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Although I stopped sending the weekly newsletter, I was not lazy, and I have added many new features to FactsOfIsrael.com - here's a summary:

- I released version 1.5 of the FactsOfIsrael.com screensaver. Click here to check out some screenshots and download it for free. Among other things, I completely changed the user interface (UI): the screensaver looks a lot better now. I have also added 200 more facts to the screensaver database, bringing the total to 399 facts. There are also 120 images randomly displayed with every fact. So check it out, and let me know what you think.

- I wrote a document called "Stop the Hate", a technical tutorial to trace the origin of hate messages. Did you ever receive hate mail? Do you have a blog and wish you could find out who’s sending you those racist messages and make sure they face up to the consequences of their acts? I decided to write this tutorial to help anyone who has received hate messages. Click here to read it and you’ll be better equipped to react when you’re attacked.

- I released a new navigation menu on the FactsOfIsrael.com site. I basically divided the site into 5 main sections:

1) Main: Includes a link to the home page, an introduction, a recommend FactsOfIsrael.com page, a contact us page and an internal search engine.
2) Facts: The original FactsOfIsrael.com pages, including maps, the history of the region, stats and info on Israel's democracy. I also include information on Arafat and other Palestinian terrorists, with a description of what was the British Mandate of Palestine, a list of Palestinian homicide/suicide bombings since October 2000, and additional examples of Palestinian hate and terror.
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4) Free Stuff: Things you can download for free, such as the screen saver, the FactsOfIsrael.com weekly newsletter, a document on how to trace hate messages, a way to get FactsOfIsrael.com on your Palm Pilot and more.
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 Weekly Fact

Fact Number 353
Arafat failed miserably in rejecting peace in October 2000 

On July 5 2002, Dennis Ross said: "But from the start of the Oslo negotiations in 1993, Arafat focused only on what he was going to receive, not what he had to give. He found it difficult to live without a cause, a struggle, a grievance, and a conflict to define him. Arafat never faced up to what he would have to do—even though we tried repeatedly to condition him. As a result, when he was finally put to the test with former President Bill Clinton’s proposal in December 2000, Arafat failed miserably". Dennis Ross was the lead American negotiator on the Middle East peace process in the first Bush and both Clinton administrations.

If you ever hear someone say that today's Palestinian terrorist attacks are about the disputed territories, point them to this excellent article by Dennis Ross. Mr. Ross clearly blames Arafat and his thugs for refusing to accept peace and an independent Palestinian State and turning to the deliberate murder of women and children instead.

The following articles are also related to the 2000 Camp David peace talks:

* Arafat and Palestinians refuse peace, wish for destruction of Israel, an interview with Ehud Barak, who was Israel's Prime Minister at the Camp David peace talks.

* Why did Arafat refuse an independent Palestinian State in October 2000?, an interview with Shlomo Ben-Ami, who was Israel's Foreign Minister at the Camp David peace talks.

* Arafat chose terrorism and suicide bombings instead of peace, an article from the Washington Post that clearly shows how many Palestinians refuse to accept reality and dream of destroying the State of Israel.

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Ilan Perlman, 8 

Faces of the Victims has published the story of Ilan Perlman, an 8-year-old Israeli kid who was deliberately murdered by a genocide bomber from the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas ("Islamic Resistance").

 Ilan Perlman, 8 
murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber

On November 21, 2002, Ilan Perlman, 8, of Jerusalem, was one of 11 people killed in a suicide bombing on a No. 20 Egged bus in the Kiryat Menahem neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The bomber, wearing a five-kilogram bomb belt packed with explosives and shrapnel, boarded the bus at approximately 7:00 A.M. on Mexico street in Kiryat Menahem. Before it reached the next stop, the terrorist, who was standing in the front section of the bus, set off the bomb, killing 11 people and wounding about 50.

The Perlman family had immigrated to Israel from the Ukraine. Kira Perlman, who accompanied her grandson Ilan everywhere, was taking him to school when they were killed on the bus together.

Ilan lived in Jerusalem's Ir Ganim neighborhood with his mother Galia, his older brother Sinai, his grandmother and greatgrandmother. His parents are divorced.

Ilan, though shy, was an excellent student and was highly motivated. Half a year ago he won a gold medal in a national martial arts competition and was declared national champion for his age group.

