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A few weeks ago, the San Francisco Chronicle reprinted Arab propaganda without telling its readers the source of the Anti-Israeli article.

Stefan Sharkansky, who's in charge of the Shark Blog, found out that the writer, Ashraf Khalil, happens to be the editor of something called the "Cairo Times".  Stefan wrote a letter to the editor of the SF Chronicle, and so did I, as you may see in my "San Francisco Chronicle reprints Arab propaganda" post.

Well, the funny thing is that the above Egyptian writer, Ashraf Khalil, visited FactsOfIsrael.com this week... and used my "Email this Entry" feature to send links to himself, one of his buddies in the SF Chronicle and another buddy at the American-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce.

What Khalil didn't know is that I can easily check my logs to see who's using my system, so to all of my favorite subscribers, here are the people Khalil has contacted:

- okhalil@aol.com with a message of 'Here it is ' (this looks like his personal email)
- amorrow@amcham.org.eg with a message of 'I've been targetted '
- tcastle@sfchronicle.com with 'Did you see this?? '

Send a message to Khalil, or his friends and tell them that nobody is targetting anybody, but journalists who have morals don't reprint Arab propaganda without telling their readers the source of their opinions. ;-)

Stefan Sharkansky has also mentioned this whole story here.

Thanks for being interested in the facts,

David Melle

 Weekly Fact

Fact Number 162
In 1948, the Jewish Population of Israel was 650,000  

On May 14, 1948, when the British Mandate came to an end, the Jewish population in Israel numbered some 650,000, comprising an organized community with well-developed political, social and economic institutions -- in fact, a nation in every sense and a state in everything but name.

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Shiraz Nehmad, 7
Liran Nehmad, 3 

Mar 2, 2002 - Shiraz Nehmad, 7, and her sister Liran, 3, of Rishon Lezion were two of 10 people killed in a suicide bombing on Saturday evening near a yeshiva in the ultra-Orthodox Beit Yisrael neighborhood in the center of Jerusalem.

 Shiraz Nehmad, 7 and Liran Nehmad, 3 
murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber

The Nehmad family had come to Jerusalem for Shabbat to celebrate a family bar mitzvah at the Mahane Israel yeshiva in Jerusalem. When the Sabbath ended and guests started to leave, the Nehmad family gathered on the street outside for the havdalah ceremony (held at the conclusion of the Sabbath).

At this point a Palestinian genocide bomber blew himself up next to a group of women waiting with their baby carriages for their husbands.

Shiraz and Liran were killed together with their parents, Shlomo and Gafnit. Also killed in the suicide bombing were Shlomo's nephew Shaul Nehmad, and two of his sister's children - Lidor and Oriah Ilan.

The Nehmad family was buried side by side in Rishon Lezion.

May God bless their memory.


Here are the articles, letters, and links that were posted last week:

07/21  European support for Palestinian terrorism should end   (4 - Opinion)
The British Spectator (www.spectator.co.uk) has a good article on how Arafat and the Palestinians are loosing the support of the...

07/20  Moderate Israelis find out they cannot reason with Palestinian hatred   (4 - Opinion)
The National Post (www.nationalpost.com) has a great article on how the Israeli left is coping with its dreams of peace...

07/19  Pakistani Muslim Court sentences Christian to death for calling Islam a fake religion   (3 - News)
Yahoo News (www.yahoo.com) reports that a Pakistani man was sentenced to death by hanging... for saying that he was Christ...

07/19  Over 80% of Palestinians would back Iraq if U.S. attacks   (3 - News)
Ha'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that in a recent poll it turns out that over 80% of Palestinians would back Iraq and...

07/19  50 Jewish graves desecrated in Rome, Italy   (6 - Anti-Semitism)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that over 50 graves in the Jewish sector of Rome's largest cemetery were vandalized by...

07/19  New FactsOfIsrael.com AvantGo Channel for Palm and Windows CE   (9 - Announcements)
I have released the FactsOfIsrael.com "AvantGo Channel" for the Palm Pilot and Windows CE. If you have a Palm Pilot...

07/18  3 and 7-year-old siblings murdered by Palestinian Genocide bomber   (1 - Victims)
Faces of the Victims has published the story of Shiraz Nehmad, 7, and her sister Liran, 3, murdered by a...

07/18  Hitler's "Mein Kempf" is very popular in the Arab world   (4 - Opinion)
The National Review (www.nationalreview.com) has a good article on how Hitler's book "Mein Kempf", which calls for the mass murder...

07/18  Media starts to understand and support Israel   (4 - Opinion)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has a good article by Bret Stephens who has witnessed a more pro-Israeli stand in the...

07/17  Some American Muslims support the Palestinian Islamic Jihad   (4 - Opinion)
The National Review (www.nationalreview.com) has a good article that explains why American Muslims have been opposing the latest FBI rules...

07/17  Three unarmed civilians murdered by Palestinian genocide bomber, over 40 wounded   (2 - Palestinian Terrorism)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian genocide bomber blew himself up in Tel-Aviv killing 3 unarmed civilians. Two...

07/17  8-month-old girl, her father and her grandmother murdered by Palestinian terrorists   (1 - Victims)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has more information on yesterday's victims of the Palestinian terrorist attack on a bus (the Islamic...

07/16  Egyptians call all Israelis "Jews"   (3 - News)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that the Israeli delegation that flew to Egypt was met with disrespect and contempt. An...

07/16  Palestinian terrorists murder 7 unarmed Israeli civilians and injure a baby and a pregnant woman   (2 - Palestinian Terrorism)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Palestinian terrorists detonated a roadside bomb near the Israeli town of Emanuel killing 7...

07/15  Subsidized trip from US to Israel only $550   (3 - News)
Just found the website www.rallyinisrael.org which is organizing a massive rally in Jerusalem to support Israel. If you live in...

07/15  European Union funds repressive regime in Iran   (4 - Opinion)
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has an interesting article on how the European Union is streaming millions of dollars to Iran....

07/15  85-year-old Israeli, father of 12, murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber   (1 - Victims)
Faces of the Victims has published the story of Maharatu Tagana, an 85-year-old father of 12 who was killed on...

07/15  Israeli Summer Camp for kids victims of Palestinian terrorism   (7 - Multimedia)
MSNBC (www.msnbc.com) reports that a special camp has been created in Israel - a camp that helps kids whose parents,...


The Malki Foundation

The Malki Foundation was created in memory of Malka Roth, who was murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber on 8/9/2001.

Its purpose is to help families with children with severe disabilities.

Before being killed by the Palestinian bomber, Malki was deeply involved in all aspects of meeting the needs of her youngest sister, Haya-Elisheva, 6, who is blind and suffers from severe disabilities.

Please check the Malki Foundation site and make a donation, any help counts.



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