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Fact Number 113
The IDF (Israel's Defence Forces) goals and directives  

The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) is Israel's army. It bases its actions on the following directives (listed at http://www.idf.il/):

- Israel cannot afford to lose a single war.
- Defensive on the strategic level.
- No territorial ambitions.
- Desire to avoid war by political means and a credible deterrent posture.
- Preventing escalation.
- Determine the outcome of war quickly and decisively.
- Combating terrorism.
- Very low casualty ratio.

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Mogus Mahento, 75
Grandfather of 13

March 20, 2002 - Mogus Mahento, 75, of Holon, was one of seven people killed in a suicide bombing of an Egged bus No. 823 traveling from Tel Aviv to Nazareth at the Musmus junction on Highway 65 (Wadi Ara) near Afula.

 Mogus Mahento, 75, grandfather of 13
murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber

The attack occurred around 7 AM., shortly after the No. 823 Egged bus had stopped to take on passengers at the Umm el-Fahm junction. A few moments later, the terrorist detonated the explosives strapped to his body, blowing himself up and killing or wounding all of those with him on the bus, which was completely gutted.

Mogus Mahento was one of four soldiers and three civilians killed in the blast. He was on his way to Upper Nazareth to pay a condolence call to the family of Maharatu Tagana, a friend who was killed in a suicide bombing at the Afula central bus station on March 5.

Mogus Mahento immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia in 1991, in Operation Solomon. He came from a village in the Gonder region, where he was a locksmith. In Israel, he first lived in an absorption center in Hadera, before moving to a senior citizens' home in Holon. Friends said that he spent most of his time helping with his grandchildren.

Mogus Mahento was buried in the Yarkon cemetery in Tel-Aviv. He was divorced, and is survived by four children and 13 grandchildren.

May God bless his memory.


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07/11  Europen Union finances Palestinian terrorism   (2 - Palestinian Terrorism)
The German magazine Die Zeit (www.zeit.de) has published an article that shows how the European Union is financing Palestinian terrorism....

07/11  Bob Graham, US Senator, calls for bombing of terrorist camps in Syria   (3 - News)
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07/ 7  Tutorial to implement Category Icons in 'Movable Type'   (9 - Announcements)
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07/ 7  French journalist proud of Palestinian hate   (2 - Palestinian Terrorism)
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07/ 7  Fact 61: Israel gave autonomy to 92% of Palestinians after Oslo   (8 - Newsletters)
The latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent. This week's fact is Fact 61: Israel gave autonomy to 92% of Palestinians...


Project One Soul

The "Project One Soul" and it's "On Record" websites publishes articles related to Israel's war against Palestinian terror.  You'll find many pictures that you won't find in the anti-Israeli media.

Warning: the website contains many pictures and Flash movies that are very graphic.  Do not show this website to your children.

Here's their self-description:

The web site was created in response to negative, orchestrated, and biased media propaganda surrounding recent events in Israel. Originally, we gathered the photos in order to better understand the situation ourselves, and the site followed as a result of this research.

The site was posted as a document of events, an educational tool, a wake up call.

Our goal is:

- To insist that Jewish voices be heard.
- To challenge the prevailing anti-Israel stance of press and television with proactive media communications.
- To create simple and clear messages in contemporary media that explore the eternal qualities and ancient wisdom of the Jewish people.
- To inspire Hope.

Besides the horrors happening inside Israel, acts of anti-Semitism have surfaced worldwide, often hidden from the public or trivialized. We can not accept this behavior as normal protocol. Our democratic societies depend on our voices being heard. So let us speak out loud and clear.

Together, we are the new global voice.

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