Ilan Perlman was buried together with his grandmother Kira in the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem. He is survived by his mother Galia, his father Yigal, his brother Sinai, 15, and his greatgrandmother Genia, 92.

To send condolences or to donate to Ilan's family, please click here.

To get more details on this homicide bombing click here. To learn more about Ilan's 92-year-old great-grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, click here.


Here are the articles, letters, and links that were posted in the last couple of weeks:

12/ 4  The Hanukah Song  
(5 - Humor )
Right now we are righ in the middle of Hanukah, the Jewish festival of lights. A Dreidel "A Great Miracle...

12/ 3  Supporter of Palestinians is also Neo-Nazi  
(D - Hate Mail )
I have decided to create a new category on FactsOfIsrael.com: "Hate Mail". Every once in a while I receive messages...

12/ 3  Survivor of a Palestinian homicide bombing tells her story  
(1 - Victims )
Eliad Moreh survived the terrorist attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas ("Islamic Resistance") on an Israeli University and she...

12/ 3  Donate to Israel's army - One Day to Say Thanks  
(3 - News )
As I write this, I am listening to Rita, a famous Israeli singer, do her part on this year's "Shirotrom"....

12/ 2  15-year-old Israeli kid deliberately murdered by Palestinian genocide bomber from the Islamic Jihad  
(1 - Victims )
Faces of the Victims has published the story of Gaston Perpiñal, a 15-year-old Israeli kid who was deliberately murdered by...

12/ 1  Muslim demonstrators in South Africa call for "Death to America" and "Death to Israel"  
(2 - Palestinian Terrorism )
The Weekend Argus (www.iol.co.za) has published an article that shows how certain Muslims have now shown their support of Palestinian...

12/ 1  FactsOfIsrael.com gets almost half a million hits per month  
(9 - Announcements )
I have just checked the FactsOfIsrael.com logs and the numbers for November 2002 are incredible: 473,950 hits! Here's how our...

12/ 1  Anti-Semitism in Saudi Arabia  
(6 - Anti-Semitism )
The National Review (www.nationalreview.com) has a good article on the anti-Semitism and hatred present in Saudi-Arabian culture: According to government...

11/30  France hesitates in backing up the free World in its war against Islamic terrorism  
(4 - Opinion )
The National Post (www.nationalpost.com) has a good article that clearly shows it's time for France to choose sides: Through much...

11/30  A Texan, a Frenchman and an Israeli  
(5 - Humor )
A Texan, a Frenchman and an Israeli are on a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean when the engines stop...

11/29  United Nations, 1947, Resolution 181 approves the creation of Israel, the Jewish State  
(A - Jewish History )
IsraPundit has an excellent article on UN resolution 181 that brought into existence the State of Israel. United Nations General...

11/29  "The Federalist" translated to Hebrew  
(3 - News )
The Weekly Standard (www.weeklystandard.com) has published an article that describes how "The Federalist" has been translated to Hebrew, and why...

11/28  Arafat's Palestinian terrorists murder 5 Israelis  
(2 - Palestinian Terrorism )
Ha'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that Palestinian terrorists have deliberately murdered 5 Israelis in Beit Shean, a city in the north of...

11/28  Firsthand report of massacre of Israelis at Kenyan beach hotel  
(1 - Victims )
As I reported last night, Arab Muslim terrorists have attacked Israeli tourists in Kenya (click here for more information). Here's...

11/27  Terrorists attack Israeli tourists in Kenya - 12 people murdered, including two Israeli children, over 80 injured  
(2 - Palestinian Terrorism )
The Jerusalem Post reports on a terrorist attack against Israeli tourists in Kenya: KIKAMBALA, Kenya - Three suicide bombers attacked...

11/27  A summary of Islamic fanaticism in the last week  
(4 - Opinion )
Salman Rushdie has published a summary of Islamic fanaticism in the last week: It's been quite a week in the...

11/27  FBI: Muslim Groups in U.S. May Be Developing Nuclear Families  
(5 - Humor )
The Onion (www.theonion.com) has published an article on how some Muslim groups in the United States may be developing nuclear...

11/27  "Land for War" included in the "Carnival of the Vanities"  
(9 - Announcements )
Bigwig from "Silflay Hraka" has published a list of weekly best blog articles (self-judged). Bigwig had this great idea of...

11/27  Plus de details sur un nouveau livre raciste publie en France (French)  
(6 - Anti-Semitism B - French )
Il y a une semaine, j'ai publie une lettre que j'ai envoye aux editions Flammarion. Voici la raison: En contravention...

