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Fact 248: "After the Israeli Army attacked the West Bank Palestinian city of Jenin on April 2 2002, the Western European media fell for the 'Massacre Myth' in Jenin in a big way. Even though the final Palestinian Authority figure acknowledged only 56 dead in Jenin, media coverage in major Western European nations gave credence to early claims by the PA's top officials that as many as 3,000 civilians had been killed in the fighting there"

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Palestinian genocide bombers kills dozens in Paris and London (06.29.2002)

OpinionWell, not yet. Ha'aretz (www.haaretz.co.il) has published a story that describes how terrorists could hit Paris or London, and what would be the European's reaction.

Reporters from Sky News, broadcasting direct from the streets of London, could barely find the words to express the depth of their shock and horror at this pointless mass murder of dozens of innocent civilians: "It's murder! Nothing but insane sadistic Nazi murder!" one reporter exclaimed, holding up with repulsion nails and screws with which the terrorists had packed the bomb in order to magnify the killing. "It wasn't a nightingale that sang in Berkeley Square yesterday," The Independent lamented the next day in a paraphrase of the old song, "it was the Devil himself.

The prime minister's wife, Cherie Blair, her hair messed and wearing a rumpled housecoat, was seen through the partially open door pounding on the chest of a bodyguard and screaming hysterically, "My children! Where are my children! Tell me they're all right! Do something! Anything!! Why doesn't someone wipe out these stinking murderers already!!"

- "I want to make it clear," the [French] ambassador continued. "My government and I deplore the cycle of violence and the harm done to civilians on both sides. But if I may be permitted: I personally feel compassion for those who saw fit to carry out the suicide bombings. How did Voltaire put it? `Although I ....'"

- "You can stuff Voltaire up your ass, frog!" the veteran BBC correspondent burst out and lunged at the ambassador's throat as the screen went dark to the sound of screams and gasps.

I copy the full article below.

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Italy capitulates to Palestinian terrorism (10.02.2002)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has a good article by Nachman Shai, who explains why we should boycott the Italian airlines, Alitalia:

Alitalia, Italy's national airline, does not allow its aircrews to stay overnight in Israel. Since the wave of terrorism began two years ago, the airline's crews sleep over in Larnaca, while their passengers to Israel are forced to make a stupid stopover in Cyprus, a 20-minute flight away from Tel Aviv. [...]

This is a grave case of capitulation to terrorism capitulation that, as so many precedents have taught us, will lead to further terrorism, which will force Alitalia to perform further acts of this nature. [...]

The answer to this outrage, my Israeli friends, is very simple: boycott Alitalia. Let's tell the Italians: as long as you capitulate to this terrorism terrorism we are fighting; terrorism for which we are paying the heaviest price and which we may be blocking from spreading to other countries as long as you continue to land in Larnaca, we are taking other airlines.

Nachman Shai became an Israeli hero during the Gulf war: after every Scud the butcher from Iraq fired into Israeli towns, Nachman would appear on TV and radio to calm everybody down.

I copy the full article below.

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European charities help mass murderers from the Palestinian group "Islamic Resistance" (Hamas) (08.23.2003)

NewsCNN (www.cnn.com) reports that U.S. President George Bush has defined members of the Palestinian Hamas (Islamic Resistance) Group as "specially designated terrorists":

The move freezes any assets that those named might have in the United States and prohibits U.S. nationals from conducting transactions with them, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

The decision was triggered by the bombing [by a Palestinian terrorist of Hamas] of a bus in Jerusalem on Tuesday that killed 20 [Israelis], including six children, and wounded 136 [over 40 children were injured]. Five of those killed were U.S. citizens. [...]

The U.S. Treasury Department listed the Hamas leaders as:

Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the leader of Hamas in Gaza.
Imad Khalil Al-Alami, a member of the Hamas political bureau in Damascus, Syria.
Usama Hamdan, a senior Hamas leader in Lebanon.
Khalid Mishaal, head of the Hamas political bureau and executive committee in Damascus.
Musa Abu Marzouk, deputy chief of the political bureau in Syria.
Abdel Aziz Rantisi, a Hamas leader in Gaza who reports to Sheik Yassin.

