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 Weekly Fact

Fact Number 98
Over 40,000 Ethiopian Jews have immigrated to Israel

On the 24th and 25th of May 1991, Operation Solomon airlifts 14,324 Ethiopian Jews to Israel aboard thirty-four El Al jets in just over thirty-six hours. Ethiopian Jews are black and Operation Solomon, which ended in 1997, brought an additional 25,811 Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

While I studied at the Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology, I made a few friends who originally came from Ethiopia in 1984. One of them, David, was in my class and graduated with a degree in Aeronautics and Space Science.

For more stats on immigration and Jewish refugees, check the FactsOfIsrael.com Stats page.

Two Israeli soldiers help an elderly Ethiopian immigrant.

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Now that I post daily articles, links and comments to the main page of FactsOfIsrael.com, this section will include a summary of the previous week. Here are the articles, letters, and links that were posted this week:

Palestinian Terrorism and the British Press
Comment on the bias coverage of the Middle East by the British Observer

I will not support NPR/KQED anymore
Comment on NPR/KQED calling Palestinian terrorists "militants"

The UN "Fact Finding" mission
Answer to Max from Finland on why Israel asked for clarifications before accepting the UN mission

The Root cause of Terrorism is Totalitarianism
Great speech by Bibi Netanyahu, Israel's ex-Prime Minister

Texas Company tries to boycott Israel

There will always be an Israel
Speech by US Senator John McCain

Support Israel's war on Palestinian terrorism
Comment on Slate article

Anti-Semitism in the Arab Press
On 4/29/02 an Egyptian Government newspaper published a vicious anti-semitic article

Moral Equivalency?
The difference between terrorism and Israel's war on Palestinian terror

Fake Palestinian Funeral
Palestinians fake a funeral in Jenin - it would be funny if it wasn't so sad

Arafat is (still) a terrorist
More proof that links Arafat to terrorism


Memri.org - The Middle East Media Research Institute

This site is great! Memri.org provides translations of articles and comments from the Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media. Most of the time we can only hear what Palestinian leaders say to CNN and other Western media outlets in English. See what Arafat and other Arab leaders say in Arabic, with translations from Egyptian, Saudi and Palestinian newspapers.

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