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Fact Number 52
Palestinians refused peace and an independent state in October of 2000  

In October 2000, Arafat and the Palestinians received an offer of 95 percent of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, including an independent state, including East Jerusalem as its capital, and including exchange of lands as part of the Palestinian right of return.

Arafat and the Palestinians refused the above offer and decided to opt for a military struggle that includes suicide bombers and terrorists that shoot randomly at innocent civilian crowds.

This week, an interview was published with Shlomo Ben-Ami, Israel's foreign minister at the Camp David talks. In this interview, we learn how Arafat and the Palestinians did not come up with one idea or any counter offer while President Clinton tried to cook up a historical peace agreement. The interview is long, but it is worth reading it. Click here to learn more.  For more information on the Camp David talks, take a look at this site as well.

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Noa Shlomo, 18

On Apr 10, 2002, Noa Shlomo, 18, of Nahariya was one of eight people killed in a suicide bombing on Egged bus No. 960, en route from Haifa to Jerusalem.

 Noa Shlomo, 18, killed by a
Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber

The express route bus had left the new Haifa Bay bus station at 7:00 AM. The suicide bomber, from the Jenin refugee camp, boarded the bus wearing IDF fatigues and carrying an army conscript bag in order to avoid drawing attention. Just after passing the Yagur junction, he detonated his explosives belt, killing 8 and wounding 22.

Noa was the niece of Israel's Ambassador to the U.N., Yehuda Lancry. She graduated from the Amal high school, majoring in film and television. She also was a member of the school dance group, and had received an award for her photography skills.

Noa Shlomo was buried in Nahariya. She is survived by her parents, Yossi and Fanny, and two older sisters, Inbal and Yael.

May God bless her memory.


Here are the articles, letters, and links that were posted this week:

05/26  Akim, a young French Muslim says "Everyone here hates the Jews"   (Anti-Semitism)
The New Statesman from England (www.newstatesman.co.uk) has an article on anti-Semitism and Muslim violence in France. The writer interviews a...

05/26  Petition protesting European's grant of refugee rights to Palestinian terrorists   (Comments)
Just found this on the Simon Wiesenthal website (www.wiesenthal.com): The Simon Wiesenthal Center has officially protested to the heads of...

05/26  Some Palestinians American support homicide/suicide bombers   (Comments)
Israel Insider (www.israelinsider.com) reports that many Americans of Palestinian origin not only support terrorism but wish they could become homicide/suicide...

05/25  72 Questions about the 72 virgins   (Comments)
The Palestinian homicide/suicide bombers from the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Arafat's terrorist groups that blow themselves up are promised 72...

05/25  FactsOfIsrael.com mentioned on Ynet, a popular Israeli Website   (FactsOfIsrael.com Related)
Lorien from 2HaTs (http://reborn-by-design.com/weblog.htm) just sent me an email mentioning that our sites were listed in the Computers Section of...

05/25  Arafat is the problem, not the solution   (Comments)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Israeli intelligence feels that the Palestinian terrorist groups, such as the Islamic Jihad, the...

05/24  Noa Shlomo, 18, killed by a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber   (Victims)
Faces of the Victims has published the story of Noa Shlomo, 18, who was killed by a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber...

05/24  Sharon and Israel showing restraint   (Comments)
The Times of London (www.timesonline.co.uk) has a good article on how Israel and her Prime Minister Sharon are showing restraint...

05/24  Warning of a Palestinian terrorist attack against Sarit Hadad, Israel's representative to the Eurovision song contest   (News)
The Eurovision Song Contest Online site (www.eurosong.org.uk) reports that Sarit Hadad, Israel's representative to the Eurovision song contest, has been...

05/24  Europeans, Jenin and bad journalism   (News)
United Press International (www.upi.com) has published a three part analysis on the media's reporting of the Jenin massacre myth. The...

05/24  Security guard stops Palestinian Suicide Bomber   (News)
Ha'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that a security guard stopped a Palestinian suicide bomber from entering a Tel-Aviv disco. The guard, identified...

05/24  Palestinian Homicide/Suicide bombers threaten us all   (Comments)
With the latest Palestinian homicide/suicide bombings against unarmed Israeli civilians in Rishon-Le-Zion and Netanya, Thomas Friedman's article "Suicide bombers threaten...