Furthermore, once more we find out that European charities are directly funding and supporting the Palestinian mass murderers from Hamas. The U.S. has also identified five such charities in Europe (don't expect France to do anything about these Islamic mass murderers):

The Treasury Department listed these charities:

• Comite de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (CBSP), of France.
• The Association de Secours Palestinien (ASP), of Switzerland, an organization related to CBSP.
• The Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, or Interpal, headquartered in Britain.
• The Palestinian Association in Austria, PVOE.
• The Sanabil Association for Relief and Development, based in Lebanon.

I copy the full article below.

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Former Member of Parliament of the Spanish Republican Left blames European anti-Israel stance on racism and hate of Jews (12.07.2002)

OpinionProche Orient Info (www.proche-orient.info), an excellent French site, has interviewed Pilar Rahola, a former member of Parliament of the Spanish Republican left. She says it all: the main reason Europeans are anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian is racism and hate of Jews:

Pilar Rahola: Since the start of the second intifada, the Spanish press, on the right as well as the left, has taken a particularly aggressive approach toward Israel, an approach that leaves out the reasons for Israel’s actions and tends to ignore the Israeli victims in this conflict. In this situation, a small minority of intellectuals, public personalities—sensitive to the Jewish question in general and to Israel in particular—felt deeply touched by this problem. Outraged by the return of Judeophobia in Spain, we, each in our own way, began to write some articles, to use the media to condemn this situation. And then Oracia Vasquez Real, an important writer in Spain, suggested that we coordinate our activity, that we collect in one work the vision of the Middle East conflict held by fifteen well-known intellectuals. [...]

Fundamentally, this book is addressed to the anti-Jewish school of thought in Spain. The goal of our book is to launch a debate about Judeophobia in Spain. We are convinced that the current view of the conflict, so Manichaean—with the good, always the Palestinians, and the evil, always the Israelis—has deep roots. It comes from an ancient anti-Jewish feeling that exists in Spain and that also explains the history of Spain. This feeling softened slightly after the Franco era [translator’s note: post-1975], but today there is a virulent resurgence of this savage feeling to the point where one can find genuinely anti-Semitic expressions in the Spanish press. In essence, this is a provocative book in the face of totally pro-Arab thinking in Spain, that is completely uncritical of the mistakes of the Arab world in general and of the Palestinians in particular. We want to counter this flagrant imbalance.… [...]

I do not accept the use of defense of the Palestinian cause as a pretext for a new epidemic of anti-Semitism. If Europe had had a critical discussion that did not hesitate to condemn the grave and permanent mistakes of the Palestinian side, if Europe had been more critical of the Palestinians, we would be closer to a solution today. But Arafat enjoys support and legitimacy in Europe which allows him to never miss an opportunity for missing the opportunity of peace. I believe that if Europe had been more critical toward Arafat, toward the different aspects of Palestinian violence, if Europe had been tougher in its statements, the Palestinians would have been compelled to step back from the violence and the suicide attacks

This is a step in the right direction, but I wouldn't expect the synagogue burning in France or this current blatant European anti-Semitism to end soon.

I copy the full translation of the interview below.

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Israeli Rabbi, father of 6, deliberately murdered by Palestinian terrorist from Islamic Jihad (12.21.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismIsrael Insider (www.israelinsider.com) reports that a Palestinian terrorist from the Islamic Jihad has murderer an Israeli Rabbi, father of 6:

A Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist ambushed and killed Rabbi Yitzhak Arama, 40, spiritual leader of the Netzer Hazani community in Gush Katif, as he drove with his wife and six children on the Kisufim corridor road in Gaza.

An Israel Defence Forces unit came under fire after responding to the attack. A Red Star of David ambulance arrived at the scene and found Arama critically wounded, and was unable to save his life.

The Arama family was enroute to the pre-wedding celebration for the brother of Itamar Yefet, an 18-year-old Israeli who was shot and killed near the same place about two years ago.