11/26  8-year-old Israeli kid deliberately murdered by Palestinian homicide bomber  
(1 - Victims )
Faces of the Victims has published the story of Ilan Perlman, an 8-year-old Israeli kid who was deliberately murdered by...

11/25  Israeli Astronaut takes with him into space a small pencil drawing made by a 14-year-old boy who was killed in Auschwitz  
(3 - News )
The BBC has an article that describes how Ilan Ramon will become Israel's first astronaut and how he'll celebrate the...

11/25  The Unique Cowardice of Palestinian Terrorism  
(4 - Opinion )
Professor Louis Rene Beres from Purdue University writes a powerful essay on the unique cowardice of Palestinian terrorism: As of...

11/25  Les filles combatantes de Tsahal (French)  
(3 - News B - French )
L'Unité du Porte-parole de l’Armée de Défense d’Israël a publie un article sur les filles combatantes de Tsahal: Odelia et...

11/24  New toy for Islamo-freak kids: Jihad Joe  
(5 - Humor )
Just like American and Israeli kids have "GI Joe", now the kids from Saudia Arabia, Iraq, and Syria have "Jihad...

11/24  92 year-old Holocaust survivor sees her 8-year-old great-grandson murdered by Palestinian homicide bomber  
(1 - Victims )
The New York post (www.nypost.com) has a story about a 92-year-old woman who survived the German Nazis but whose 8-year-old...

11/24  Arafat sets up factory of explosives  
(2 - Palestinian Terrorism )
Ha'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that Arafat and his thugs from the Palestinian Authority wish to implement the "peace of the brave"...

11/24  Hezbollah Iranien veut exporter les attentats-suicide dans le monde (French)  
(2 - Palestinian Terrorism B - French )
Tsahal (l'armee de Defense d'Israel) a traduit un article parut dans l'hebdomadaire officiel du Hezbollah: Lors de plusieurs discours récemment...

11/23  Razor Blade Campaign Aims to Cut Suicide Bombings  
(5 - Humor )
A new grassroots campaign has started to help Palestinians from the Islamic Jihad and Hamas: Razor Blade Campaign Aims to...

11/23  Boycott the Europeans  
(4 - Opinion )
I have received the following email: Several weeks ago, Germany announced its decision to stop all arms sales to Israel....

11/23  New: Palestinian homicide/suicide dinghys  
(2 - Palestinian Terrorism )
The Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad (holy war) tried to murder dozens of women and children by packing a boat...

11/22  Islamic Fanatics murder over 100 people in Nigerian riots  
(2 - Palestinian Terrorism )
The Fresno Bee (www.fresnobee.com) reports that mobs of Islamic fanatics have murdered over 100 people in the last 24 hours...

11/22  Letter from an Israeli soldier to his parents  
(1 - Victims )
Lt. Dan Cohen was one of the soldiers killed by Palestinian terrorists in Hebron last week (click here for more...

11/22  Stop the racists from divesting from Israel  
(4 - Opinion )
N.Z. Bear from "The Truth Laid Bear" has posted an entry describing how some are getting organized to oppose the...

11/22  Maison d'Éditions Flammarion publie roman raciste et anti-juif (French)  
(6 - Anti-Semitism B - French )
La Maison d'Éditions Flammarion s'apprête à lancer un roman pour adolescents intitulé "Rêver la Palestine" qui incite les adolescents au...

11/22  Massacre in Jerusalem: Palestinian homicide bomber deliberately murders 11 Israelis, including 5 women and 4 children  
(2 - Palestinian Terrorism )
The Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber blew himself in a bus in Jerusalem, murdering 11 Israelis,...

11/22  German vandals destroy monument to Nazi victims  
(6 - Anti-Semitism )
Once again, a monument to Nazi victims, has been vandalized in Germany: A German official on Thursday decried a string...


Jewish Internet Association

The Jewish Internet Association is a non-profit California Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to the educational purpose of providing truthful, positive information to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity on the Internet. Israel and the Jewish people are under attack in one of the front line battles of the war between peaceful Western nations and hostile forces that seek to destroy our civilization, our freedom and way of life. Every channel must be utilized to resist and convert others to our defense and support. In the 21st century the Internet is one of the battlefields of that war and JIA is determined to hold the line.

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Amish Tech Support

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