing is wrong and ground operations are wrong, even returning fire when shot at is wrong. The underlying message is clear: In reality, Israel has no right to self-defense – the only country in the world so circumscribed. And if Israel alone has no right to defend its citizens, then attacks on those citizens must be justified."

I copy the full article below.

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70-year-old Israeli murdered by a Palestinian terrorist (11.18.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Yosef Haviv, a 70-year-old Israeli who was deliberately murdered by a genocide bomber from the Palestinian terrorist group PFLP ("Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine").

Yosef Haviv, 70
Murdered by a
Palestinian terrorist

On May 20, 2002, Yosef Haviv, 70, of Netanya was one of three Israelis killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded section of Netanya’s open-air market.

Yosef Haviv moved to Israel from Iraq at the age of 18. Yosef worked as a construction worker until his retirement in 1984.

Since retiring, Yosef was in the habit of going to the Netanya esplanade to meet friends and returning home via the open-air market. His son-in-law, Itzak, said Haviv enjoyed the daily walk to the nearby market to do the family shopping. He wasn’t afraid and always said, “nothing will happen to me.” Miriam Fierberg, the mayor of Netanya, spoke at his funeral and told of his love for the city during the 40 years he resided there.

Haviv was scheduled to attend a family wedding that evening and when he was late returning home, his family began to worry and call local hospitals. Later that night, they received the terrible news of his death in the market bombing.

To send condolences or to donate to Yosef's family, please click here.

For the full story on this homicide/suicide bombing click here.

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Alan Keyes letter of support to the people of Israel (08.14.2002)

OpinionIsrael Insider (www.israelinsider.com) has reprinted a letter from Alan Keyes to Mesora. Title "With the brave people of Israel", the letter touches on some excellent points and made me shiver.

I write to express my solidarity with the people of Israel in this difficult time, and to assure you of what I know you cannot doubt, that millions of Americans stand with Israel as well. We will remember the truth of Israel's honorable record, insist that others treat Israel in light of that truth, and not succumb to the cowardly passions of the moment.

When the European Union asserts moral authority to coerce Israel into a shameful surrender of its just claims, we will remember that many Europeans sat on their hands and did nothing while millions of Jews were slaughtered in the era that gave birth to the state of Israel. [...]

We will remember that Israel acquired the Sinai, West Bank and Gaza not in a war of conquest, but in a desperate and just defensive war for survival.

We will remind the "international community" that territory acquired in a defensive war of survival can, according to universal understanding, international law, and common sense, be retained until a negotiated peace is reached. And we will proclaim the truth that the Israeli people have again and again shown their willingness to put those territories on the table in the hope of achieving just such a negotiated settlement for just peace.

Alan Keyes is a former Republican candidate for U.S. President and a former host of "Making Sense" on MSNBC - AlanKeyes@msnbc.com

I copy the full letter below.

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Survivor of a Palestinian homicide bombing tells her story (12.03.2002)

VictimsEliad Moreh survived the terrorist attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas ("Islamic Resistance") on an Israeli University and she tells her story in the Harvard Israel Review:

On Wednesday, July 31 2002, at 1:40 pm, my life was changed forever. I don’t know how long the turmoil of the explosion lasted—whether it was a matter of seconds or entire minutes. All I know is that from the moment I realized I had survived a terrorist attack, I felt my life had changed. It was a feeling inside of me—probably a survival instinct—that gave me an inner force I had never before experienced. Suddenly, I considered life differently. [...]

But most of all, I felt and still feel revolt. The revolt of someone wrongly attacked who escaped his aggressor. I was put to death and somehow survived my execution. But for what crime? What was the crime of those who, like my friend, did not survive their executions? What was the crime of the 86 people who, like me, were injured that day? And what was the crime of the 600 people who have died at the hands of terrorists in the past two years? What of the thousands of people wounded, and of the thousands of orphans, widows, and widowers who lost their dearest ones? What was their crime? To be a Jew? To live on the soil of Israel, to go to the university, to have lunch? To live, to speak, to breathe? Probably all of these answers are correct. Terrorism stems from blind and gratuitous hatred; it is the enemy of everything that is living and free.

Some people in Israel and abroad place terrorism in the context of the political conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. To place terrorism in any context is to avoid confronting its horror and inexcusable nature. What cause can justify the deliberate murder of as many human beings as possible? What kind of a people could officially appeal to terrorism as a legitimate weapon in their desire for statehood? And this is all the more repugnant given that the Palestinians were offered an independent state in the frame of the Oslo agreement.

There is no explanation for terrorism. I tell you out of my crying body, out of my screaming heart and my wounded mind, I tell you that nothing, absolutely nothing justifies such pain. And no reason in the world can excuse the criminals who perpetrate such inhuman deeds. There are times in history when one has to condemn evil. The facts are so horrible that they do not leave a place for understanding, because to understand means to justify. And I have to warn you, trying to justify such barbarous acts makes you become morally complicit in them.

For more information on the massacre at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, click here. For an article that describes how many Palestinians celebrate such deliberate murder of women and children, please click here.

I copy the full article below, it's well worth the read. Thanks to Shark Blog for the link.

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