The Gush Katif local website, Katif.net, published the following preliminary report: "Heavy mourning has fallen upon Moshav Netzer Hazani and on Gush Katif. Rabbi Yitzchak Arama left a wife, six children, and a large moshav seeking their father who ascended today in a storm to heaven. Rabbi Arama served as an anchor and a support for the extended Netzer Hazani family, which suffered a number of losses to terrorist attacks in the past two years, including children wounded by a mortar shell that landed in a clubhouse, and the murders of Itamar Yefet and Mrs. Ettie Fahima".

This is the kind of murder regularly executed by Palestinian terrorists that won't even be mentioned in your local news. Or if it is, it will be heavily presented through a moral equivalency lens: the Palestinian murderer and the victim will be mentioned in the same breath - something like "Israeli Settler and Palestinian gunman killed in Israel" (the "Settler" is the Rabbi who was minding his own business, and the "Gunman" is the Palestinian son of a mutant pig who's only purpose is to murder men, woman and children).

I copy the full article below.

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Jewish Refugees from Arab States (05.11.2002)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post reports on a campaign to record claims of Jewish refugees from Arab States.

A Jewish Habani woman
Ein Shemer immigrant's camp (1/9/1950)

As outlined in the stats page, over 850,000 Jewish refugees left different Arab States after Israel declared its independence in 1948. Over 600,000 came to Israel and were absorbed into the society and became full Israeli citizens and an integral part of the state.

This is in contrast to the Palestinians refugees who never received citizenship or rights from the Arab States that host them. Since the Palestinians also did not accept a State of their own in 1948 nor in 2000, they are still stateless and refugees

I copy the full article below.

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Plus de details sur un nouveau livre raciste publie en France (French) (11.27.2002)

Anti-SemitismIl y a une semaine, j'ai publie une lettre que j'ai envoye aux editions Flammarion. Voici la raison:

En contravention avec la loi de juillet 1949, les éditions Flammarion viennent de publier dans leur département jeunesse un livre d'une adolescente, Randa Ghazi. "Rêver la Palestine" est en effet, sous couvert d'une fiction s'appuyant sur des faits d'actualité, un brulôt d'incitation à la haine, à la violence, au jihad contre les Israéliens et les juifs. Un livre qui, dans le contexte socio-politique français, ne peut qu'encourager les actes antisémites. Élisabeth Schemla, auteur Flammarion, a enquêté et s'est heurtée à un refus catégorique de l'éditeur de se reconnaître une responsabilité quelconque vis-à-vis de ses jeunes lecteurs. Récit et extraits.

Le site Proche-Orient.info vient de publier un article sur ce livre raciste qui encourage la violence et le meurtre:

Dans un premier temps, j'ai lu de conséquents extraits de « Rêver la Palestine », paru début novembre chez Flammarion. Un livre écrit par une adolescente, Randa Ghazy, née en Italie de parents égyptiens et qui fréquente, près de Milan, un lycée classique. Et d'abord, je l'avoue, l'indignation provoquée par ces mots explosifs que j'avais devant les yeux, incitation à la violence, à la haine, au terrorisme, au jihad, cette indignation l'a presque cédé à la surprise, voire à l'incrédulité. Flammarion, avoir publié ces phrases ? Pourquoi ? Comment ? Et tous ceux que j'y connais y auraient souscrit ? [...]