05/23  Anti-Semitic cartoon in the Los Angeles Times   (Anti-Semitism)
I just saw a cartoon depicting two Jews "worshipping their God" in front of the Western Wall, the Jews most...

05/23  Why did Arafat refuse an independent Palestinian State in October 2000?   (News)
I just stumbled upon an incredible interview on Ha'Aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) with Israel's Former foreign minister Shlomo Ben-Ami. In October of...

05/22  "Adopt-a-Family": let's provide long-term financial and emotional support to terror victims and their families   (News)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports on a new program, "Adopt-a-Family", that links every Jewish congregation in the United States to...

05/22  Another Palestinian homicide/suicide bombing: Two dead, over 30 wounded   (News)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that there was another another Palestinian homicide/suicide bombing, this time just South of Tel-Aviv, in...

05/22  Video: 14 year old Palestinian kid decides not to become homicide/suicide bomber   (Multimedia)
Israeli TV Channel 2 news interviewed Ahmed Tafiz, a 14 year old Palestinian kid who was on his way to...

05/22  More Anti-Semitism in the San Francisco Bay Area   (Anti-Semitism)
I just saw an article on Israel Insider (www.israelinsider.com) that describes more anti-Semitic incidents in the San Francisco Bay Area...

05/21  Hate drives Miss Lebanon out   (News)
MSNBC.com (www.MSNBC.com) reports that "Miss Lebanon has dropped out of the Miss Universe pageant because she doesn’t want to be...

05/21  Arafat, man of Peace or Terrorist?   (Comments)
Through a cartoon, Ed Stein, from the Rocky Mountain News in Colorado asks us to try to figure out if...

05/21  Israeli survives 1st, but dies after 2nd homicide/suicide bombing   (News)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that one of victims of last Tuesday's Palestinian homicide/suicide bombing was one of the survivors...

05/20  Palestinian Terrorist killed in Beirut   (News)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Jihad Jibril, 41, son of Ahmed Jibril, leader of Popular Front for the Liberation...

05/20  Grandmother of 9, victim of Palestinian Terrorism   (Victims)
Rivka Fink, 75, grandmother of 9 is another victim of Palestinian terrorism. Rivka Fink, 75, Grandmother of 9 Murdered by...

05/20  Security Fence will keep Palestinian Terrorists out   (News)
Finally, it has been decided that a security fence will be built along Israel's borders with the West Bank (see...

05/20  Why Israel's war on terrorism is working   (News)
Jonathan Chait from Slate.com wrote an excellent article on why Israel's war against Palestinian terrorism is working. He rightly mentions...

05/20  America, France and Israel   (Comments)
Andrew Sullivan former editor of the New Republic, frequent contributor to the NY Times Magazine and the Sunday Times of...

05/19  San Francisco Chronicle reprints Arab propaganda   (Comments)
Just found this incredible story: the San Francisco Chronicle printed an article describing how Arab leaders are moderate and in...

05/19  Clarifying the current wave of European Anti-Semitism   (Anti-Semitism)
I just found an article on the Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) that explains why there's such a wave of anti-semitism in...

05/19  Arafat did not come up with one idea at Camp David   (News)
I just read an article on the Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) that goes over an interview with Dennis Ross, who was...

05/19  Attack on a Canadian Synagogue   (Anti-Semitism)
Just found this article on Ha'Aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) about an attack on a Synagogue in Quebec City, Canada. "A pre-dawn explosion...

05/19  Fact 11: Jordan represents 75% of the British Palestine Mandate   (Newsletters)
I have just sent the fourth edition of the FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter. This week's fact is Fact 11: Jordan represents 75%...

05/19  List of Palestinian Homicide/Suicide Bombings   (FactsOfIsrael.com Related)
Since October 2000, when the peace talks at Camp David broke down, there were over 30 Palestinian homicide/suicide bombings against...

05/19  Another Palestinian Homicide/Suicide Bombing: 3 dead, dozens of injured   (News)
At 4:00 PM local time, a Palestinian blew himself in a crowded Israeli market trying to kill as many Israeli...



Ha'Aretz is Israel's third newspaper (as far as distribution goes).  It is considered a publication that supports the Israeli left, including Labor and Meretz (see the Democracy page for details).

Ha'Aretz (which means "The Earth"), has a great english website, and its articles are updated a few times a day.

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