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I'm back from my vacation and I'm happy to send you once again the free weekly FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter.  I was away in Brazil for the past two weeks, and unfortunately I was not able to send the newsletter while on the road.  

I was born in Brazil, and seeing their love of soccer and support for their nation during the World Cup has always inspired me.  I also noticed something relevant to Israel and her fight against Palestinian terrorism this time around: how much Brazilians love life.

Some of them, particularly the black, whose ancestors were brought on slave ships 400-500 years ago, live in shanty towns, in the poorest areas in the world.  While visiting Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, I was amazed at how little resentment they have of their condition, and how happy they were about their Samba, Carnaval, or simply in their support for their soccer team. 

Although making barely enough to eat everyday (and some not everyday), I did not see one Brazilian willing to strap explosives to his/her body and walk into a mall in the rich areas of Sao Paulo or Rio.  I didn't see one Brazilian who thought that killing and murdering the children of the rich would bring them any social justice. 

So much for the argument that Palestinians don't have a choice but to kill Israelis out of desperation.  They should start dancing Samba and think about bettering their lives - creating a State of their own, instead of destroying Israel. 

But I guess that's too much to ask from the Palestinian eternal victims - Palestinians are defined by their hate and wishes of destruction of the Jewish State.  As a Jew and an Israeli, I am today dedicated in making sure that does not happen.

Thanks for being interested in the facts,

David Melle

 Weekly Fact

Fact Number 97
Palestinians and their 'right of return'

One of the reasons that Palestinians refused an independent Palestinian State in October 2000 was the "right of return". This is a right that would allow millions of Palestinian refugees to immigrate to the State of Israel instead of immigrating to the new Palestinian State. This would in practice mean the end of the Jewish State and Israelis that do not want to see the end of Israel will never accept the right of return.

With over 5 million potential Palestinians in the world, having them all migrate to Israel would simply mean the end of Israel as a Jewish State.

I find it incredible that Palestinian society still lives in this dream of the "right of return" - from left to right (excluding the Arab parties, see the democracy page), Israelis across the political spectrum will fight it with all their might.  For me, realizing that this was a peace showstopper for Palestinians was also realizing that the majority of Palestinians still do not accept the existence of a Jewish State in the Middle East and want the destruction of Israel - this is just another way to reach that goal. 

For an in-depth analysis of the Palestinian 'right of return', click here.  For a Palestinian Website whose only purpose is the right of return and the destruction of Israel, click here.

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Hadar Hershkowitz, 15

On June 11, 2002, Hadar Hershkowitz, 15, of Herzliya was killed and 15 others were wounded when a Palestinian suicide bomber set off a relatively small pipe bomb at a shwarma restaurant in Herzliya.

 Hadar Hershkowitz, 15, murdered by a
Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber

The bomber set off a pipe bomb in the Jamil shwarma restaurant on Sokolov Street, close to the Lev Ha'ir mall, around 7:40 P.M. in the heart of the coastal city of Herzliya. There were around 30 people in the restaurant at the time. Hadar Hershkowitz had gone with a friend to the nearby Kapulsky cafe, and was passing by the shwarma restaurant when the blast occurred. She was mortally wounded and died on the operating table.

Hadar was the daughter of Aryeh Hershkowitz, director-general of the Hapoel Tel-Aviv soccer club. His good friend, Moshe Sinai, the club's coach, described her as a diligent, talented and bright young girl. Her brother David (12) refused to accept that his beloved sister who loved to dance was gone.

Hadar Hershkowitz was buried in Herzliya. She is survived by her parents, Aryeh and Mazal, her brother and sister.

May God bless her memory.


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