Quant à moi, je me suis alors plongée dans la lecture de « Rêver la Palestine », roman fantasmatique d'une jeune fille arabe en fleur vénéneuse dont les héros sont des jeunes Palestiniens, perdant âme, espoir, souvent vie, dans la guerre. J'en suis sortie horrifiée par ce bloc de haine pure truffé de mensonges glaçants, parce que volontaires. A partir de la page 24 et jusqu'à la fin sans discontinuer, tout y passe : le regret qu'un des jeunes commettant un attentat suicide ne tue que cinq Israéliens, « un nombre insignifiant » alors qu'ils étaient des centaines, et la glorification de ce martyr, « nous vaincrons grâce à toi… » ; la profanation des mosquées et le viol des femmes palestiniennes par les soldats de Tsahal (peut-être lus dans le Nouvel Observateur) ; leur barbarie arrogante et permanente ; la légitimité du jihad exprimée en maints endroits, mais, seule et unique fois où le procédé est utilisé, en caractère gras et majuscules, page 165, elle prend un relief particulier, « Combattez pour la cause d'Allah contre ceux qui vous combattent ! Tuez-les partout où vous les rencontrerez » etc… ; l'antisémitisme fou, « un peuple maudit » auquel dans le Coran, sourate II, Al-Baqara, Allah dit « ô fils d'Israël, rappelez-vous les faveurs dont je vous ai comblés et de quelle façon je vous ai préférés aux autres peuples du monde… » Il [ Dieu] les a libérés et sauvés et c'est comme ça qu'ils le remercient ? En tuant ses fils [Les musulmans] ? Mais ce sont des pécheurs ! » ; d'où bien sûr les pages 140, 141, 142, les plus abjectes de l'ouvrage, dans lesquelles le peuple victime de la Shoah est décrit comme commettant « le deuxième génocide de l'histoire….ils ont décidé de torturer comme ils ont été torturés… tiens, les camps de concentration, non ne les cherche pas du regard, tu ne les verras pas, ces camps sont dans l'esprit des Hébreux qui…recréent les délires d'un chancelier allemand, dans les esprits de ces juifs qui semblent représenter tous les juifs du monde, même si ça n'est pas ça…. ».

N'achetez plus rien aux editions Flammarion et envoyez leurs un message a bgautrand@flammarion.fr. Merci a "Merde in France" pour le lien - je copie l'article entier ci-dessous.

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Je verse assez de larmes pour remplir un océan (French) (09.01.2002)

VictimsLe site IsraelInfo a republie un texte bouleverdant qui donne la parole a Penina Eisenmann qui a perdu sa fille et sa mere tuees par un Palestinien terroriste:

Avec sa tête enveloppée dans des bandages, Penina Eisenmann s'est sorti de son lit d'hôpital hier pour aller aux doubles obsèques dans Ofra de sa fille Gal de cinq ans et de sa mère, Noa Alon, 60 ans.

"L'explosion nous a attrapés au milieu de la rue," dit Penina Eisenmann. "Ce qui me revient c'est que ma mère a attrapé le souffle principale la détonation de plein fouet, elle a été capable de me protéger. Ma fille était si petite qu'il l'a détruite. On m'a dit que le terroriste est allé délibérément du côté des mères et des enfants, cherchant à en tuer le plus possible."

"Il y avait les deux choses les plus précieuses pour moi, ma mère et ma fille," a dit Penina Eisenmann. "Je verse assez de larmes pour remplir un océan."

En parlant de sa fille, Penina Eisenmann a dit que la fillette avait récemment célébré son cinquième anniversaire. "C'était une fille délicieuse, belle avec des cheveux blonds. Elle était très intelligente; tellement, que parfois je ne pouvais pas comprendre qu'elle voulait, parce qu'elle donnait tant d'explications. Sa jardinière d'enfants m'a dit qu'elle participait tellement. Je pense qu'ils [la classe du jardin d'enfants] seront très tristes.

L'article entier est copie ci-dessous.

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Hezbollah Iranien veut exporter les attentats-suicide dans le monde (French) (11.24.2002)

Tsahal (l'armee de Defense d'Israel) a traduit un article parut dans l'hebdomadaire officiel du Hezbollah:

Lors de plusieurs discours récemment prononcés à Beyrouth, Hassan Nasrallah, dirigeant du Hezbollah, a fait l’éloge de la lutte armée des Palestiniens et de la technique des attentats-suicide. Ses paroles ont été rapportées par l’hebdomadaire officiel du Hezbollah, El-Intikad (15 novembre 2002). Nasrallah appelle à propager mondialement la culture des attentats-suicide.

Voici un extrait de ses déclarations:

"Nous percevons les Etats-Unis comme un ennemi de la nation islamique, mais pour le moment, nous ne nous sommes pas engagés dans une campagne militaire contre eux ".

"La nation islamique a recommencé à utiliser les attaques suicide; sans ces attaques, la lutte n’a aucun sens. Le gouvernement américain et les experts aux Etats-Unis et en Israël ainsi que les Géneraux dans l’armée n’ont pas réussi à éliminer la conception des attentats-suicide.

