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In the last few days the Palestinian murderers from the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Arafat's thugs from Fatah's Al-Aksa brigade have intensified their deliberate killings of unarmed civilians, including women, children and babies.

Unfortunately, today was one of the busiest days for the IDF and the Israeli Police.  Israeli TV Channel 1 reports that five Palestinian attacks took place in the last 12 hours:

1) At 8:45 AM local time, a Palestinian genocide bomber blew himself inside a crowded civilian bus near Safed, in the north of Israel, killing 9 and wounding over 50 Israelis.
2) At 11:40 AM, a Palestinian terrorist deliberately shot and killed two Israeli civilians who were sitting in their truck in East Jerusalem.  An additional 17 people were injured.
3) At noon, three soldiers were hurt by a roadside bomb that exploded beneath their jeep while they were on duty in a search-and-seize anti-terrorist sweep in the West Bank city of Nablus.
4) At 1:40 PM, four Israeli civilians, including kids, were wounded after Palestinian terrorists opened fire on their vehicle near the community of Avnei Hefetz.
5) At 3:00 PM, three soldiers were seriously wounded after a bomb exploded under their jeep in the West Bank town of Ramallah.

There seems to be a consensus among all Palestinian terrorists that they should try to kill as many Israelis as possible as fast as possible - all major Palestinian groups have been involved in the above attacks.

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 Weekly Fact

Fact Number 77
Jews in West Bank and Gaza are "Settlers", Muslim Arabs in Israel are "Citizens"

In March of 2002, there were about 200,000 Israeli Jewish residents in the West Bank and Gaza - they are referred to as "Settlers".  At the same time there were 980,000 Muslim Arabs in Israel, they are referred to as "Israeli citizens".

For more information on what is the West Bank and Gaza, check out the maps and history pages.  For more statistics, check out the stats page.

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Shuvel Dikstein, 9 

July 26, 2002 - Shuv'el Zion Dikstein, 9, of Psagot, was killed in a shooting attack south of Hebron along with his parents Yosef, 45, and Hannah, 42. Two of his brothers were injured.  The Palestinian murderers destroyed the Dikstein family, leaving 9 new orphans.

  Shuvel Dikstein, 9 
murdered by a Palestinian terrorist

"We are 9 children without parents. Who will take care of us now?" This was one of the many questions asked by the children of Yosef and Hannah Dickstein, who were murdered along with their nine-year-old son, Shuv-el, in a terrorist attack on their car Friday evening, south of Hebron.

Two additional children of the Dickstein family from Psagot were injured in the attack. The Dicksteins were on their way to spend the Sabbath in the settlement of Maon in the southern Hebron hills, when terrorists opened fire at close range, killing Yosef, 45; Hannah, 42; and Shuv-el.

Shlomo, 12, was moderately wounded when a bullet hit his shoulder. "We were driving and all of sudden there was gunfire," one of the children said. "Our mother was dead, and also Shuv-el. Father began to cry and told us all to bend down and hide...  Then the terrorist came and killed Father from close range."

Shlomo took his father's mobile phone and alerted the emergency rescue team. "He responded immediately, and took care of his younger brothers and got them out of the car," family friend Shahar Rachmani said of Shlomo's actions.

The shooting came just minutes after the same terrorist cell shot and killed Elazar Leibovitz, 21, a soldier from the Nahal brigade and a resident of the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in Hebron. One of the passengers traveling with Leibovitz took the wheel and tried to honk to warn the Dicksteins from continuing towards the terrorist ambush, but to no avail.

The Dickstein children spent the Sabbath at Shlomo's bedside at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital, and with Adi-el, 2, who was lightly injured in the shooting. Shir-el, 4, who witnessed his mother's bloody face in the attack, wanted to know whether she would be well and in one piece in the Resurrection of the Dead at the End of Days.

Rachmani said the Dicksteins were a "wonderful family. Yosef was a native of Tel Aviv, and Hannah was from Bnei Brak. Most of the time they lived in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem. Yosef was, until two years ago, a rabbi at the Bnei Akiva yeshiva Nativ Meir in Jerusalem. For the last two years he was a rabbi at Jerusalem's Machon Hamikdash yeshiva."

During Hanukkah last year, the family moved to the house they built in the settlement of Psagot, outside Ramallah. "Especially because of the situation they felt the need to move and live in one of the settlements," Rachmani said. "They loved the Land of Israel, and would frequently take trips around the country."

May God bless their memory.


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