Depuis le sommet de Sharm El Sheikh, ils parlent du démembrement des organisations [ndrl terroristes] et d’attaquer les infrastructures [ndrl des organisations terroristes] et n’ont pas réussi [ndrl à atteindre leurs objectifs]. Nous devons diffuser [ndrl l’idée de] la mort pour suivre la voie d’Allah et des actions suicidaires pour la lutte de la nation [ndrl islamique] afin de protéger notre terre.”

Il faut souligner que l’Union européenne a reconnu le bras militaire du Hezbollah comme “organisation terroriste”. Hassan Nasrallah, dirigeant du mouvement (branche militaire et branche politique) encourage de façon active le terrorisme palestinien contre Israël et la perpétration d’attentats terroristes à l’encontre de cibles occidentales dans le monde.


La France refuse de definir le Hezbollah comme une organization terroriste - lisez "France helps Hizbullah murder unarmed Israeli civilians".

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Palestinian homicide bomber deliberately murders 5 month old baby and his mother (08.20.2003)

VictimsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that in yesterday's homicide bombing, where a Palestinian mass murderer blew himself in a Jerusalem bus, 7 children were killed and over 40 other children were injured. Among the victims were a mother and a son:

Shmuel Tabenfeld, 3 months
murdered by a Palestinian terrorist

Goldie Taubenfeld, 43, and Shmuel Taubenfeld, 3 months, NY

A mother of thirteen, Goldie lived in New Square, an orthodox community near Monsey, NY and was in Israel with her husband and two of her children for a family wedding. Both she and her son, Shmuel, were killed in the attack.

Goldie and Shmuel were buried in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening.

This horrendous act is a major turning point in the two year Israeli war against Palestinian terrorism. This time, we can expect many mass murderers from Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to be arrested or exterminated shortly (and not by Abu Mazen).

I copy the information on all 19 identified victims below. I got the picture of poor little Shmuel from the excellent site LGF.

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Why Israel's war on terrorism is working (05.20.2002)

NewsJonathan Chait from Slate.com wrote an excellent article on why Israel's war against Palestinian terrorism is working. He rightly mentions that before Israel's 'Operation Defensive Shield' started there was on average one Palestinian terrorist homicide/suicide bombing every 3 days (9 in March '02), while now the average has been 1-2 per month (check the Palestine page for the full list of Palestinian homicide/suicide bombings).

"When intelligent people (like the Times editors) believe something so wildly wrong, it's usually because they're in the grip of a theory that helps them to ignore real-world evidence. In this case, the theory is that Palestinians resort to terrorism out of despair."

"The Palestinians may never really accept Israel's right to exist, but they may make peace if they conclude that destroying Israel is impossible."

I copy the full article below, and you may also want to read a similar article: "Why They Fight - Because it works" by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post.

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Life goes on in Israel and Jerusalem (09.01.2002)

NewsJacob R. was yesterday at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair and he took 132 pictures - for those that won't be visiting Jerusalem this week, you can check it out online thanks to Jacob.

One of the many attractions at
the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair

Over the past weeks, the downtown area of Jerusalem has been filled with people enjoying many outdoor shows and fairs. It is wonderful to see the center of Jerusalem returning to a festive atmosphere.

This week's attraction has been the "Khutsot Hayotser" - Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair on the Ben Yehuda Mall from August 25 thru August 31 (excluding the Jewish Shabbat).

Yesterday (August 28) I paid a visit to the fair at 5pm before it started to get crowded. For those of you who will not be visiting the city this week, I have taken 132 pictures of the fair and have placed them on the web. The address of the online picture exhibit is:


It is good to realize sometimes that life does go on in Israel without Palestinian murderers disrupting it. Make sure you check out the pictures, they are great.

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Racist Bastards deface 50 posters of Jewish politician (08.07.2004)

Anti-SemitismCBS (www.cbs.com) reports that racist bastards have defaced 50 posters of a Jewish politician in San Francisco, California:

One of the posters of Heller, a Jewish politician,
defaced by a Nazi swastika in San Francisco, California

Hate Crime Against SF Supe Candidate, Link
Swastikas defaced dozens of campaign posters in San Francisco's Richmond district.

The anti-Semitic symbols appeared on at least 50 posters for David Heller, who is Jewish and running for the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco. The beauty shop owner lost all of his relatives on his father's side to the Nazis.

Mr. Heller said, "I couldn't believe it. I couldn't handle it. I just broke down. I mean I cried. All day, I couldn't handle it. I couldn't believe it."

Heller used the colors of the Israeli flag for his posters. The Anti-Defamation League says references to Israel can set off anti-Semitic attacks.

On Wednesday, Heller's opponents in the supervisor’s race stood hand-in-hand with him as a show of solidarity.

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Israel is winning the war on Palestinian Terror (04.21.2004)

OpinionDanie Pipes (www.danielpipes.org) has a good analysis on how the latest Palestinian efforts to destroy Israel have backfired and how Israel is winning the war on Islamic terrorism:

A day after Israeli troops killed its second leader within a single month, the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas put on a brave face. The Israelis "are dreaming" if they think this would weaken Hamas, announced Ismail Haniyeh to a crowd of over 70,000 mourners at the funeral for Abdel Aziz Rantisi. "Every time a martyr falls," Haniyeh insisted, "Hamas is strengthened."

This sort of boosterism and puffery has a long history among Palestinians. The last time Israeli forces did real damage to the Palestinian war machine, in May 2002, for example, Khaled Meshaal of Hamas announced that the Israeli devastation was actually "a Palestinian victory that lifted the morale of our people." Not to be outdone, Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) claimed that same month, "The more destruction I see, the stronger I get."

These leaders may be fooling themselves by pretending that defeat is victory, but growing numbers of Palestinians are wising up to the bitter realities of losing a war. Their mood has darkened since February 2001, when the prime minister, Ariel Sharon, came to office intent to establish that violence against Israel does not work. [...]

In a word, Mr. Sharon's tough policies have established that terrorism damages Palestinian interests even more than it does Israeli ones. This has led some analysts deeply hostile to Israel to recognize that the "second intifada" was a grievous error. Violence "just went haywire," says Sari Nusseibeh, president of Al-Quds University. An "unmitigated disaster," journalist Graham Usher calls it a "crime against the Palestinian people," adds an Arab diplomat. [...]

As for Israelis, as early as July 2003 the military brass reached the conclusion that Israel was achieving victory. More sharply, Israeli analyst Asher Susser concluded in the Middle East Quarterly back then that the Palestinian effort to break the Israeli spirit through terror "has failed" and resorting to force "was a catastrophic mistake, the worst the Palestinians have made since 1948."

In this context, rapidly eliminating two Hamas chieftains in a row deepens Palestinian perceptions that Israel's will to defend itself is strong, its military arm long, and that terrorism is tactically wrong. Perhaps more Palestinians will realize the time has come to accept the existence of the Jewish state.

I have my doubts on whether Palestinians, and currently most Muslisms, will ever recognize the State of Israel and not wish and act for her destruction.

That said, while Israel is strong and continues her war on Palestinian terrorism, they don't have a choice but to live in reality: Israel exists and is here to stay.

Found this on the excellent LGF. I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian Television teaches hatred (08.29.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe IDF (Israel's army, www.idf.il) has published a report on how Palestinian kids are taught to hate at a young age:

Lessons in Hatred, in Palestinian Schools

A program broadcast on Palestinian television featured young Palestinian girls describing the central role of the armed struggle (against Israel) in their lives.

One small girl described how in her Palestinian elementary school, the physical education teacher directs the game "Soldier and Arabs". The children take various objects and pretend that they are weapons. They use these "weapons" to "kill" other girls, playing martyrs. They then grasp the "martyr" and shout, "Martyr, wait! Wait! Take us with you to Paradise!"

Another child spoke of her 6 year-old brother, who spends the entire day playing with toy weapons. He has revolvers, machine guns, and heavy arms. The girls explained that "The children imitate what they see on television. My brother tells my sisters: 'I am a martyr. You should now escort me and rejoice."

[David adds: "Martyrs" are what the Palestinian call their genocide bombers that murder unarmed civilians including babies and children]

I add such reports to the "Palestinian Terrorism" section since it shows how Palestinians can bring themselves to commit suicide bombings - it is not because they are poor and desperate, but more because their hate overcomes their survival instinct. They are taught to hate at a young age.

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